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      She has been invited to the White House by four different administrations, and in 1980, was the first skater ever invited to perform there. The 1986 unveiling of the Statue of Liberty was a national celebration and again Fleming was asked to perform. She was also one of the honored athletes to carry the Olympic flame into the 2002 Opening Ceremonies in Salt Lake City.

      Fleming has always regarded her place in sports history as an honor and from this perspective she has made her career choices. Although Phil Hersch of Sports Illustrated called her "the face that launched a thousand zambonis", she feels that glamorous image is only one side of her personality. Today her interests are focused on health issues as well as fitness; balance, she feels, is the key to living a vital and satisfying life.

      United States National Championships:
      1964 Cleveland, Ohio
      1965 Lake Placid, New York
      1966 Berkeley, California
      1967 Omaha, Nebraska
      1968 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      World Championships:
      1966 Davos, Switzerland
      1967 Vienna, Austria
      1968 Geneva, Switzerland

      Olympic Winter Games:
      1968 Grenoble, France

      Awards and Inductions

      1967 ABC Athlete of the Year
      World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
      U. S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame
      U. S. Olympic Hall of Fame
      1999 Sports Illustrated
      "20th Century Awards" honor
      2003 Vince Lombardi Award of Excellence
      2005 Vincent T. Lombardi Symbol of Courage Award

      Prior media experience:
      Since 1981, Fleming's career as an on air analyst for ABC Sports has taken her to national, world, and Olympic competitions, and she continues to provide warm and knowledgeable commentary to an ever growing audience. ABC's long - standing contract with Fleming is evidence of her professional commitment to them as well as theirs to her.

      In January of 1998, Fleming faced another challenge with grace and courage. On the 30th anniversary of her gold medal in Grenoble, France, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Faced with what she called "another Olympics, a life Olympics," Fleming decided to share her experience with the public so that other women would be strengthened. Promoting breast cancer awareness has become extremely important to Fleming, and her appearances on "20/20," "Oprah," and "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" have given hope to millions of cancer patients.

      Educational background:
      Peggy Fleming's primary source of balance and joy has always been her family. In 1970 she married dermatologist, Dr. Greg Jenkins. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have two sons, Andy and Todd. Fleming is also the proud grandmother of three grandsons.

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