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    ProfNet Experts Available on Tax Tips

    Monday, February 15, 2016, 2:52 PM [Expert Alerts]
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    Following are experts from the ProfNet network that can discuss various topics related to tax season, for both consumers and businesses. You can also submit a query to the hundreds of thousands of experts in our network – it's easy and free! Just fill out the query form to get started:


    Robert Kiyosaki
    Rich Dad Company
    "Credits and breaks exist in the tax code to incentivize investors and entrepreneurs to do exactly what the government wants them to do -- invest and build businesses. One of the codes I take advantage of as a real estate investor is a 1031 Exchange, which allows investors to sell a property and defer all capital gain taxes by reinvesting the proceeds in a new property. If you want to make more money, have more time and pay less in taxes, the first step is to get a primer on the tax code so you can limit your tax liability and increase your wealth."
    Kiyosaki is best known as the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," the No. 1 personal finance book of all time. The book has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money, and holds four of the top 10 spots on Nielsen Bookscan List's Lift-to-Date Sales from 2001-2008 alone. In addition, Kiyosaki has been featured on shows such as "Larry King Live," "Oprah," "The Doctors," Bloomberg International Television and CNN. He is co-creator of the "CASHFLOW" board game, founder of the financial education-based Rich Dad Company, and author of the New York Times bestseller, "Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money, and Unfair Advantage."
    Contact: Jeff Davidson,


    Eric Roffer, Esq.
    Managing Licensed Tax Professional
    Tax Defense Network
    Having a plan is almost always in your best interest. This was perhaps never truer than when considering how to handle your taxes. There are some essential items to consider before delving into this year's tax return. Roffer shares some suggestions for putting together your own filing plan: 1) "Don't show up for a meeting with your tax preparer without everything you'll need (don't be afraid to ask in advance when you're setting your appointment). Keep in mind that tax season is incredibly busy for accountants and tax professionals alike. You may not get a chance to reschedule." 2) "If you're planning on donating to charity and claiming the deduction, don't forget to retain your receipts. Also, make sure that the organization you're supporting is recognized by the IRS. Otherwise, it won't matter how many receipts you have, because your deduction won't be allowed." 3) "You should never consider any income you receive throughout the year as non-taxable. Ever. Keep an accurate record of anything you sell, money you win, money from side work -- even valuable property that you find on the street. Any discrepancies between what you report to the IRS and what you actually brought home can spell trouble for you down the road." 4) "Don't forget to double-check all of your tax info with your payroll department. More specifically, make sure that you're withholding the proper tax on each paycheck." 5) "Don't tackle your tax return on your own if you have any doubts regarding the accuracy of what you're filing. Enlisting a licensed tax professional can actually save you money by preventing a conflict with the IRS."
    Tax Defense Network, LLC is a nationwide tax resolution company that assists clients with every level of IRS and state collection action.
    Contact: Becky Korn,


    Arthur Agulnek
    Senior Lecturer, Naveen Jindal School of Management
    University of Texas at Dallas
    Agulnek's No. 1 tip: "If you are doing the return yourself, read the instructions carefully. If you think you need help, seek the advice of a competent preparer or adviser."
    Agulnek, a certified public accountant, licensed to practice in Texas and New York, recently retired as a tax partner in the Southwest Area office of Ernst & Young LLP, where he specialized in the human resources and tax aspects of global assignments. He received a BS in accounting from Brooklyn College and did graduate work in taxation at the City University of New York. Art is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas and New York State Societies of Certified Public Accountants. While at Ernst & Young, Agulnek was the Global Employment Solutions Area Leader in the SWA and was a member of the firm's Global Employment Solutions advisory leadership team. He has been heavily involved with the expatriate/inpatriate tax practice for more than 30 years. During the last few years, his clients have included global corporations in defense, financial services, natural resources, consumer products, and high tech, and he has assisted them in developing strategies to minimize the costs of global assignments. His client responsibilities have included Mobil Corporation, General Electric, Texas Instruments, Bell Helicopter, American Airlines, The Sabre Group, ARCO International, Associates First Capital Corp., ClubCorp, and Lockheed Martin Corporation. He is currently using his consulting experiences to work with companies that are expanding their operations outside the U.S., seeking approaches to maximize best practices and minimize their costs of global assignments. He is also working with senior executives on issues relating to the financial and tax implications of global transfers.
    Contact: Brittany Magelssen,


    David Martin
    Vice President
    "Too many people are sharing their tax information using email. Email may be convenient, but it's an easy target for hackers who intend to steal your identity. There are options out there for sharing information more securely that are as simple to use as email. It's worth a little bit of extra effort to gain a little more security and some peace of mind."
    Contact: Julie Dearing,


    Sean O'Hare, CPA, EA, CTRS
    Founder and Owner
    Tax Debt Assistance and O'Hare Associates, CPAs
    "If you have a business vehicle and are considering a new one, you may qualify for a substantial tax deduction through Section 179 of the IRS tax code. Exceptions include the following vehicles: ambulance or hearse used specifically in your business; taxis, transport vans, and other vehicles used to specifically transport people or property for hire; qualified non-personal use vehicles specifically modified for business (e.g., van without seating behind driver, permanent shelving installed, and exterior painted with company's name)."
    O'Hare has helped New England-area businesses and individuals solve financial challenges, alleviate tax problems and meet financial goals for over 18 years. He is the founder and owner of Tax Debt Assistance and O'Hare Associates, CPAs, both dedicated in helping individuals, families and small businesses with tax needs. He provides a broad range of accounting, business advisory, tax consulting, tax resolution, and financial planning services to clients in the New England area. His experience in the field of taxation and ability to comprehend client obstacles has made him known as New England's go-to tax resolution expert. He is the author of four books: "More For You: How To Eliminate Debt, Cut Your Taxes, And Prosper In The New Economy," "Fighting Back: A Small Business Owner's Guide to Winning the Battle with the IRS," "10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Thousands," and "Why Businesses Stop Growing and What You Can Do About It." He holds a Master's Degree in Taxation from Thomas College. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and an Enrolled Agent (EA). He is also a National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) Fellow, and a board certified credit consultant.
    ProfNet Profile:
    Contact: Lorrie Thomas Ross,


    Brent A. Lindell
    Financial Advisor
    Savant Capital Management
    "Taxes really matter in the investment world -- we all know that. What is not obvious is what you can do to control taxes -- and, as a result, effectively enhance the returns on your portfolio. 'Tried and true' approaches paired with the proper tools for tax-efficient investing are crucial to the next generation of measuring tax efficiency."
    Lindell, a financial advisor in Savant's Madison, Wisc., office, is a member of the advisory team and has a membership interest in Savant Capital, LLC. He has been involved in the financial services industry since 1992, has been an advisor since 1994, and served as a trust officer for 10 years. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the financial planning and investment process for Savant's clients. Lindell routinely meets with clients, advisors, portfolio managers, and planners to determine and coordinate effective planning, investment, and tax strategies. He advises clients on numerous financial strategies to help them accumulate, maintain, and preserve their wealth. Prior to joining Savant, Lindell was vice president and wealth management consultant for a large bank. He was responsible for financial planning and new business development in the $2.5 billion trust department, specializing in high net worth individuals. He is experienced in asset management, personal trusts, corporate retirement plans, banking, and the wealth management planning process. Lindell earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Iowa. He is a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA), a Certified Financial Planner professional, Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS). He also received extensive training at the Cannon Financial Institute's Trust School at the University of Notre Dame. Lindell is the past chair of the American Heart Association's McLain Research Grant Luncheon in Madison. He currently is a member of the Madison Downtown Rotary, the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, and the Middleton Chamber of Commerce. He serves on the Madison Downtown Rotary Investment Committee and is a board member of Independent Living, Inc. He Lindell is routinely interviewed by localMadison television stations for his financial expertise and has been quoted by Yahoo Finance, Financial Advisor magazine, and Fox Business, among others. He has also authored numerous newspaper and magazine articles.
    Contact: Catherine Povalitis,


    Mike Campbell
    Tax Partner
    "As the heart of tax season quickly approaches, there are a variety of considerations and strategies individuals should keep at the forefront. While it's always prudent to stay on top of planning year-round, don't let last-minute hiccups – or a last-minute filing – lead to missed deductions."
    Campbell has a distinct focus on working with high-net-worth individuals, including founders of large venture capital funds, owners of closely held businesses and C-level executives of multinational corporations. He has over 12 years of public accounting experience at BDO, and has extensive experience in the partnership area, both with family limited partnerships and large venture capital funds. Among other topics, Campbell can speak to proactive and last-minute tax planning tips and deductions, gift and estate planning, charitable gifting and alternatives, and more.
    Contact: Madeline O'Connor,


    Doug Bekker
    Tax Office Managing Partner
    "Businesses of all sizes often underestimate the bottom-line benefits of careful, considerate tax planning. From tax extender incentives to bonus plan limitations, it's important to stay up-to-date on the strategies that can keep your business on track come filing season."
    Bekker has more than 15 years of experience serving as a technical resource in the C-corporation, merger and acquisition, insurance and banking areas for BDO's National Tax Practice. He has also helped manage the overall client relationships for multinational manufacturing companies, retailers, insurance companies, banks and real estate developers.  Prior to joining BDO, Bekker managed federal tax consulting projects in the accounting methods and inventory areas at Ernst & Young and was a tax manager in Arthur Andersen's federal tax group.
    Contact: Madeline O'Connor,


