Michael W. Long, Ph.D.

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    • Organization:Velcura Therapeutics, Inc.
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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Summary of expertise:
      Osteoporosis and other bone diseases.
      Velcura Therapeutics(TM), Inc., is a leading biotechnology firm in the treatment of bone-related injuries and bone disorders by developing therapies directed at stimulating bone formation.
      (K. B. Hotary, E. D. Allen, P. Brooks, N. S. Datta, M. W. Long, and S. J. Weiss. Membrane Type I Matrix Metalloproteinase Usurps Tumor Growth Control Imposed by the Three-Dimensional Extracellular Matrix. Cell 1114: 35-45, 2003)
      Blog/Web site: http://www.velcura.com
      White paper/research:
      Managed over $12.5 million in NIH funding for his research. A FEW OF HIS PATENTS ISSUED:

      1. Bone Precursor Cells: Compositions and Methods Patent No. 5,972,703 (USA) Co-Inventor: Dr. Kenneth G. Mann

      2. Bone Precursor Cells: Compositions and Methods Australia 08/289,794, Co-Inventor: Dr. Kenneth G. Mann

      3. Functional Human Hematopoietic Cells. Patent No. 5,858,782, Co-Inventor, G. Pipia

      4. Accessory Cell Production of Novel Osteogenic Cytokines. Serial No. 60/650,173

      5. Ex Vivo Formation of Human Bone. Serial No. 60/173,350

      Books/articles published:
      Long, M.W.: Tissue Microenvironments. In: Bronzino, J.D. (ed): Biomedical Engineering Handbook Second Edition. S CRC Press, Inc. Boca Raton, FL. I1995, 1999
      PG. Eipers, S Kale, Ph.D., S Taichman, GG. Pipia,, NA Swords, KG. Mann, and MW. Long, Bone Marrow Accessory Cells Regulate Human Bone Precursor Cell Development. Experimental Hematology, 28:815-825, 2000
      Daniel B. Wall, Maureen T. Kachman, Siyuan S. Gong, Stephen J. Parus, Michael W. Long, and David M. Lubman. Isoelectric Focusing - Nonporous RP HPLC - ESI TOF/MS: A three-dimensional liquid phase separation with high mass resolution, high mass accuracy on-line protein detection as applied to the cytosolic protein fraction of the human erythroleukemia cell-line. Rapid Comm. Mass Spect. 15(18):1649-61, 2001

      Serves on the executive committee for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

      1990-1991 Sabbatical: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Ann Arbor, MI, (Molecular Biology with J. Lowe)

      1979-1982 Postdoctorate: Department of Developmental Hematopoiesis Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, New York (with M.A.S. Moore)

      Prior media experience:
      Interviews with electronic and print media, such as the Detroit News.

      1991-1993 Associate Editor, Experimental Hematology, 1994- 1999 Deputy Editor, Experimental Hematology, 1998'2002 Editorial Board, Blood, Journal of the American Society for Hematology

      Educational background:
      1968 B.S. in Biology, Wayne State University; 1975 M.S. in Physiology, WSU School of Medicine 1979 Ph.D. in Physiology, WSU School of Medicine

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