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    My Expertise

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      Pamela Madsen, one of the nations most outspoken and recognized fertility educators and patient advocates, founded and lead the American Fertility Association (AFA) in establishing itself as the premier patient advocacy organization for education and support surrounding fertility, infertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and childfree living. Pamela is dedicated to reaching out to women¿ and men¿to integrate infertility prevention, protection and treatment into the general health care continuum. Pamela is most passionate about the vital role education plays for both men and women when they are coping with fertility issues, and is excited to partner with SpermCheck® Fertility to help educate couples about the benefits of understanding the man¿s role when it comes to preparing to have a baby, address the stresses of trying to conceive, as well as offer tips that will help couples prepare for a healthy conception.

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