    Joseph "JJ" Montanaro, CFP
    Montanaro offers the following tax tips: 1) "Education can pay in more ways than one. Be sure to take advantage of available education deductions and tax credits." 2) "Take action on your return. A big refund may be something to celebrate, but it's also an opportunity to adjust your withholding and increase your monthly cash flow." 3) "Know when to call in reinforcements. Online software can make preparing a return a snap, but if your tax life got complex last year -- maybe you sold a rental property, cared for a parent or exercised some options -- it may be time to get expert assistance." 4) "Sales tax pays back. If you're in a state without income tax, the available sales tax deduction can help drive down your tax bill." 5) "An IRA could help late in the game. A contribution to a deductible IRA for 2015 can be made right up until April 15 and will help you save on taxes and build for the future. Moderate-income taxpayers may also benefit from a Saver's Credit."
    Montanaro is a Certified Financial Planner practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry as a financial planner. His daily focus has been to help families realize their goals, and his advice has appeared in numerous outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,,, Military Spouse Magazine and the Washington Post. Prior to joining USAA in December 2002, Montanaro owned and operated an office as a financial planner. Before entering the financial services industry, he served in the U.S. Army for six years on active duty, and in 2009 retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve. He holds Series 7, 63, and 65 licenses with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), is a member of the Financial Planning Association, and earned his bachelor's degree in engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.
    Contact: Katy Sims,


    Mikel Van Cleve, CFP
    Director of Personal Finance Advice
    Van Cleve offers these tips regarding how to spend a tax refund: "Contribute to important long-term goals: 1) Pay down debt. If you have any high-interest consumer debt, why not get rid of some or all of it with your refund money? It'll save you a lot of wasted interest and could relieve a lot of stress. But you may not want to use the entire refund to trim your debt, because our second idea is central to avoiding debt in the future. 2) Build an emergency fund. If you don't have the old cash stash of 3-6 months' worth of committed expenses set aside as an emergency fund, now is the time to start building. Otherwise, the next time you get hit with a financial surprise, you may have to turn to a credit card or something worse. 3) Save for retirement. Will your tax refund be the engine that single-handedly funds your golden years? Nope. However, it could be the spark that gets you consistently putting money away in an IRA, Roth IRA or employer plan. Use your refund to get -- and keep -- the ball rolling. 4) Purposeful saving. You already know they're coming: new tires, kids' activity fees, holiday gifts or maybe even a vacation. Get a head start by placing a portion of your refund into a savings account to help foot the bill."
    Van Cleve also shares spending traps to avoid: "Avoid the following spending traps: spending it all at one time and having nothing to show for it afterwards; spending it all at once on big-ticket items such as electronics, or for larger amounts, a vehicle; spending it all on a luxury vacation; gambling it all away, lotto tickets, etc.; using it as a down payment on something you can't afford later with your normal monthly budget."
    Van Cleve is a Certified Financial Planner professional and the director of personal finance advice for USAA. He is a native of Little Rock, Ark., and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in finance from Liberty University. He is currently pursuing an MBA at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi and holds FINRA Series 7, 6, 63, 65, and 24 securities registrations, as well as the state life and health insurance license. Prior to joining USAA in December of 2007, Van Cleve worked as a financial advisor for three other Fortune 500 companies. Before entering the financial services industry, he served in the U.S. Coast Guard on active duty. His daily focus has been to help families work towards their goals and achieve financial readiness. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his two amazing children and rooting for the Arkansas Razorbacks.
    Contact: Katy Sims,


    Robert Steen, CFP
    Director of Retirement and Complex Financial Planning Advice
    Steen shares these tips to manage filing errors: 1) "Failure to file: If you don't file on time and owe taxes, you could face a penalty. The penalty for filing late is usually 5% of the unpaid taxes for each portion of a month that a return is late. This penalty will not exceed 25% of your unpaid taxes." 2) "Late payment: If you owe taxes and don't pay by the due date, you will generally pay a penalty -- 0.5% of your unpaid taxes for each month or part of a month you're late. The combined maximum penalty for paying late and filing late (assuming no fraud) is 5% per month, or 25% in total." 3) "Extensions: You can request a deadline extension if you have paid at least 90% of your actual tax liability by the original due date. You won't face a failure-to-pay penalty if the remaining balance is paid by the extended due date. So if you cannot pay all the taxes you owe, file your tax return on time and pay as much as you can, then explore other payment options."
    Steen also shares these common filing errors to avoid: 1) "Wrong names or numbers: Be sure you spell the names of everyone on your tax return exactly as they appear on their Social Security cards and correctly enter their Social Security numbers. The same goes for bank routing and account numbers if you opt to get your refund by direct deposit. And double-check all of your calculations to avoid math errors." 2) "Filing status errors: Some people use the wrong filing status, such as head of household instead of single. The Interactive Tax Assistant on can help you choose the right one. Tax software helps e-filers choose." 3) "Errors in figuring credits or deductions. Many filers make mistakes figuring their Earned Income Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit and the standard deduction. If you're not e-filing, follow the instructions carefully when figuring credits and deductions. For example, if you're 65 or older or blind, be sure you claim the correct, higher standard deduction."
    Steen serves as the advice expert on retirement planning and management, as well as trust and estate planning, for USAA members. His primary responsibility is for the development of USAA's advice points of view regarding related subjects, including maximizing retirement savings, establishing a retirement income plan, managing financial needs during retirement, estate/trust/inheritance tax planning, charitable gifting, and distribution of assets. He previously served as a USAA senior wealth manager, with more than 14 years of experience serving the needs of high-net-worth members, families, and business owners in the areas of investments, retirement planning, tax planning, risk management, life income planning, and estate/legacy planning. Prior to joining USAA, Steen was a financial consultant with AXA Advisors, and also held leadership roles in international trade and development. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Financial Planning and Retirement at the American College. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA in finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is a Certified Financial Planner practitioner. In addition, he holds all of the required federal and state licenses, as well as the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), and Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL) designations. Steen and his family have lived inMexico, and he has traveled throughout Latin America and other parts of the world. Robert and his wife enjoy spending time with family, cooking, music, and a variety of outdoor activities.
    Contact: Katy Sims,


    Darren Guccione
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Keeper Security, Inc.
    Guccione, a cybersecurity expert and CPA, can provide expert advice and tax tips from a cybersecurity angle. He holds a Master of Science in Accountancy with Distinction from the Kellstadt School of Business at DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a noted cybersecurity expert in major media outlets, including CBS Evening News, FOX & Friends, USA Today, ABC and Mashable. He was recently named in the Chicago Top Tech 50 by Crain's Chicago Business.
    Keeper Security Media Reel:
    Contact: Aaron Gessner,


    David Selig
    Selig & Associates
    Selig is a federal tax practitioner, management accountant and vigorous advocate who, in addition to managing a high-profile New York City tax practice, has served as chief financial officer at a publicly traded company. As an accomplished public speaker and nationally televised conservative commentator, Selig has appeared on over 300 international, national and local television programs. Moreover, he has been quoted in over 100 written articles and is a regular guest on syndicated radio. Selig is also a former U.S. Marine and honorably discharged veteran.
    Previous TV appearance:
    Contact: Ryan McCormick,


    Miguel Farra, CPA, JD
    Principal-in-Charge, Tax and Accounting Department
    Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra (MBAF)
    As chairman of the department, Farra leads MBAF's team of highly skilled tax professionals working with clients both domestically and internationally in a variety of industries, ranging from banking and manufacturing, to wholesale/distribution, real estate and healthcare. With over 38 years of industry experience, Farra would be a fantastic expert source to contribute insights on his best tax advice and share anecdotes from what he's seeing with clients that would be of great value to your readers.
    Contact: Alyssa Valleau,


    Pete Lang
    Founder and President
    Lang Capital
    Lang is an accomplished tax attorney (retired), accountant (retired) and investment advisor representative. A graduate of The University of South Carolina, Lang majored in business/accounting (1988) and also obtained a Juris Doctor (1987) from the university. A Master of Laws in Taxation (1988) from New York University followed, as well as a successful career as a corporate, tax and real estate attorney. Lang began his career working as a corporate and tax lawyer in Washington, D.C., with Sidley and Austin. He relocated toCharlotte, N.C., and became the managing partner of Baity and Lang, LLP.  Lang has been licensed as an attorney in Washington, D.C.,North Carolina and South Carolina, and has also been licensed as a CPA in Maryland. After more than two decades of legal practice, including tax and estate planning, Lang made the jump to investment advisory services. He is currently president of Lang Capital, a private wealth manager serving as a financial advisor and fiduciary to clients in North and South Carolina.
    Contact: Mindy Eras,


    Greg Hammer
    Tax and Wealth Advisor
    Hammer Financial Group, Inc.
    Hammer specializes in coordinated, holistic financial planning for Lake County, Indiana and Chicago-area residents who are approaching retirement or currently retired. Bringing tax preparation and planning, Medicare supplements, estate planning, insurance and investments all under one roof, Hammer aims to provide complete and convenient financial solutions for the best interest of the clients he serves. He trains and coaches independent financial advisors nationwide on how to build their business to better serve the holistic financial needs of American families. In particular, he has helped develop and refine processes to integrate tax preparation and Medicare supplement services into a financial advisory practice, a unique addition within the financial industry designed for the ultimate convenience and benefit of clients at and near retirement. He earned a B.A. in applied mathematics with a focus in economics from Yale University and has more than 23 years of experience in the financial services industry. In addition to his series 6, 63, 65 and 26 and life and health licenses, Hammer maintains Master Elite Membership with Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group for continued study and mastery of IRAs and applicable tax laws.
    Contact: Mindy Eras,


    Mary Kay Foss, CPA
    Tax Director
    Sweeney Kovar
    Foss, a nationally recognized tax expert, is a past chair of the taxation committee of the California Society of CPAs and has been quoted in numerous publications regarding tax issues. Some examples: MarketWatch (, Consumer Reports (, USA Today (, and New York Times ( Based in Danville, Calif., Foss has more than 30 years of experience in advising individuals, trusts, retirees and sole proprietors regarding how to save on their taxes.
    Contact: Bill Spaniel,


