Vipe Desai

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    • Title:CEO
    • Organization:HDX MIX, LLC
    • Area of Expertise:Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy
      Summary of expertise:
      Vipe is the founder and CEO of HDX Mix, an environmentally friendly sports drink mix. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, he has applied his more than 3 decades of experience in launching disruptive brands, brand building and cause-marketing strategies for both for-profit and non-profits. Currently Vipe is serving as a Board Member for Ocean Champions, Lonely Whale Foundation, AltaSea and, an SEC reporting company managing more than $450 million in assets.

      In the early 90’s, Vipe created the H2O Winter Classic, a two-day surf and snowboard competition with a concert which went on to inspire the creation of the Warped Tour and X Games. In the late 90’s, he helped launch Red Bull in the U.S. Vipe has been called upon by numerous brands, CEO’s and even political campaigns to advise on branding, marketing and turn-around strategies which also included creating a collaboration for Partnership for a Healthier America chaired by First Lady Michelle Obama.

      Today, Vipe’s focus is on ensuring that future generations are met with a healthy and thriving ocean. He’s involved with several ventures focused around innovations and solutions that will reduce plastic waste and minimize impact on the planet.

      As a way to help others, he launched the Army of Gamechangers podcast where he interviews executives who share their best career and leadership advice.
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      Educational background:
      B.S. Business Writing from Point Loma Nazarene University
      Entrepreneurship, startups, impact investing, ocean conservation, philanthropy

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