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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Government, Politics, Int'l Affairs, CVE
      Summary of expertise:
      Since 2011, Mustafa Tameez has made over 400 television appearances on MSNBC, Fox & ABC News in Houston, and NPR. He has also been quoted on numerous occasions in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian.

      Mustafa is a national security expert, whose expertise on efforts to counter violent extremism has been sought by all levels of government, including the Department of Homeland Security, The U.S. State Department and the National Counterterrorism Center. On immigration, Mustafa chaired the 287G advisory committee and approaches the issue from a national security perspective.

      He has been named one of the five political players to watch by “Texas Monthly” magazine and is well-versed in national, state, and local politics. He’s managed the successful campaigns for Democrats across the south including Congressman Nick Lampson, Houston Mayor Bill White, as well as numerous members of the Texas House & Senate, Houston City Council, various county executives and the Texas Judiciary.

      Selected Commentary:


      There’s two parts to this. The first is recruiters and how do we target them. On the other side is: what do you do to really make the climate better for young Muslim-Americans? What needs to occur is more of a partnership with the communities and teaching and educating them on how to push back against this type of recruiting. – MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” (12/12/15)

      For a long time, we've looked at this as a faith based issue and as long as we continue to look at it that way, we're probably not going to find a solution. – ABC News Houston (12/8/15)
      If we see ISIS and al-Qaida like we see gangs, like Crips and Blood or Chinese gangs and Vietnamese gangs, we don’t go into those communities and say ‘You the community have a culture that is breeding the gangs.’ We basically go…into those communities, to say ‘We’ve got to protect and give you the tools to prevent these kids from joining these gangs. – NPR’s “Here & Now” (12/7/15)

      The United States also has “to counter the extremist narrative and build capacity to protect these kids and keep them away from predators. We have to rethink our approach.” – The Washington Post (9/6/15)


      For Wednesday’s (4/15/15) protests, food service workers were joined by laundry workers, students, junior college workers and others, organizers said.
      “This was a cross section of low-wage workers who have identified this as a real challenge in our economy,” Tameez said.
      The group chose tax day in part to remind consumers that tax dollars are “subsidizing profits of large organizations,” he said, as low-wage workers turn to public assistance to get by.
      – The Dallas Morning News (4/15/15)


      I think what he’s trying to do is get rid of the gun loopholes that exist…and then I think he’s trying to prevent people [who] are on the terrorist watch list, or no fly list, from buying guns. I think those are very simple, reasonable things to ask for. – Fox News Houston (1/3/16)


      Texas is going to play a big role this time in the Republican primary, and that benefits Ted Cruz. If you look at polling, it indicates that the people who are supporting [Donald Trump] tend not to vote on Election Day. Iowa is the first need people who have gone to caucuses in the past. But we don’t know if those Trump supporters…will actually show up or not. – Fox News Houston (1/3/16)


      Mr. Tameez is available for live television appearances -AT MINIMAL NETWORK COST - from a SkypeHD-equipped professional studio in Houston, Texas.

      Mr. Tameez can also travel for in-studio appearances at no network cost.
      Twitter: @mustafatameez
      Books/articles published:
      As the face of Texas changes, it's time to rethink how we see diversity - The Texas Tribune 11/24/15
      Director, The Texas Lyceum
      Senior Fellow, American Leadership Forum

      Prior media experience:
      International Affairs Analyst - FOX NEWS HOUSTON (ongoing)

      Co-host, "The RoundUp" - FOX NEWS HOUSTON (ongoing)

      Guest, "Melissa Harris-Perry" MSNBC-TV

      Guest, "Here & Now" - NPR

      Guest, "Houston Matters" - NPR

      The New York Times

      The Washington Post

      The Houston Chronicle

      The Texas Tribune

      Dallas Morning News

      The Guardian

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