    Suzanne Shier
    Chief Wealth Planning and Tax Strategist
    Northern Trust
    Shier is responsible for leading Wealth Planning Advisory Services and for providing thought leadership on wealth planning and tax issues of interest to clients and their advisors, with a special emphasis on wealth planning and tax policy, legislation, strategies, trends and developments. Prior to joining Northern Trust, she spent 26 years as a partner at Chapman and Cutler LLP in Chicago, ultimately leading the firm's Trusts and Estates practice, representing individuals, charitable organizations, and corporate fiduciaries in a full range of wealth planning and fiduciary matters, including philanthropy, domestic and international wealth planning, and fiduciary administration. Shier is an adjunct professor in the Master of Laws in Taxation Program at Northwestern University Law School and also a frequent speaker and author. She has been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, and has received numerous professional honors and recognitions, including selection for inclusion in Best Lawyers in America in Trusts and Estates. She earned her bachelor's degree with distinction in economics and sociology from the University of Michigan in 1982. She received her law degree, cum laude, from the Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 1985 and a master of laws in taxation from the DePaul University College of Law in 1997. In the civic community, Shier supports diversity and education initiatives. She has been involved with the executive committees and boards of directors of Gads Hill Center and the Chicago Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law. She is Chairperson of the board of directors of Chicago Scholars, a college access program for high potential urban students, and a trustee of Hope College. She is a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and a member of the Chicago Bar Association, Chicago Estate Planning Council, American Bar Association, International Bar Association and the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.
    Contact: Megan Bramson,


    Scott M. Sadar
    Executive Vice President and Certified Financial Planner
    Somerset Wealth Strategies
    A financial professional for 15 years, Sadar contributed to annuity sales at Jackson National Life and MetLife prior to joining Somerset Wealth Strategies. His experience in simplifying these complex products allows for his clients to understand what the product does for them, instead of repeating the newest acronym or abbreviation created by an insurance company marketing department. Nick Murrayhas spoken about how there are two things each person must purchase every day of retirement: dignity and independence. Sadar provides conservative and comprehensive financial planning advice for his clients. He prefers to ask "What are you trying to accomplish?" and then actually listen to clients share about their goals and objectives. His style is to explain how those benefits will make a positive impact on the lives of his clients so they may focus on living their dreams with meaning and purpose. An Eagle Scout with Troop 380 in Akron, Ohio, Sadar's background as a teacher and a coach began during his time in Scouting. A graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication, Sadar is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS). In order to be prepared for the challenges facing his clients, Scott has demonstrated knowledge of Advanced Financial Planning by earning the following professional designations and securities licenses: CFP (Certified Financial Planner); CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) Advanced Insurance Specialty; ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) Advanced Financial Planning; CASL (Chartered Advisor of Senior Living) Retirement Coaching for Life's Second Half; Series 6 (Variable annuities and mutual funds license); Series 7 (General Securities license); Series 24 (General Securities Principal); Series 63 (Uniform Securities Agent, allows selling securities in states outside of resident state); Registered Investment Advisor Representative (should a client prefer fee-based); Variable Life, Health, and Disability License (which allows for the selling of insurance products and annuities). 
    Scott is a marathon runner and resides in Portland, Oregon.
    Contact: Steve Kaufman,


    Vince Colabianchi
    Principal and Chief Financial Officer
    Cypress Wealth Advisors
    Colabianchi has been a CPA for more than 25 years, and specializes in income and estate tax planning, business planning and accounting compliance for high-net-worth individuals.  He can speak articulately on year-end tax planning strategies, trends, changing laws and existing law interpretation topics, to name a few.
    Contact: Bethanee Martin,


    Bob Annibale
    Global Director of Citi Community Development and Citi Inclusive Finance
    Through Citi Community Development, Annibale works closely with the Department of Consumer Affairs to raise public awareness of and provide education about free tax preparation options like Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites and tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). He can speak in-depth about this year's campaign and what taxpayers -- specifically low-income taxpayers -- should be doing to prepare their taxes in the next few months.
    Annibale leads Citi's partnerships with global, national, and local organizations to support inclusive finance and community development through economic empowerment, focusing on responsible and accessible finance; financial coaching and asset building; neighborhood preservation and revitalization; access to college education; and small business and microenterprise development. He also leads Citi's commercial relationships with microfinance financial institutions, corporations, investors and municipalities, working across Citi's businesses and geographies to expand access to financial services in underserved communities. Annibale is a member of the Policy Committee of the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford and represents Citi on the boards of the Microfinance Information Exchange, the Center for Financial Services Innovation, the U.S. FDIC Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion and the Citi Foundation. Until recently, he also represented Citi on the Executive Committee of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor at the World Bank. He has served on the Board of Advisors for the United Nations Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor and on the councils of the University of London's Goldsmiths College and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). In 2014, Annibale was honored as a White House Champion of Change for his work leading Citi's programs promoting immigrant integration and citizenship in the U.S. Also in 2014, he was named by the Financial Times as one of the OUTStanding Top 100 LGBT Business Leaders. A U.S. and UK national, Annibale holds a B.A. in history and political science fromVassar College, New York, and an M.A. in African studies (history) from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies.
    Contact: Katherine Burns,


    Amy Vetter, CPA.CITP, CGMA
    Global Vice President, Education; Head of Accounting, USA
    As a small-business owner herself (she runs a yoga studio in Ohio), Vetter specializes in helping small-business owners understand how to manage their business finances, arming them with financial literacy in order to avoid unnecessarily dipping into personal finances and destroying their credit for the sake of their business. Vetter can provide tips and tricks for building long-term accountant/small-business owner relationships, and why this yield's better financial results for small-business owners, especially during tax season.
    In her role at Xero, the only cloud accounting software provider focused on making CPA practices more successful by strengthening the relationship between advisors and their small-business customers, Vetter develops and executes the education strategy for more than 600,000 accounting partners and small-business customers worldwide. Additionally, she owns and operates DRISHTIQ Yoga in Ohio, which offers heated and non-heated yoga classes. Prior to Xero, Vetter was the CPA Programs Leader for Intacct Corporation and performed many roles in the accountant professional division with Intuit, Inc. Additionally, she has experience running client accounting services practices, whether it be her own company or as a partner in a CPA firm. She has authored a number of accounting technology reference materials and has been a contributor and a national speaker on financial and technology topics at conferences and universities throughout the United States. She has been recognized as one to the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting Today's listing.
    Contact: Erin Rosenblum,


    Michael H. Karu, CPA/CFF
    Levine, Jacobs & Company, LLC
    Karu is an authority on taxation ranging from startups and small businesses to medium-sized and large businesses. He can also speak to what individuals in each of the roughly five generations which exist today need to be aware of in terms of their tax planning. Karu is qualified by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Family Part, as an expert witness. He received his B.S. degree in business administration from The Ohio State University. He holds professional memberships in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the AICPA Tax Division and the AICPA Business Valuation, Forensics and Litigation Services Section. He is a member of the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants, where he has been active in the Litigation Services Committee, Business Valuation Sub-Committee, State Healthcare Committee, Committee for Non-Profit Organizations, and the Committee for Young CPAs.
    Contact: Amy Delman,


    David H. McCormick-Goodhart, MBA, CPA/PFS, CFP
    Financial Advisor
    Savant Capital Management
    McCormick-Goodhart is a financial advisor in Savant's McLean, Va., office and a member of the advisory team. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the financial planning and investment process for Savant's clients. He regularly meets with clients, other advisors, portfolio managers, and financial planners to formulate and coordinate effective planning, investment, and tax strategies. He has been involved in the financial services industry since 2005. Prior to joining Savant, he was a senior tax accountant at an accounting firm and a financial advisor at a wealth management firm in the greater Washington, D.C., metro area. McCormick-Goodhart earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and an MBA from Mount St. Mary's University. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential, issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He is also a Certified Financial Planner professional. He is a member of the AICPA, the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA), and the Financial Planning Association (FPA). In his spare time, he enjoys collecting vintage video games, exploring new restaurants, and traveling with his wife, Bethany.
    Contact: Molly Doyle,


    Cal Brown, CFP, MST
    Financial Advisor
    Savant Capital Management
    Brown is a financial advisor in Savant's McLean, Va., office and a member of the advisory team. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the financial planning and investment process for Savant's clients. He routinely meets with clients, advisors, portfolio managers, and planners to determine and coordinate effective planning, investment, and tax strategies. Brown has been working in the financial services industry since 1984. He is the author of the book "When Life Strikes: Weathering Financial Storms." He received his master of science in taxation (MST) at American University in Washington, D.C., and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor's degree in business administration. He is a Certified Financial Planner professional and currently an adjunct professor in the MST program at American University, teaching the estate planning course. He is a member and past chairman of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). The Washingtonian and Northern Virginia magazines named Brown as one of the top financial planners in the greaterWashington, D.C., metro area. Three of his professional articles have been published in the Journal of Financial Planning, and he has written articles appearing in Bloomberg Wealth Manager and Financial Planning magazines. He has appeared on CNBC, Fox 5 D.C., the PBS "Nightly Business Report," WAVA-FM (Washington, D.C.), and News Channel 8 in Washington, D.C. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, Smart Money, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, CNNfn, Financial Planning magazine, Mutual Funds magazine, and InvestmentNews. Prior to its combination with Savant, Brown was an advisor with The Monitor Group for 12 years. He joined Team Savant in June 2012.
    Contact: Molly Doyle,


    David Walters, CFP, CPA
    Portfolio Manager
    Palisades Hudson Financial Group, Portland, Ore.
    Walters can talk about all federal income tax matters, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. As a practicing tax professional, CPA and financial planner, he brings a big-picture view to tax planning and preparation. Palisades Hudson is an independent fee-only wealth manager.
    Contact: Henry Stimpson,


    Bijan Golkar, CFP
    CEO, Senior Advisor
    FPC Investment Advisory, Inc.
    Golkar is a wealth manager and tax preparer with a wealth of knowledge in taxation, from the wealthy to the average lower-middle class. He joined FPC Investment Advisory, Inc. in 2007. Before beginning his career as an investment advisor, he worked as a licensed mortgage broker in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been a licensed tax preparer since 2007 and earned the Certified Financial Planner certification in 2013. He is frequently quoted in national media as an expert on investing and financial planning topics. In addition to his duties as the firm's CEO, Golkar provides comprehensive advice to high-net-worth individuals and families. He often creates and leads teams of legal, accounting and insurance experts to help these clients meet their goals. And he consults with small businesses on buyouts, employee benefits and other matters.
    Expert Contact:


    Robert Barnhill
    Professor of Financial Planning
    Texas Tech University
    Barnhill, a licensed attorney and certified financial planner who has studied tax issues for 30 years, is available to discuss questions related to tax season. He has written several books discussing estate, retirement and individual taxes. He also conducts continuing education courses for tax professionals every year.
    Contact: Heidi Toth,


    Victor Saliterman
    Senior Vice President and General Manager
    ADP's Health Care Reform Business
    Saliterman can provide tips for consumers on how to navigate the new 1095-C tax form. He leads the ADP-wide health care strategy across business units, product management, sales and marketing, service and finance to meet profitability and growth objectives. In addition, he is responsible for leading Added Value Services' emerging Health Care business unit and serves as liaison to the ADP Executive Committee (XCOM) in support of the company's enterprise-wide health care strategy. Saliterman received an MBA in finance from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of Connecticut College. He lives in Mendham, N.J., with his wife Megan and three children.
    Contact: Michael Schneider,

    ProfNet Expert Roundup: Zika Virus

    Friday, February 12, 2016, 11:49 AM [Expert Alerts]
    0 (0 Ratings)

    Below are experts from the ProfNet network that are available to discuss issues related to the Zika virus.

