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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Relationships, parenting, psychotherapy
      Summary of expertise:
      Educator, Educational Psychologist, and clinical therapist specializes in relationships, parenting, and personal wellness. Dr. Fleming offers workshops, seminars, personal sessions, and interviews on a broad range of topics related to interpersonal relationships, parenting, and intrapersonal happiness.
      Blog/Web site:
      White paper/research:
      O’Leary, K. J., Chadha, V., Fleming, V.M., Martin, G., & Baker, D. W. (2008). Medical subinternship: Student experience on a resident uncovered hospitalist service. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 20 (1), 18-21.

      Alexander, J., Kuo, C., Johnson, K., Fleming, V. M., Schreiber, J., & Daytner, K. (2006). Effects of IQ and knowledge cohesiveness on memory task performance in early elementary school. In F. Columbus (Ed.), New Developments in Learning Research. Happauge, NY: Nova Publications.

      Fleming, V.M., Schindler, N., Martin, G., & DaRosa, D. (2005). Separate and equitable clinician-educator tracks. Journal of the American Medical Association 294(9), 1101-1104.

      DaRosa, D.A., Marcdante, K., Simpson, D., & Fleming, V.M. (2005). Faculty Development. In Fincher, R.E., (Ed.), Guidebook for Clerkship Directors, (3rd ed). Omaha, NE: Alliance for Clinical Education.

      Fleming, V. M., Lipscomb, S., Light, G., & Nielsen, B. (2004). Teaching for learning with technology: A faculty development initiative at a research university. Studies on Education, 7, 7-21.

      Alexander, J. M., Fabricious, W. V., Fleming, V. M., Zwahr, M., & Brown, S. A. (2003). The development of metacognitive causal explanations. Learning and Individual Differences, 13(3), 227-238.

      Fleming, V. M. (2002). Improving students' exam performance by introducing study strategies and goal setting. Teaching of Psychology, 29(2), 115-118.

      Fleming, V. M. (2001). Helping students learn to learn by using check lists, modified rubrics, and e-mail. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 12(1), 5-21.

      Fleming, V. M., & Alexander, J. M. (2001). The benefits of peer collaboration: A replication with a delayed post-test. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 26(4), 588-603.

      Fleming, V. M. (1999). Group counseling in the schools: A case for basic training. Professional School Counseling, 2(5), 409-413.

      Manion, (Fleming) V., & Alexander, J. (1997). The benefits of peer collaboration on strategy use, metacognitive causal attribution, and recall. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 67, 268-289.

      Books/articles published:
      Latest book title, "You Complete Me and Other Myths that Destroy Happily Ever After." Explores the myths that interfere with people's ability to engage successfully in relationships. The myths include:
      1. You Complete Me
      2. Marriage Will Change Him (or her)
      3. If He Would Be Perfect, I Would Be Happy
      4. Let's Make A Deal: The Barter Economy Marriage
      5. We'll Be Happy When We Get There
      6. Children Will Bring Us Closer Together
      7. I Married the Perfect Person
      8. Love Will Keep Us Together
      9. She Knows Me Better than I Know Myself
      10. We Can Go Back To The Way We Were

      Current membership in American Psychological Association, Illinois Counseling Association, North Shore Psychotherapy Alliance

      2000 - Assistant Professor Research Award at Miami University

      1995 - Associate Instructor of the Year at Indiana University

      Prior media experience:
      October 2008
      In the Loop with I-Village - NBC daytime talk show. Segment: When wives earn more than their husbands.

      September, 2006
      ABC News - Chicago - Segment: Empty Nest Syndrome

      September, 2005
      ABC News - Chicago - Segment: Helping children cope with trauma.

      Expert contributor to articles in the following magazines:

      Educational background:
      Ph.D. (1995) Indiana University - Educational Psychology
      MA (1995) Indiana University - Counseling
      MA (1992) Indiana University - Educational Psychology
      BA (1990) Marquette University - Psychology
      Personal appearances, book talks and signings, workshops and seminars.

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