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    Please list your areas of Expertise Writer - Mom Life, Postpartum Depression
    Summarize your expertise in greater detail Jen is an expert postpartum depression survivor and founder of the blog, The Medicated Mommy. After kicking postpartum depression’s ass, she learned the importance of accepting herself as the mom she is (one who pops an antidepressant every morning), not the mom she thought she should be (domestic goddess and Pinterest’s mom of the year). She helps moms tell all those “shoulds” to go f**k off and accept themselves as the amazing moms they already are. Jen is a published author, influencer at the women’s online platform, Mogul and a contributor at HuffPost, The Mighty, Thrive Global, Motherlucker, Red Tricycle and Suburban Misfit Mom. Her writing has been featured all over the mommy blogosphere at top websites such as Scary Mommy, CafeMom, Mamalode and more.

    She is available for commentary on the following topics: Postpartum Depression, Normalizing the struggles of motherhood, Self-care, Self-identity, and Mom Friends.
    Blog/Website The Medicated Mommy - http://themedicatedmommylcom
    Books & Articles Published PUBLISHED CHAPTER

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    Media Experience Regular Contributor: HuffPost, The Mighty, Mogul, Thrive Global, Motherlucker, Suburban Misfit Mom, Red Tricycle

    Featured In: Scary Mommy, Cafe Mom, Mamalode, For Every Mom, Kveller, Blunt Moms, Postpartum Progress, Sandwiches & Psych Meds, Betty Ruth Baby, House Call with Dr. Mac Podcast
    Educational Background BA English, Tufts University

    Masters English Education, UNC Charlotte
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