    You can also submit a query to the hundreds of thousands of experts in our network – it's easy and free. Just fill out the query form to get started: To view more ProfNet Expert Alerts and Roundups, click here.

    Zika Virus: Tips for Travelers
    Dyan Summers, NP-C, MPH, CTM
    Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar and Travel Medicine Nurse
    "To date, reported cases of ZIKV in the U.S. have been among people returning from affected countries, meaning they were infected elsewhere. However, there is a lot of misinformation and uncertainty about ZIKV. It's important for the public to be aware of the disease and any proactive measures they can take to limit exposure."
    Contact: Haley Schwartz,

    The Microbiology of the Zika Virus and Preventing Its Spread
    Jonathan Lawson, Ph.D.
    Professor of Biology
    Collin College
    "Based on the microbiology of this infectious disease, there are ways to impact the spread with proactive measures."
    Dr. Lawson has been a professor of biology in the Division of Math and Natural Sciences at Collin County Community College District,Spring Creek Campus, in Plano, Texas, since 2007. He also serves as an Advisor for Wello Inc. In 1998, Dr. Lawson received a B.S. in biology and minor in biochemistry from Baylor University, Waco, Texas; in 2006, he received a Ph.D. in molecular microbiology from theUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He is an authority in core molecular biology techniques.
    ProfNet Profile:
    Contact: Jeannie Lewis,

    Zika Virus
    Thomas Voss, Ph.D.
    Executive Director, Discovery Biology and Senior Director, Infectious Disease Research
    SRI Biosciences
    "Recent recognition of the potential role of Zika infection in microcephaly among babies born to mothers that had Zika infection highlights the need for more intensive focus on 'special populations' that may be particularly vulnerable to negative outcomes from emerging infectious diseases, such as those with underlying disease or special health status such as pregnancy. The rapid expansion of Zika virus-infected mosquitos, and the frequent travel of people and products into and out of endemic areas, significantly heightens the need for increased surveillance, diagnostics and vaccines for Zika and other, related viruses to protect these special populations."
    Dr. Voss is a world-renowned thought leader in infectious disease research, and has deep expertise in virology, immunology, biodefense, and vaccine and antiviral development. His team at SRI Biosciences has already begun directing their expertise and unique tools toward the evaluation of treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics against Zika virus. From 1998 to 2005, Dr. Voss served as vice president of the Homeland Security and Emerging Infectious Disease Division at Southern Research Institute. His postdoctoral training in viral pathogenesis was completed in the Special Pathogens Branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He can discuss the process involved in identifying diagnostics, vaccines and treatments when starting with an emerging threat such as Zika, including what resources are required, what are the steps, and what timeline we can expect.
    ProfNet Profile:
    Contact: Michele Parisi,

    The Zika Virus and Its Spread
    Rik Heller
    Chairman and Founder
    Freshloc Technologies and Wello Inc.
    "Fever screening is a more important capability than ever in times like these. In addition, humidity monitoring could make a difference."
    Heller can discuss the Zika virus and its spread, including how hospitals and public food services can prevent infectious disease, and how temperature monitoring helped prevent the spread of Ebola virus in Dallas.
    ProfNet Profile:
    Contact: Jeannie Lewis,

    The Zika Virus
    Mugur Geana
    Associate Professor of Strategic Communications, Director of the Center for Excellence in Health Communications to Underserved Populations
    University of Kansas
    "I think perceived risk is the number one issue. Brazil seems a remote place for many Americans, and things happening there don't strike as having a possible impact at home. Nothing can be further from the truth. Let's not forget that we have had cases of Dengue in the southern areas of the United States and in Hawaii, and the Aedes aegypti mosquito is endemic in Mexico and the Caribbean. Those are the same mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus, so we already have a fertile ground for that infectious agent to come to the U.S., mostly through travelers that have acquired the virus abroad. Nevertheless, because continental U.S. doesn't have a significant presence of Aedes aegypti, secondary transmission from those infected overseas is less likely. At least that was the case for Dengue, according to the CDC. That doesn't mean we should be less vigilant or that we should ignore this threat, especially those travelling abroad."
    Based in Kansas, Geana can discuss Zika, the mosquito-borne virus affecting Brazil, media coverage of the disease, response by the government, CDC and WHO, communications as key to prevention in poverty-stricken areas and more. He is fluent in Spanish.
    Contact: Mike Krings,

    The Role of Humidity in Fighting Infectious Disease
    Dr. Shelley Weiss
    Pediatrician and Family Physician
    Wello Inc. and Medical City
    "People don't always realize the importance of humidity in fighting infectious disease, but properly monitored along with temperature, it helps to reduce the spread of sepsis and infectious disease."
    Dr. Weiss is available to answer questions about vaccinations, including: What are the risks? What can we do to keep our children healthier and well? How can a school prevent the spread of infectious disease? Can we impact whether our children get allergies that make them more susceptible to infectious disease?
    Dr. Weiss has a medical degree from Rush University in Chicago, and his residency was at Children's Medical Center ofDallas/University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He is a board certified pediatrician, and was elected Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2004. After starting his own practice in North Dallas in 2004, he was joined by his wife, a family physician. He is affiliated with Medical City Dallas Hospital and has been a practicing pediatrician for 16 years. He is also an advisor for Wello Inc.
    Contact: Jeannie Lewis,

    Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease
    Murray Cohen, Ph.D.
    Advisory Board Chairman, Wello Inc.
    President, Frontline Healthcare Workers Safety Foundation
    "Stopping disease spread in the U.S. alone could have a great impact on the country, and thereby the world."
    Dr. Cohen is available to discuss preventing the spread of infectious disease, including what hospitals are doing to prevent infectious disease among staff and patients; the importance of humidity in preventing infectious disease; the threat of bioterrorism and the precautions being taken by the government; and preventing the spread of infectious disease during surgery and recovery. A certified industrial hygienist, Dr. Cohen is an internationally recognized expert in occupationally transmitted infectious diseases, risk assessment, and biosafety/biosecurity. He sees healthcare through a global perspective and is an expert on epidemiology. He currently serves as the executive director of the National Biosafety & Biocontainment Training Program, is a voting member of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, and serves on the Federal Interagency Expert Panel for Anthrax Spore Efficacy Test Methods and Surrogates. He consults for the NIH, as well as several other U.S. and foreign government agencies, and for the World Health Organization. He is based in Fort Worth, Texas.
    ProfNet Profile:
    Contact: Jeannie Lewis,

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    Influential Media Outlets That Used ProfNet in 2015

    Monday, January 18, 2016, 2:20 PM [ProfNet]
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    Whether you're a reporter, blogger, author or other content creator, ProfNet can help you with your search for expert sources. Send a query to tens of thousands of experts and PR agents, or get timely experts and story ideas by email. Both are free! Need help getting started? Email us at

    ProfNet has been helping journalists and experts connect for more than 20 years. In that time, we have seen queries from just about every type of outlet imaginable – from newspapers and magazines to radio shows and blogs. And while the media times are always changing, there are still a great many stories being written, and writers still need expert sources.

    Here is a sampling of some of the influential media outlets that used ProfNet last year:

    News Services/Agencies
    24/7 News Source
    American Media Institute
    Associated Press
    Associated Reporters Abroad
    Catholic News Service
    Cronkite News Service
    EFE News (Spain)
    Evangelical Press Association
    Fars News Agency
    Medill News Service
    Morris News Service
    NYCity News Service
    Scripps Howard News Service
    Senior Wire News Service

    General News
    AARP The Magazine
    Affect Magazine
    Al-Jazeera English
    American Legion Magazine
    American Profile's Community Table
    American Spirit magazine
    Atlanta Magazine
    Axess Magazine (Sweden)
    Baltimore magazine
    BBC News
    Bloomberg News
    Canadian Jewish News
    CBS News
    Center for Investigative Reporting
    Christian Science Monitor
    Consumer Reports
    Consumers Digest
    Daily Beast
    Epoch Times
    Equal Times
    FOX News
    FOX News Latino
    gbtimes (Finland)
    Huffington Post
    Indian Country Today
    Indy Week
    Internationella Studier (Sweden)
    Jewish Exponent
    Jewish Journal
    La Opinion
    Mint Press News
    Mother Jones Magazine
    MSN Latino
    NBC News
    New Republic
    New York Magazine
    Nieman Reports
    Parade's Community Table
    Raycom News Network
    Reader's Digest
    Smithsonian Magazine
    Southeast Asia Globe Magazine
    Stateline/Pew Charitable Trusts
    The Atlantic
    The Weather Channel
    U.S. News & World Report
    Voice of OC (CA)
    Yahoo en Español
    Yahoo News

