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    "Information is the currency of democracy.” Thomas Jefferson

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    This group is a sounding board on the state and mindset of the mainstream, corporate media and independent media. Who and what media outlets are covering, highlighting news stories that are good, bad or ugly. This is an attempt to return to the ethics and values placed on news set forth by Edward R. Morrow. If you don't know what that tradition is link to

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    What is in the mind of network morning show producers and bookers who ask close family members of those who are killed, maimed, assaulted or victims of other inhumane acts to appear on their shows? Do we really want to see people in distress, agony and crying over a loved one? Do these producers and bookers feel gratified in seeing people in pain on camera? Do they think it will increase their shows’ ratings? Bizarre.

    Jim Goyjer
    October 6, 2010
    4:21 PM
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    Why was business reporter Brian Sullivan of Fox Business cable channel being interviewed by Harry Smith this morning on CBS's The Early Show about the joblessness and the economy? Doesn't the CBS News Department have reporters that cover business and the economy? Why is CBS coddling up to Fox?

    Jim Goyjer
    September 30, 2010
    4:34 PM
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    I had a great question from a journalist this morning at the Science Christian Monitor: "Will the media cover the One Nation rally this Saturday, October 2 in Washington D.C.?" I think that because it will most likely be a peaceful and civilized rally, it will get little coverage.

    Jim Goyjer
    September 28, 2010
    4:09 PM
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