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    My Expertise

      Summary of expertise:
      Terri McCormick is a public policy and leadership innovator. She is the President of the McCormick Dawson CPG, Ltd., a marketing and public relations firm. Terri McCormick was a self-term limited State Representative to the Wisconsin State Legislature from 2000 to 2006. She was a Wisconsin Truman Scholar Nominee for the State of Wisconsin. She lives in Appleton, Wisconsin.
      Her recently released book, `What Sex Is a Republican? Stories from the Front lines of American Politics and how you can change the way things are offers all Americans an inspiring and personal message in her memoir `What Sex Is a Republican? McCormick reports from the front line of politics that our future depends on finding `integrity leaders to replace the career politicians infecting our system if we are to return to the basic foundation laid by our founding fathers and forefather.
      Prior to being elected to the Legislature McCormick founded Wisconsins Charter School Laws.
      Blog/Web site: www.themccormickstandard.com
      White paper/research:
      Health Care Reform with Market Solutions and Dynamics, Jobs and the Economy, and Public Policy using American Constitutional Principles and Free Market Economics
      Books/articles published:
      "What Sex Is a Republican?", Series of Articles for professional publications and Public Policy Journals and Trade Publications
      Wisconsin Truman Scholar and Nominee to the National Truman Foundation, Wisconsin State Legislature, European Council of International Schools consultant to a member organization, Eisenberg Award, Scales of Justice Award, Editor's Choice Award for recent Book Release
      Prior media experience:
      Public Policy Maker, Producer of Movie Short, Researcher and Interviewer as well as candidate and representative on the state and federal levels of government
      Educational background:
      Doctorate Coursework in Public Policy and Management, Masters Degree Suma cum laude, Administrative Leadership, B.A. Political Science and European Studies. Coursework in International Relations and Foreign Policy

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