Rik Heller

    • Media Contact:
      Jeannie Lewis
    • Member Type(s): Expert
    • Title:CEO
    • Organization:Wello Inc and FreshLocTechnologies
    • Area of Expertise: Infectious Disease Control Technology

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Infectious Disease Control Technology
      Summary of expertise:
      Leader in indoor sensory monitoring. Heller created Bill Gates's residence location monitoring system.
      Expertise includes: Patient and employee care and safety; Hospital acquired infection (HAI) technology; CDC Guidelines, Patents, temperature compliance, environmental monitoring compliance,particle sensors, humidity, disease spread, contagion, fever, HAI, patient care and safety hospital acquired infection Advocate, patient care and safety hospital acquired infection author and speaker, patient care and safety hospital acquired infection award winner, patient care and safety hospital acquired infection research leader, patient care and safety hospital acquired infection innovator, business leader, FreshLoc Technologies in 2000, community safety in healthcare, patients, nurses, staff, vendor credentialing, nursing home residents, visitors, organizational, employee safety, school and family, prison staff and inmate, partner in service, wellness, employee wellness, absenteeism, presenteeism.
      Blog/Web site: welloinc.com/blog
      White paper/research:
      Constantly researching and staying up to date on healthcare research, case studies, relevant case law, regulations, temperature monitoring and environmental monitoring industry advancements, temperature monitoring and environmental monitoring competitive trends, HAI, infectious disease control industry technology, and infectious disease control industry developments, and proposing, publishing, implementing and presenting best practices and innovations.
      Books/articles published:
      Authored more than 50 articles on topics of environmental monitoring, temperature monitoring, disease spread.

      Quoted in mainstream media as expert, specialist, industry leader, industry advocate, thought leader in temperature monitoring, environmental monitoring, HAI, infectious disease control technology and pioneer in patient care and safety.

      Board Member of three companies:
      1. FreshLoc Technologies Inc.,
      2. Wello Inc,and
      3. New ID Inc.

      Represent Temperature Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring and Infection Control Technology Monitoring Industries and US business interests to federal government administrative agencies and NGO's.

      Regularly invited participant in healthcare innovation presentations hosted by UTD.

      Regular community speaker on healthcare innovation, public health and crisis prevention, environmental monitoring, HAI and patient care and safety.

      Member of Group Purchasing Organizations

      Member of Google Parent's Club as a committed father to three happy, successful adult children.

      Albert A. Bennet Calculus Award Winner UT Austin, Undergraduate

      Prior media experience:
      More than 50 interviews on TV and radio with local and national news stations.

      Interviewed as germ expert.

      Interviewed as industry expert for disease spread.

      Interviewed as industry expert and industry representative for healthcare technology and healthcare innovation for environmental monitoring and temperature monitoring.

      Educational background:
      Lecture to IEEE, ATT R&D Symposiums, Invited to regularly speak to Collin College

      University of Texas, San Antonio
      Graduate Business Administration, 3.6

      1980 – 1982

      Activities and Societies: Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Entrepeneurship towards MBA

      The University of Texas at Austin

      The University of Texas at Austin
      BSEE, Math, EE, Comp Arch, Acting, Playwright

      1975 – 1979

      Began UT Austin Bachelor of Fine Arts program in pursuit of a career in theater.

      Activities and Societies: IEEE, TA for EE Dept, TA in Math Dept, ACM, 21st Coop, Ark/Pearl Street Coop, Hillel, hangliding and Cross Country Ski Club.

      Albert A. Bennet Calculus Award Winner UT Austin, Undergraduate.
      Dr. Murray Cohen, former CDC employee, Ph.D. Epidemiology

      Dr. Collin Thomas, Ph.D. Microbiology, recipient of Carnegie Teaching Award

      Dr. Robert I. Kramer, M.D founding partner of Pediatric Associates of Dallas, was president of the medical staff at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and chairman of the department of pediatrics at Baylor University Medical Center, where he founded the Baylor Pediatric Center for Restorative Care (Our Children’s House). He was also a faculty member and clinical professor of pediatrics and pulmonology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

      Healthcare technology innovation

      Leadership and management

      Indoor sensory technology

      Temperature monitoring technology, temperature monitoring solutions, environmental monitoring technology, environmental monitoring solutions

      Body temperature, fever, contagion, disease spread, infectious disease spread, hospital acquired infection, HAI, community health and welfare, public health and welfare, wellness, corporate wellness, decreasing presenteeism to decrease absenteeism, wellness of families and schools, patient wellness, resident wellness, global wellness

      Public health and disease spread crisis avoidance and management

      Public speaking



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