Dr. Sara Place

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    • Title:Sr. Dir., Sustainable Beef Production
    • Organization:National Cattlemen's Beef Association
    • Area of Expertise:Sustainable Beef Production

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Sustainable Beef Production
      Summary of expertise:
      My area of specialization is the sustainable management of livestock production systems focusing on researching opportunities to improve the economic, social, and environmental facets of livestock production in concert.
      Books/articles published:
      •Do growth promotants reduce environmental impact?

      •Does grass-finished beef leave a lower carbon footprint than grain-finished beef?

      •How does carbon sequestration affect the sustainability of beef?

      •Would removing beef from the diet actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

      •Does beef really use that much water?

      •How does the carbon footprint of U.S. beef compare to global beef?

      •Climate Change: Animal Systems

      •The nexus of environmental quality and livestock welfare.

      •Beef production in balance: Considerations for life cycle analyses

      •Construction and operation of a ventilated hood system for measuring greenhouse gas and volatile organic compound emissions from cattle

      Educational background:
      Oklahoma State University, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Beef Production Research

      UC Davis, Ph.D., Animal Biology

      Cornell University, B.S., Animal Science

      State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Morrisville, A.A.S., Agriculture Business

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