    Abilene Reporter-News (TX)
    Albany Times Union (NY)
    Altoona Mirror (PA)
    Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
    Anton Media Group
    Arizona Republic
    Asbury Park Press (NJ)
    Asheville Citizen-Times (NC)
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Austin American-Statesman (TX)
    Bakersfield Californian
    Baltimore Post-Examiner
    Baltimore Sun
    Baton Rouge Advocate (LA)
    Bay Area News Group (CA)
    Belleville News-Democrat (IL)
    Bend Bulletin (OR)
    Billings Gazette (MT)
    Birmingham News (AL)
    Boca Raton Tribune (FL)
    Boston Globe
    Boulder Weekly (CO)
    Buffalo News (NY)
    Canby Herald (OR)
    Cascadia Weekly (WA)
    Charleston Post and Courier (SC)
    Charlotte Observer (NC)
    Chicago Tribune
    Cincinnati Enquirer
    Citizen-Times (NC)
    City Paper Bogotá (Colombia)
    Clay Today (FL)
    Coeur d’Alene Press (ID)
    Colorado Springs Gazette
    Columbus Dispatch (OH)
    Columbus Messenger (OH)
    Contra Costa Times (CA)
    Corpus Christi Caller-Times (TX)
    Daily American (PA)
    Daily Campus (TX)
    Daily Gazette (NY)
    Daily Herald (IL)
    Daily Journal (CA)
    Daily News (NY)
    Daily News-Sun (AZ)
    Daily Pennsylvanian
    Dallas Morning News
    Denver Post
    Desert Leaf (AZ)
    Detroit Free Press
    Detroit News
    Eagle News (FL)
    Eagle-Tribune (MA)
    El Heraldo (Colombia)
    El Paso Times (TX)
    El Tiempo (Colombia)
    Elizabethtown Advocate (PA)
    Elk Grove News (CA)
    Erickson Tribune
    Florida Times-Union
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
    Free Lance-Star (VA)
    Gallup Independent (NM)
    Galveston County Daily News (TX)
    Globe and Mail (Canada)
    Globe Pequot Press (CT)
    Greenville Journal (SC)
    Greenville News (SC)
    Guardian (U.S.)
    Guardian (UK)
    Herald Times (IN)
    Herald-Dispatch (WV)
    Het Financieele Dagblad (The Netherlands)
    Houston Chronicle
    Independent Tribune (NC)
    Indiana Chronicle
    Jerusalem Post
    Jewish Exponent
    Jewish Journal
    Journal Record (OK)
    Khmer Times (Cambodia)
    Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Le Monde (France)
    Lexington Herald-Leader (KY)
    Lincoln County Dispatch (OR)
    Lodi News-Sentinel (CA)
    Los Angeles Times
    McAllen Monitor (TX)
    Miami Herald
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Mineola American (NY)
    Minneapolis Star Tribune
    Morning Call (PA)
    Mountain Mail (CO)
    New Orleans/Baton Rouge Advocate
    New York Observer
    New York Post
    New York Times
    News & Record (NC)
    News International (Pakistan)
    Newsday (NY)
    News Journal (DE)
    Nob Hill Gazette (CA)
    North Dallas Gazette
    Northern Express (MI)
    Orange County Register (CA)
    Orlando Sentinel (FL)
    Ottawa Citizen
    Palm Beach Post (FL)
    Patriot Ledger (MA)
    Perfil Newspaper (Argentina)
    Philadelphia Daily News
    Philadelphia Inquirer
    Philadelphia Metro
    Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia)
    Pineapple Newspaper (FL)
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Pocono Record (PA)
    Port Huron Times Herald (MI)
    Portland Business Journal (OR)
    Portland Tribune (OR)
    Post and Courier (SC)
    Post-Tribune (IN)
    Poughkeepsie Journal (NY)
    Press-Enterprise (CA)
    Providence Journal (RI)
    Pueblo Chieftain (CO)
    Raleigh Public Record (NC)
    Reading Eagle (PA)
    Record-Searchlight (CA)
    Sacramento Bee (CA)
    Sakal Times (India)
    San Antonio Express-News
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal (CA)
    San Francisco Chronicle
    San Jose Mercury News (CA)
    Santa Barbara News-Press (CA)
    Santa Maria Times (CA)
    Savannah Morning News (GA)
    Seattle Times
    South China Morning Post
    South Washington County Bulletin (MN)
    Southlake Style (TX)
    St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN)
    Standard-Times (MA)
    Star-Ledger (NJ)
    Star-Telegram (TX)
    Statesman Journal (OR)
    Sun Chronicle (MA)
    Sun Journal (ME)
    Sun News (SC)
    Sun-Sentinel (FL)
    Sunday Times of London
    Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)
    Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
    Tampa Tribune (FL)
    Telluride Daily Planet (CO)
    Texas Jewish Post
    The Columbian (WA)
    The Courier (OH)
    The Ledger (FL)
    The Oregonian
    The Record (CA)
    The Record (NJ)
    The Repository (OH)
    The Statesman (MN)
    The Tennessean
    Times Herald (MI)
    Times of Israel
    Times of Northwest Indiana
    Times Union (NY)
    Times-Picayune (LA)
    Toronto Globe and Mail
    Toronto Observer
    Toronto Star
    Traverse City Business News (MI)
    Tribune-Democrat (PA)
    Tribune-Review (PA)
    Tyler Morning Telegraph (TX)
    USA Today
    Ventura County Star (CA)
    Village Voice (NY)
    Villages Daily Sun (FL)
    Wall Street Journal
    Washington Post
    Wilmington Star-News (NC)
    York Daily Record (PA)
    York Dispatch (PA)

    Broadcast (Radio/TV) Outlets
    77 WABC Radio's “Mind Your Business”
    980 WCAP-AM (MA)
    ABC 20 KDNL-TV St. Louis
    ABC San Diego
    ABC2 News (MD)
    American Business TV
    Army Wife Network
    BYU Radio (UT)
    Better TV
    Bloomberg TV
    Canal 13/Todo Noticias (Argentina)
    CBS Chicago
    CBS Washington, D.C.
    CBS Radio
    Clear Channel Radio
    Daytime TV
    Deutsche Welle (Germany)
    Faces of Success Radio
    Flight 33 Productions
    Fox 5 WNYW (NY)
    Fox 6 WITI Milwaukee
    Free Speech Radio News
    Fresh Outlook
    Georgia Public Broadcasting
    History Channel
    Inside Edition
    KBIA (MO)
    KFBK-AM (CA)
    KGO-AM 810 (CA)
    King Features Syndicate
    KJZZ News (AZ)
    Knoxville News Sentinel (TN)
    KQED (CA)
    KTVU FOX 2 News (CA)
    KVNO (NE)
    Lifetime Movie Network
    Michigan Entrepreneur TV
    Nashville Public Radio
    NBC Connecticut
    NBC New York
    NET News (NE)
    Newsradio WGAN
    NY1 News
    Oregon Public Broadcasting
    Pawn Chick Radio
    PBS NewsHour
    Progressive Radio Network
    Prometheus Entertainment
    Public Square Films
    Punched in the Head Productions
    Radio Ciudad (Argentina)
    Radio Free Brooklyn
    San Diego 6
    Spike TV
    Sports Palooza Radio
    Strictly Marketing Talk Radio
    The California Report
    The Money Pit
    Price of Business Radio Show
    The Sean Green Show
    Voice of America
    WarReady Podcast by SocialSpurs
    WBHM (AL)
    WBUR (MA)
    WCFO-AM NewsTalk 1160 (GA)
    WCPO-TV (OH)
    Weld for Birmingham (AL)
    WFMY News 2 (NC)
    WGCU (FL)
    WGN Radio (IL)
    WHYY (PA)
    WKBN (OH)
    WKLB (MA)
    WOSU-AM (OH)
    WPIX TV (NY)
    WUSB 90.1 FM (NY)
    WUTC 88.1 FM (TN)
    WVUE/FOX 8 News (LA)
    WXTV 41 Univision (NY)
    Yle News (Finnish Broadcasting Company)

    Air Cargo Focus
    Aviation for Women Magazine
    Car Biz Today
    Fleet Owner
    Freight Business Journal North America
    Four Wheeler magazine
    Leftlane News
    Material Handling & Logistics magazine
    Modern WorkTruck Solutions
    Motor Finance
    Motorworld Magazine
    MyFord Magazine
    Repairer Driven News
    Roadkill Magazine
    RV PRO
    Seaports Magazine
    The Parking Professional
    Trains Magazine
    Transport Topics
    Transportation & Logistics International
    Westlaw Journal Aviation
    Yahoo Autos

    Banking/Finance/Personal Finance News
    401(k) Specialist magazine
    929 Media
    ABA Banking Journal
    Accredited Investor Markets
    ADP Insights
    AFP Exchange Magazine
    Alert Investor
    American Banker
    Argus Media
    Avalara TrustFile
    Bank Director magazine
    Banker & Tradesman
    Best's Insurance News & Analysis
    Best's Review
    Beyond Insurance Magazine
    Bloomberg's Ventured&Gained
    California Broker Magazine
    CBS MoneyWatch
    Consumer Reports Money Adviser
    CPA Canada
    Credit Union Management Magazine
    Credit Union Times
    Debtwire Municipals
    Dentist's Money Digest
    Destino Negocio (Brazil)
    Dinero (Colombia)
    Equifax Finance Blog
    Financial Advisor IQ
    Financial Advisor Magazine
    Financial Times
    Fiscal Times
    Franklin Prosperity Report
    Fund Strategy magazine
    FX Week
    Global Finance Magazine
    Global Payroll
    Global Trade
    Goal Investor
    H&R Block's Block Talk
    Hedge Fund Law Report
    Impact Magazine
    Informa Global Markets
    Institutional Investor
    Insurance & Financial Meetings Management
    Insurance Business Magazine
    Insurance Networking News
    International Business Times' Millennial Money
    Investment & Pensions
    Investor's Business Daily
    Lafferty News
    Market Watch magazine
    Money magazine
    Money's Edge
    Motley Fool
    My Credit Health Consumer Library
    National Notary magazine
    National Underwriter
    News & Stories from Chase
    Nikei Asian Review
    On Wall Street
    PIA Magazine
    PlanSponsor magazine
    PlanAdviser magazine
    PNC Bank Website
    Profit Magazine
    Prudential Personal Insights
    Seeking Alpha
    Smart New Income
    Tax Analysts
    Tax Notes Today
    TCF Bank Newsletter
    The Deal
    Thrivent magazine
    Ticker Tape
    TurboTax Blog
    Westlaw Journal Derivatives
    Westlaw Journal Insurance Coverage
    Wise Bread

