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    • Title:Manager, Blood Lead Sales & Marketing
    • Organization:ESA & Magellan Biosciences
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My Expertise

    My Expertise

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      Robb Morse is ESA Biosciences sales & marketing manager for lead test products. An expert in blood-lead tests and the practice, history, & methods used in the US aimed at ending childhood lead poisoning, he can also speak to occupational-health testing of workers to ensure they do not have unsafe lead levels. Robb has 15 years in the clinical-diagnostic industry, with the last 5 focused on lead poisoning. A member of ESAs LeadCare II development team that successfully delivered the first CLIA-waived point-of-care blood-lead test, Robb has worked with the CDCs lead poisoning task force & with several states to develop strategies to improve compliance with federal lead poisoning prevention guidelines. He is a regular participant in lead-poisoning forums. Robb has a BA in biochemistry from Middlebury College, and an MBA in technology management from University of Phoenix. He also has 4 young children who receive annual blood-lead tests to make sure they remain un-leaded!

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