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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Management, Marketing, Branding
      Summary of expertise:
      ATTIK's CEO Ric Peralta was born in San Francisco, and by the time he reached adulthood, he had traveled extensively and lived in many different cities across Europe and Latin America. While also contributing to his deep appreciations for travel and multicultural diversity, Ric's upbringing gave him a very strong sense of individuality, which among other things, led to a personal vow to never wear a tie. After returning to San Francisco and completing his higher education, Ric began his professional career as a consultant with KPMG. Despite requiring a tie, his experiences as part of the global firm's merger and acquisitions team honed his understanding of the worlds of management and business finance. Eventually seeking refuge in the creative world, with its more casual dress codes, Ric joined world renowned branding and design consultancy Primo Angeli Inc. in 1994 as their twentieth, and last, CFO. There, Ric ultimately became the firm's Managing Partner, a position earned by virtue of successfully handling all business responsibilities - including building out a powerhouse creative studio in a 20,000 square-foot warehouse in SoMa - as well as the firm's sale to WPP. Ric next fell under the spell of the powers of industrial design, landing senior executive positions with worldwide industry leaders frog design and fuseproject. In learning how best to work with brilliant creatives in areas spanning strategy, product development, software and web design, among many others, Ric soon came into contact with ATTIK partners James Sommerville, William Travis, and Simon Needham, who appointed him to their Board of Directors. With ATTIK's offices in the U.K. and the U.S. expanding, Ric was named ATTIK's Global CEO in 2004, and he became a Partner in 2005. His expertise in managing the firm's growth while fostering the development of extraordinary creative work continues to drive the celebrated firm's growing list of phenomenal achievements to new heights.
      Blog/Web site: http://www.attik.com
      Twitter: http://twitter.com/ricperalta
      White paper/research:
      ATTIK's TAXI 'a street marketing methodology developed to gain insights into the youth market mindset' has been used to conduct extensive research into a variety of target markets. Findings for the Gen Y audience identify strong ties to individuality, self-expression, word-of-mouth communications, diversity, style and an urban lifestyle ' as well as clear aversions to poor advertising and notions of 'being marketed to.' Current comprehensive information on numerous markets is available to ATTIK's clients.
      Books/articles published:
      2009: NoiseFive
      2001: Noise Four
      1999: Noise 3.5
      1997: Noise 3
      1996: Noise 2
      1995: BOB (Noise 1)

      TELLY Awards
      2012 – Silver – Scion Zeus & the High Voltage tC - Regional TV & Multi-Market Cable – Automotive
      2012 Bronze Award: 13028C - Scion | Zeus & the High Voltage tC - Regional TV & Multi-Market Cable - Use of Humor
      2012 Bronze Award: 13032V - Scion tC RS 7.0| On the Set with Zeus: Part II -To Err is Divine - Internet/Online Commercial - Use of Humor
      2012 Bronze Award: 13045V - Scion tC RS 7.0| On the Set with Zeus: Part V - A Legend in his Own Mind - Internet/Online Commercial - Use of Humor
      2012 Bronze Award: 13053V - Scion tC RS 7.0| On the Set with Zeus: Part VI - The Man, the Myth, the Legend? - Internet/Online Commercial - Use of Humor
      2012 Bronze Award: 13060C - Scion | The Hot Lava xB RS 9.0 & The Blizzard Pearl xD RS 4.0 & Zeus - Regional TV & Multi-Market Cable - Automotive
      2012 Bronze Award: 13063V - Scion | Zeus's Cradle Part 1: The Scion Hot Lava xB RS 9.0 - Internet/Online Commercial - Automotive
      2012 Bronze Award: 13071V - Scion | Zeus's Cradle Part 2: The Scion Blizzard Pearl xD RS 4.0 - Internet/Online Commercial - Automotive
      2011 – Bronze –Scion tC "Take on the Machine" – CR3 - Automotive
      2007 – Silver –Scion tC "Shark" – CR3 - Automotive
      2007 – Bronze –Scion tC "Shadow" – CL3 - Automotive
      2007 – Bronze –Scion tC "Swarm" – CR3 – Automotive

      ADDY Awards
      2012 - Scion tC Release Series 7.0 Zeus Campaign

      FWA “Site of the Day” Award
      2010 – Scion “Enter the Machine”
      2008 – Scion “United by Individuality”
      2007 – Scion “want2Bsquare”
      2007 – Scion “Little Deviant”

      The Webby Awards
      2009 Official Nominee: Scion United
      2008 Official Nominee: Scion “Little Deviant”

      CLIO Awards
      2007 Bronze Television/Cinema/Digital Award for Scion xB “Next Generation”

      New York Festivals’ 48th Annual International TV, Cinema & Radio Advertising Awards
      2005 Gold World Medal / Best Computer Animation – Toyota Scion “Transformer” and “3D Artist”
      2005 Silver World Medal / Best Special Effects – Toyota Scion “Teleporter”

      Premier Print Awards
      2004 Best of Automotive

      Australian Effects and Animation Festival Awards
      2004 Best Commercial Animation

      Prior media experience:
      Ric is a frequent contributor to business-to-business targeted media outlets.
      Educational background:
      Ric gained his primary education through San Francisco State University, the American School of Madrid and the American School Foundation. Early in his career he also completed Bechtel's illustrious Executive Program and became a leading M&A consultant with KPMG.

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