Sara E Varela

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    • Title:Kids Life Coach, Singapore
    • Organization:No Limit Results Pte Ltd
    • Area of Expertise:Pre Teens & Teens

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Pre Teens & Teens
      Summary of expertise:
      My name is Sara Varela and I save young Singaporean lives. I am dedicated to REDUCING YOUTH SUICIDE IN SINGAPORE.
      Did you know that Singapore has the most depressed youths in the whole of South East Asia and the highest rate of youth suicide in the whole of South East Asia?According to studies at National University Hospital and the Samaritans charity, one of the top 3 reasons is exam stress. According to a UNICEF 50% of Singaporean students would be extremely sad if they did not perform to expectations in school. 1/3rd of children feared failing tests and examinations more than their parents or guardians dying. An MCYS Study shows that 65% of Singaporean parents were afraid that their children would not be able to achieve their potential. According to the National Institute of Education 80% of students spend up to 3 hours studying after school every day.

      So many pre-teens & teens:
      -Lack self love, self worth & self esteem
      -Have negative limiting beliefs
      -Have a disempowering body image

      Causing many of them to:
      -Drink, Smoke, drugs- even in Singapore-
      -Be promiscuous & risk STDs, HIV,pregnancy or abortion
      -Suffer from eating disorders like anorexia & bulimia
      -Develop Depression, Addictions
      -Have suicidal thoughts

      Their heartbreak is my heartbreak. 20 years ago as a teenager in transition from a safe sixth form to a far away University I went through a life threatening breakdown resulting from exam stress and the pressure of being an over achiever. I developed addictive tendencies as well as the painful life threatening diseases of both anorexia and bulimia. Life didn’t seem like living. I felt like ending it all. As a teen on the edge I’d have given anything for someone to have shown me another way.
      That’s why I’m here coaching and speaking. It is my MISSION to EMPOWER kids & teens.
      My programs give them an early lifeline to a lifetime of successful living.
      Blog/Web site:
      -International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter
      -Association of American Trainers
      -Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnosis, Christopher Howard Training & Think Big Education UK and Universal Events, Australia


      (volunteer for both)

      Eating Disorders
      Migrant Workers Rights
      Teen Body Image
      NLP for Kids
      Spiritual Coaching

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