    Beauty/Fashion/Textile News
    Beauty High
    Beauty News NYC
    BELLA New York
    CEW Beauty Insider
    Das Rock Haus blog
    Dayspa Magazine
    Discover Beauty Within
    Fashion 360 Magazine
    Hat Life
    Laundry Ledger
    Livid Magazine
    Skin Inc.
    Smart Beauty Guide
    Soap, Perfumery, Cosmetics Magazine
    Spa Standard
    Vanichi Magazine
    Women's Wear Daily

    Business/Industry News
    1851 Franchise magazine
    Advantage Magazine (Canada)
    Advertising Week
    AMA Quarterly
    American Express OPEN Forum
    American Metal Market
    ANA Magazine
    AOL Jobs
    Architecture & Governance Magazine
    Area Development Magazine
    ASSEMBLY Magazine
    Association Conventions & Facilities Magazine
    Backing America’s Backbone
    Bank of America Small Business Community
    BCA Insider
    Bicycle Retailer & Industry News
    Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East
    BMA Buzz
    Boston Business Journal
    Branding Beat
    Bulldog Reporter
    Business & Employment News Network
    Business Insider
    Business News Americas
    Business Travel Executive
    BusinessWoman magazine
    Campaign (UK)
    Career Beat
    CEO Blog Nation
    CEO Communications (South Africa)
    CFO Magazine
    CFO Thought Leader
    Chief Executive Magazine
    China Business Network Weekly
    China Daily
    Chronicle of Philanthropy
    Club Staffing News
    Communications of the ACM
    Compliance Week
    Comstock’s Magazine
    Content Marketing Institute
    Convenience Store Decisions magazine
    Convenience Store News
    Corp! magazine
    Corporate Compliance Insights
    Corporate Secretary
    Crain's 5boros
    Crain's Chicago Business
    Crain's New York Business
    CRM Magazine
    Customer Experience Report
    Delivered: The Global Logistics Magazine
    Direct Marketing News
    Diversity in Action
    Diversity Woman
    Economist Intelligence Unit
    EContent Magazine
    eLuminate Entrepreneur Network
    Employment Alert
    Entreprise et Carrieres
    Equal Opportunity Magazine
    Executive Insight
    Fast Company
    Federal Credit Union Magazine
    Floral Management magazine
    Florida Trend
    Forbes Insights
    Franchising Today
    Harvard Business Review
    HR Dive
    HR Executive Magazine
    Human Resource Executive
    Inc. magazine
    Industrial Weigh & Measure
    Industry Edge
    Insight Magazine (UAE)
    Insigniam Quarterly
    International Business Times
    Internet Retailer
    Independent Gasoline Marketing magazine
    KM World
    Leader's Edge
    Leading Edge Magazine
    Lioness Magazine
    Management Today
    Manufacturing & Distribution Executive
    Meetings Focus
    Merger Market
    Middle Market Executive
    Middle Market Growth
    Middle Market Thought Leader
    MidJersey Business Magazine
    Mini-Storage Messenger magazine
    Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
    National Center for the Middle Market
    National Federation of Independent Business
    Nearshore Americas
    New Jersey Meetings + Events Magazine
    OfficePro Magazine
    Package Design Magazine
    Paper and Packaging International
    Paytech: Global Payroll
    Pennsylvania Meetings + Events Magazine
    Philadelphia Business Journal
    PR for People The Connector magazine
    Recruiter Rx
    Response Magazine
    Retail Customer Experience
    Retail Leader
    Retail Leader Supply Chain Insights
    Retailing Insight
    Robert Half Management Resources Blog
    RT Insights
    Safety Outlook
    Shopper Marketing Magazine
    SHRM Online
    Small Business Digest
    Small Business Professor
    Small Business Trends
    Smart Business
    Solution Providers for Retail
    Spark Business IQ
    Specialty Fabrics Review
    Staffing Decisions
    Startup Magazine
    Store Brands Magazine
    Stores Magazine
    Strategic Communications
    Strategic HR Review
    Strictly Marketing Magazine
    Success Magazine
    Supply Chain Insights
    Supply Chain World
    Talent Management Magazine
    Texas Meetings Events
    The Glass Hammer
    The Holmes Report
    Time Warner Cable Business Class News
    TJE American Business Magazine
    Tobacco Business International
    Training magazine
    Upstate Business Journal
    Venture Capital Journal
    Vows magazine
    WeWork Magazine
    Wholesale and Distribution International
    Wisconsin Meetings magazine
    Workforce Diversity
    Workforce magazine
    Worship Facilities Designer

    Education News
    Campus News
    Chronicle of Higher Education
    College Recruiter
    Community College Campus News
    Community College Week
    Currents magazine
    District Administration
    Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
    EdTech: Focus on K-12
    Education Dive
    Education Post
    Education World
    eSchool Media
    Hispanic Outlook Magazine
    Inside Higher Ed
    International Educator
    Junior Scholastic
    National Business Education Association
    New York Times Upfront
    Scholastic Parent & Child
    Scholastic Storyworks
    School Reform News
    School Webmasters
    Smart School House
    The CE Campus
    The Hechinger Report
    Times Higher Education (UK)
    University Business
    USA Today Back to School

    Energy/Environment News
    American Gas Magazine
    American Recycler
    Breaking Energy
    CSP Magazine
    Energy & Mining International
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    Fuel Marketer News
    Independent Gasoline Marketing magazine
    InsideClimate News
    International Renewable Energy Magazine
    Mother Nature Network
    National Oil and Lube News
    Natural Choice Network
    Natural Gas Trade Magazine
    NRDC Switchboard
    Oil & Gas Monitor
    Platts Energy Economist
    Propane Energy Update
    Public Utilities Fortnightly
    Recycling Today
    Sierra magazine
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    Wind Systems Magazine
    World Mining magazine

    Entertainment/Media/Sports News
    Big Picture magazine
    CANVAS magazine
    Entertainment Weekly
    InTouch Rugby
    NCAA Champion magazine
    New England Ski Journal
    Paste Magazine
    People Magazine
    Runner's World
    Running Times
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    TV Insider
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    Food/Beverage/Agriculture News Food & Beverage
    Bar Business Magazine
    Beverage Dynamics magazine
    Cheers magazine
    Cheese Traveller
    Dairy Foods
    Daily Meal
    Deli Business
    Draft Magazine
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    ERB Magazine
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    Food & Beverage magazine
    Food & Beverage Magazine: Hotels
    Food & Wine
    Food & Wine: FWx
    Food and Drink International
    Food Dive
    Food Fanatics
    Food Mexico y Yo magazine
    Food Service Director Magazine
    Foodism Toronto
    FSR Magazine
    Le Pan: The Art of Fine Wine Living
    Mid-Atlantic Brewing News
    Modern Restaurant Management
    National Culinary Review
    National Provisioner
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    Official Website for Chef Robert Irvine
    Pizza Marketplace
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    Progressive Grocer
    QSR magazine
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    Toque Magazine
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    Zester Daily

    Health/Fitness News
    302 Health magazine
    ACEP Now
    ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory
    ADVANCE for Nurses
    ADVANCE for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine
    ADVANCE for Speech and Hearing
    AFB AccessWorld Magazine
    AGD Impact
    Age Management Medicine
    Allied Health World
    American Healthline
    American Mobile Healthcare
    AMMG e-Journal
    Arthritis Today
    Audiology Worldnews
    Baylor Innovations magazine
    Behavioral Healthcare Magazine
    Bottom Line Health
    California Health Report
    California Healthy Living Magazine
    Caring Magazine
    Chicago Health magazine
    Chiropractic Economics
    Chronic Disease Fund Blog
    Clinical Researcher
    Cosmetic Surgery Times
    Counselor Magazine
    CVS Caremark's Belonging Newsletter
    CVS Caremark's Grow With Us Newsletter
    CVS Caremark's PH Messenger
    Del-Immune Health Blog
    Dentist's Money Digest
    Dermatology Times
    Diabetes Self-Management
    Diabetic Lifestyle
    Diabetic Living
    Diet Detective
    Dietary Supplement News
    DOTmed HealthCare Business News
    E-Journal of Age Management Medicine
    ENT Today
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    Everyday Health
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    HemOnc Today
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    IDEA Health & Fitness
    Infection Control Today
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    Integrated Healthcare Delivery Magazine
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    McKnight's Long-Term Care News
    MD Magazine
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    Retail Pharmacy (Australia)
    RT: For Decision Makers in Respiratory Care
    Salonpas Blog
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    Student Health 101
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    The Rheumatologist
    Today's Dietitian
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    Westlaw Journal Health Care Fraud
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    Law/Government/Politics News
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    Travel/Hospitality News Business Travel
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    Where did your experts pop up last month? If you have a success story to share, drop me a line at with “Success Story” in the subject line. Or “like” our Facebook page and leave your success story on our wall, and you might see your picture/logo on the big screen in Times Square!

    Not getting ProfNet queries? Email with your contact info, and we’ll send you details on how you can become a ProfNet member and get publicity for your experts.

    Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 12:56 PM [General]
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    It’s my favorite time of year -- time for all the “best of 2015” lists. We had a lot of fantastic content on ProfNet Connect this year, but we know you’ve been busy and might have missed a few posts here and there. So, to recap the year, here are the top 10 blog posts of 2015:

    Pitching to National Morning and Daytime TV Talk Shows.
    The Publicity Club of New York held a fantastic panel luncheon featuring some of the most prominent journalists in daytime television: Debbie Kosofsky, senior producer (food), "Today"; Melissa Lonner, senior talent executive, “The Meredith Vieira Show”; Jesse Rodriguez, senior producer, “Morning Joe”; Carl Leibowitz, booking producer, “Wake Up With Al”; and Sarah Kunin, senior producer, “Good Morning America." Here are some highlights from the luncheon:

    How to Turn a Reporter off With Just Five Words. If you were on Twitter in mid-August, you might have seen tweets with the hashtag #sourcefromhellin5words. The brainchild of Linda Formichelli, co-founder of The Renegade Writer and, the hashtag gave writers the opportunity to share five-word phrases that make them never want to interview a source again. We put together a roundup of some of the top phrases shared by writers:

    Using Social Media to Land Writing Gigs and Make Money. As writers become more familiar with multimedia storytelling, social media has developed into a powerful tool to gather an audience and promote content -- that is, if you know how to use it. At the ASJA Writers Conference, five journalists shared their experiences with social media and how they use it to their advantage:

    A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Google News Lab. Realizing that ways of creating and sharing news changes constantly, Google released News Lab, an online network that aims to connect journalists with programs, data and other resources to aid in their reporting. We sat down with Daniel Sieberg, head of media outreach with Google News Lab, to find out more:

    Pitching to National and Local Morning Talk Shows. The final Publicity Club of New York panel luncheon of 2015 featured some of the top producers in national and local morning talk television: Siobhan Schanda, supervising talent producer, “The Wendy Williams Show"; Jessica Cohen, senior producer, “Good Day New York”; Scott Easton, producer, “Live with Kelly & Michael”; and Marcia Parris, senior producer, “PIX Morning News.” You can read highlights from the luncheon here:

    A Conversation With CNBC’s Kerima Greene. What does it take to get your brand, story or executive on TV? Is it magic, luck or actual hard work, and does it have to be tied to a big trend or news of the day? Today on ProfNet Connect, Elizabeth Yekhtikian of InkHouse shared her conversation with Kerima Greene, Senior Talent & News Producer for CNBC's “Power Lunch”:

    Meet the Media: Medical/Health Reporters. The Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society of Greater New York held a panel discussion with medical/health care reporters and producers from WNYC, Medpage Today, CBS Evening News, Wall Street Journal and more. The panelists discussed the beats they cover, how they choose certain stories, the best ways to work with them, and much more:

    There’s No Place Like Newsrooms for the Holidays. Contrary to popular belief, all the media wants for Christmas is a public relations pitch. That may be a bit of an overstatement, but reporters, editors and producers staffing the newsroom for the holidays generally welcome a good lead on a unique story idea. That's particularly true as hard news often slows to a trickle despite all the hustle and bustle of the season. Here are a few tips for a successful holiday pitch strategy:

    8 Writing Tools for Faster, Professional Content. Today’s content cycle moves at breakneck speed, and a writer’s mind is never at rest. Fortunately, there are tools available that make the writing process easier every step of the way, from jotting down notes and editing, to finding sources and multimedia. Here are some of our favorites:

    Journalist Spotlight. There are a lot of articles out there on what PR professionals should and shouldn't do when pitching the media. Each month, via our Journalist Spotlight series, we find out straight from the journalists themselves. This year, we caught up with Sean Powers of Georgia Public Broadcasting, Mike Fitzgerald of the Belleville News-Democrat, Laurie Mason Schroeder of The Morning Call, Thomson Reuters’ Melissa Sachs, George Putic of Voice of America, and more. Check out all of this year’s Journalist Spotlight posts here:

    Want to see more? Check out the Blogs section of ProfNet Connect to view all of the blog posts from this year, and keep an eye out for some great ones coming in 2015. Happy new year to all!

    Whether you're a reporter, blogger, author or other content creator, ProfNet can help you with your search for expert sources. The best part? It’s easy and free! Send a query to tens of thousands of experts and PR professionals in the ProfNet network.

    ProfNet Success Story: Alexander Ruggie, 911 Restoration

    Thursday, December 17, 2015, 1:41 PM [Success Stories]
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    For this month’s featured success story, we catch up with Alexander Ruggie, PR director for 911 Restoration, a home restoration company that specializes in water damage and disaster recovery solutions.

    911 Restoration was featured in a Chicago Tribune article earlier this year (Sale Away: Tenacity, Knowledge and People Skills Drive Best Reps) after Ruggie replied to a ProfNet query.

    “We’ve had other publication successes, but the Chicago Tribune piece was especially important to me because I grew up in Chicago reading this paper,” said Ruggie.

    Some of the other publications 911 Restoration has been featured in as a result of ProfNet queries include Chief Executive Magazine, CMSWire, Military Transition News, and Middle Market Thought Leader.

    With so many success under his belt, we asked Ruggie to share some insight and advice for his fellow PR professionals:

    Alexander, how do you choose which ProfNet queries to respond to each day?

    I choose ProfNet queries to respond to based off my expertise, or that of the people I represent for the questions being asked. This is done in concert with the potential return on time investment relative to the source of the question. Put simply, if I know a lot about what is being asked in the query, then I will respond with my expertise or that of my clients, but I do so aiming as high as possible, and this is also where the resources go in terms of time spent on each question.

    What do you include in a typical response?

    My responses always include a short bio of myself as an intro to what I will be talking about. I find that this is a nice segue into the topic, and it also gives some credibility to my words, so that a reporter with an inbox jammed full of responses will recognize that mine is trustworthy.

    After the intro portion of my response, I dive directly into how I can help them with whatever the query topic is. I don’t waste time with conjecture and I get straight to the facts of the situation as I see them.

    I also take the subject line of the reporter’s query and use it as the subject line of the email I am sending out. I find (and have talked with reporters who agree) that by doing this, it gives them the ability to easily search for the topic in their inbox. This helps when reporters are working on multiple stories at once, making it easy to find the sources they need because they don’t have to go hunting through emails. Instead, they simply put their own question back into the search field and (hopefully) my response is at the top of the list.

    I also always sign off my responses with an offer to provide the information that has been sought in more detail through whatever means needed, whether that is a phone interview, answering follow-up email questions or putting them in touch with an expert in my company who can provide more information.

    I also tell everyone to have a great day. As much as we may use ProfNet for business purposes, I think adding a human element to the end of the conversation makes people realize that we are all trying to help each other, and sometimes that just means being told to have a nice day.

    Do you have tips for others for responding to ProfNet queries?

    Start with the truth. That starts within. If you like the title of a query but open it up and find you are woefully underqualified to answer it, don’t. If you are highly overqualified and the query is slightly out of the scope of your business realm, indicate that, but answer it anyway and provide your expertise. This will not only help the reporter out in the instance, but it will potentially help you the next time that reporter does something that is within your business purview. They will remember how helpful you were and hopefully return the favor.

    Don’t be afraid to aim high. As you can see, this works out quite well sometimes, because the best approach is to give your best every time you respond to a query.

    Try to avoid giving trite or easily Google-able answers to a query. If it were that easy, your expertise wouldn’t be sought after. If you can Google it, so can they. So, if you respond, make sure it comes from not only a place of confidence, but also authority on the subject.

    Know your audience. Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly or a bit serious depending on the query. Sometimes the query will be more playful, and that should engender a playful response. If the post is serious, then you should probably return with a serious response.

    Avoid shock-and-awe subject lines. We’ve all done this from time to time when we are too excited to think it through. It’s best to put the subject of the query as the subject of your email, unless the reporter requests otherwise. Subject lines such as “Legitimate Sighting of Loch Ness Monster” may get you noticed, but it might also get your email blocked.

    Thanks so much, Alexander!

    If you’re a writer, reporter, producer, blogger or any other type of content creator, find out how ProfNet can help you find the sources you need, whether they’re experts or “real people.” Just go to to get started or go directly to the journalist query form to submit your query.

    And if you have a ProfNet success story to share, let us know and you might see your smiling face on the Times Square sign!

    Career Trends and Tips for 2016

    Thursday, December 17, 2015, 10:37 AM [#ConnectChat]
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    Are you looking for a new career in communications for 2016?

    We recently hosted a Twitter Q&A on career trends and tips, featuring Ferrol Lipton, founder and president of FlipIntros, an executive recruiting and consulting firm. Lipton shared her insight on traits employers are looking for, résumé tips, what to do – and, more importantly, not do – during interviews, and much more.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    What hiring trends are you seeing for the PR market in 2016?

    There’s a strong need for business development and talented writers for content development, especially for PR firms. Digital experience is also big, with smaller companies expanding their PR teams and hiring their first integrated marketer.

    What are some of the main traits employers look for in future talent?

    Strong writing, solid pitching skills, strategic thinking and a solid work ethic. Companies are looking for a roll-up-your-sleeves type of person, someone who can get things done with a smile and is a major team player. They want someone with a positive personality that wants to learn, a self-starter, focused, and a potential leader and long-term hire.

    What’s your best advice for anyone looking for a new job opportunity in the PR industry?

    Network! Too many dynamic PR professionals forget to tell others who know how talented they are that they’re looking! Use tools like LinkedIn, attend strategic events where your future bosses may be, find recruiters you really trust. And always trust your gut while interviewing -- a major salary increase doesn't always equal a great long-term culture fit.

    What are PR/marketing job seekers overlooking when looking for new job opportunities?

    Many great publicists don’t build up their own social media brand and lose touch with great contacts from their network. For example, your LinkedIn profile should always be updated, and use Twitter to network with influencers and build new relationships.

    What are some tips for recent college grads trying to land their first PR job with barely any experience?

    • Get creative and set up informational interviews.
    • Be open to jobs where you’ll have a true mentor and learn a ton. Get prepared to do plenty of grunt work to learn.
    • Be open to an executive assistant or reception role to get a foot in the door.
    • Create a social media brand on LinkedIn and Twitter.
    • Use connections like Greek life and college alumni to network.
    • Be very open-minded to a PR internship that can be invaluable to your career and lead to a full-time job. Many PR firms take interns.

    Let’s talk about résumés and cover letters. Which stand out for you and clients?

    Those that show you really did your research and convey why you should be brought in to interview. Too many people just cut and paste the info. Hiring managers can tell that in two seconds.

    What are the biggest do’s and don’ts when it comes to résumés?

    Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, and make sure all tenses and fonts are accurate. Tailor the résumé to a job opening with specific relevant examples (e.g., PR clients) and create custom cover letters. And always bring copies to interviews.

