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    • Organization:National Swimming Pool Foundation
    • Area of Expertise:Chemistry, Pools, education, Philanthrop
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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Chemistry, Pools, education, Philanthrop
      Summary of expertise:
      Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., is CEO of the NSPF. He earned his Ph.D in chemistry from Louisiana State University and his B.S. from Lock Haven University, PA. Prior to joining NSPF, Dr. Lachocki has researched and published in diverse fields including catalysts, detergents, solvents and recreational water. He was responsible for product development with a major recreational water product manufacturer. He was awarded six patents that have been issued and are practiced in at leasNSPF is a nonprofit founded in 1965 that is committed to improving public health by encouraging healthier living through aquatics education and research. NSPF is the worlds leading provider of educational programs for swimming pool/spa operators, service technicians, and health officials through the Certified Pool/Spa Operator
      White paper/research:
      More swimmers will result in a healthier society, fewer drownings and reduced healthcare costs.
      Prior media experience:
      Often interviewed by mainstream media, WSJ, NYTimes, Wash Post, CNN, Fox, CBS News, ABC News, AARP etc
      Educational background:
      see above

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