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Monetizing a Twitter Bot.
9 years ago  ::  Dec 01, 2010, 20:28 CST #1
Eric Bryant
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How to Monetize Our TwitterBot to An Unprofitable Customer Segment

My firm has designed a twitter bot. It's really quite cool. When you tweet it certain hashtags, it will "answer your question" by giving you an automated response, so to speak.

Now that we have the prototype for this, we want to figure out how to monetize it. We can make the bot answer just about any question tweeted to it. So now we need ideas. For example, one idea we toyed with was going to small businesses and asking them for a 1 day deal or coupon. We would advertise online for their special, with an ad that pointed people to the Twitterbot to "unlock" the daily deal.

But as this idea went round and round, we found holes in it that would render in unworkable.

But we're very conscious of our brand, and we don't want to monetize it in any old way. A lot of ideas we've played with, such as the daily twitter deal (which has alreayd been done to death), and others - but these having really nothing to do with our brands. We're in online marketing and Internet pr firm.

Plus, we're very objective focused. Our objective for monetizing the twitter bot would have to related to a customer segment of ours that is not really profitable. This is our press release subscriber base. We have a large number of PR subscribers, but only a very tiny percentage of paid subscribers. This is where we want to expand.

So, we're putting the question to you folks: Any ideas for how we can monetize this unprofitable segment, using the Twitterbot?

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