    Are there any specific fonts or types of paper that are more attractive to use than others?

    Go with classic fonts -- nothing too over-the-top. Use conservative-colored paper as well -- off white. Ivory works too.

    What are some not-so-obvious jobs skills that job seekers in the communications industry should have?

    Public speaking, Photoshop, SEO practices. Communications jobs are so integrated today. You want to highlight any special skills. Do you speak another language? Include that. Stand out!

    Ok, so you’ve landed your dream job interview. What are some do’s and don’ts for the interview itself?

    • Research the company and the role, and be able to articulate your experience related to that role.
    • Research, in detail, who you’re meeting with. You may have a friend in common, or maybe you went to the same college.
    • Know anyone who works or worked at the company? Speak with them about the corporate culture, etc.
    • Think of questions that show you’re passionate about the job.
    • If one of your responsibilities will be to pitch, bring clips.
    • Dress like you want the job -- no wrinkled shirts under a great suit, no messy hair.
    • Don’t show up an hour early. Show up on time.
    • Never say negative things about past employers.
    • Don’t bring up salary right away.
    • Sleep and eat well before!

    Bottom line: Never make an interviewer feel you just want a job. Show how passionate you are about that job and why they must hire you!

    Communications Career Trends and Tips for 2016

    Monday, December 14, 2015, 10:50 AM [#ConnectChat]
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    Is your New Year’s resolution to either reach the next level in your career or even to find a new one? If so, then you won’t want to miss our final Twitter chat of the year, scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 15, from 3 to 4 p.m. EST.

    Ferrol Lipton, founder and president of FlipIntros LLC, an executive recruiting and consulting firm, will share her insight on the types of communications roles that are most in demand, traits employers are looking for, advice for job seekers and new grads on how to land their dream job, and more.

    Participating in the chat is easy -- just follow the #ConnectChat hashtag. We’ll start the chat off with a few questions for Ferrol, but you can jump in at any time with your own questions. Just make sure to use the #ConnectChat hashtag at the end of your tweet.

    About Ferrol
    Ferrol Lipton is the founder and president of FlipIntros LLC, a recruitment leader in the communications arena. FlipIntros partners with companies to help them hire efficient talent in the communications, digital, public relations and marketing world. Lipton’s search firm is based in NYC and works mostly on searches throughout the United States. Before creating FlipIntros, Lipton held corporate business development and sales management roles for 13 years. She realized her calling as a passionate business matchmaker after beginning her sales career at PR Newswire. She also plans and implements strategic networking events where she actively serves as the connector. She tweets about current job searches, job search tips and networking events at @Flipintros.

    When not introducing talent to her clients, Lipton is busy spinning, attending Broadway shows, visiting museums, traveling, and exploring new restaurants, especially ones with amazing desserts. She has been known to connect dynamic people she has randomly encountered on her daily adventures.

    How to Pitch and Perform on Network News

    Monday, December 7, 2015, 12:47 PM [General]
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    Becoming a panelist on TV is not easy, but there are strategies you can use to increase your chances of reaching the right producers – and to showcase your skills and be featured again.

    Here are eight quick tips for getting on TV, courtesy of Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel, founder of Reel Media Group:

    1) “Don’t suck!” Having a good on-camera presence doesn’t come naturally to everyone and you have one shot, says Tsoflias Siegel. Practice your skills and learn as much as you can about what producers are looking for.

    2) Set up a Google Alerts using keywords that will show up in stories you can speak to. For example, if you’re a pain specialist, set up an alert with words like “pain,” “medicine,” and “chronic.” This way, you’ll get an alert when relevant stories pop up in Google News and you can pitch yourself in a timely fashion.

    3) Have knowledge to talk about timely, topical stories. Make sure you stay on top of the news and what is going on in your industry.

    4) Embrace the power of social media. Most, if not all, producers are on social media. If you haven’t yet embraced the most popular platforms, now is the time to start.

    5) Know the balance of fact and opinion, and utilize both on-air.

    6) Make friends with TV folks. Attend industry networking events. Connections go a long way.

    7) Learn how to speak in powerful soundbites, and know when to pause for follow-up questions.

    8) Give producers the problem and a solution.

    Tsoflias Siegel will join other panelists -- including producers from CBS, political pundits, media bookers, and more -- at a workshop being hosted by the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Jan. 8, on “How to Pitch and Perform on Network News.” The panel of industry influencers will share do’s and don’ts on pitching story ideas, performing on TV, and how to reach them. After the panel discussion, participants will answer mock interview questions and will shoot a two-minute demo tape.

    ProfNet users are being offered a registration discount of $75. Just use “ProfNet” as your coupon code when registering. Full event info here:

    Whether you are an expert who wants to be featured as a guest, or a TV producer (or other media professional) looking for guests, ProfNet can help you. Find out more at or send a request for experts here: Send a query.

    ProfNet Success Story: Tara Kachaturoff, Michigan Entrepreneur TV

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 10:35 AM [Success Stories]
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    A couple of months ago, we received a notification on Facebook that ProfNet user Tara Kachaturoff had posted on our wall:

    “Thanks for helping me connect with amazing entrepreneurs for my TV show, Michigan Entrepreneur TV! I really appreciate your service!”

    We always love hearing from ProfNet users, but especially on Facebook and Twitter, so we decided to talk with Tara and find out more.

    Tara is the creator, producer, and host of “Michigan Entrepreneur,” a weekly television talk show featuring businesses from startup to stellar. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the program, which has featured hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout Michigan. Building on a successful career in finance in the tech sector, Tara provides business coaching and consulting services to entrepreneurs and executives.

    Tara started using ProfNet a couple of years ago. Since that time, she has connected with Steve Lowisz, founder/CEO, Qualigence; Gary Cone, founding partner, Global Productivity Solutions; Sue Voyles, founder, Logos Communications; Ronia Kruse, CEO, OpTech, LLC; Vladimir Gendelman, founder, Company Folders; Bob Marsh, CEO, LevelEleven; and Dr. Perry Daneshgari, founder, president and CEO, MCA, Inc.. All of those connections were made via ProfNet queries.

    We sat down with Tara to find out more about how she uses ProfNet and what advice she has for other users:

    How do you choose which ProfNet experts to work with when you submit a query?

    The first thing I look for is the format of the information they submit. I provide an easy (and required) template for responses so the PR representative (or the expert) can copy it into the body of an email, add their client information, and hit send. It’s fast, easy, and efficient. Due to time limitations on my end, I only review information submitted in the required format.

    Second, I delete inquiries that are irrelevant. For example, although the program focuses exclusively on Michigan-based entrepreneurs and companies, I still receive inquiries to interview guests who are located in other states or who don’t meet any of the other required criteria.

    Finally, I review for interest. Would I be interested in interviewing this entrepreneur? Is this business new or unique? Would others find their story or product fascinating? If there’s a fit, I send the PR representative or expert a short application to complete. I use this information for show prep.

    The application, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete, eliminates a number of potential guests because some representatives don’t want to spend the time to fill it out. Their clients would be quite disappointed if they ever found out they were invited to a 30-minute TV interview and missed out because of their PR firm! No one should ever bypass an opportunity for their client to practice their “on-air” presence!

    Once I receive the final application, we determine a date and time for taping and the guest is booked. It’s easy to complete all of this -- from beginning to end -- with just a couple of emails.

    What do you look for in responses?

    I look for:

    • Innovation: something out of the ordinary. I’m looking for guests who have unique businesses or an interesting twist to an ordinary business. I especially love interviewing inventors and founders of technology companies.
    • A great story. I review responses to see if there’s an interesting personal story that inspired the entrepreneur. If I find it interesting, I think others will, too!
    • From startup to stellar. I enjoy interviewing entrepreneurs at all stages of the business lifecycle -- like my tagline says -- Michigan Entrepreneur: Businesses from startup to stellar! I enjoy interviewing new entrepreneurs who are barely off the ground as much as seasoned veterans who are making millions!
    • Variety. I interview men and women, best friends, families -- there’s always an interesting story to discover. I find it particularly interesting to learn about how business partners first met or how a business became a family legacy. I’ve even interviewed one young entrepreneur who appeared on a popular network television program featuring entrepreneurs.
    • Generations. I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs aged 16 to 94. Young business owners are inspiring the next generation of Michigan entrepreneurs. You’re never too young or too old to start a business!
    • Responsiveness. I’ve worked with some amazing PR representatives over the years. I can tell they truly love what they do and that they care about the success of their clients.

    Do you have any tips for PR pros and experts for responding to ProfNet queries?

    Here are some quick and easy tips for pros and experts:

    Tip #1: Read the query thoroughly prior to responding. Read it again and note any special requirements. Make sure your client is a fit – otherwise, don’t respond. Your time is valuable, so focus your efforts on opportunities that align with the needs of the media outlet.

    Tip #2: Submit information in the required format. The best way to get your client booked is to submit the information requested -- nothing more and nothing less. Make it easy for the media outlet to review your information. The harder you make it, the less likely they’ll respond.

    Tip #3: Be responsive. When you see a great opportunity or when you receive a reply from a media outlet that they’re interested, get back to them right away! The early bird often gets the opportunity!

    Tip #4: Be prepared. Make sure you have all the information you need to respond on behalf of your clients. The more prepared you are, the faster you can respond.

    Tip #5: Be organized when handling PR queries. If you’re disorganized, you can miss important opportunities. Create a simple spreadsheet to track all the details so you can easily reference them and follow up.

    Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    I’ve enjoyed working with ProfNet over the last few years to source top guests. ProfNet makes it easy for me to connect with experts or those representing experts. I like your simple system, which takes me a minute or two to post what I need. And, you send it out within 24 hours. Your staff has been friendly and helpful since the very first time I used the service. I highly recommend ProfNet for any media outlet that wants to connect with top experts!

    Thanks so much, Tara!

    If you’re a writer, reporter, producer, blogger or any other type of content creator, find out how ProfNet can help you find the sources you need, whether they’re experts or “real people.”

    Just go to to get started or go directly to the journalist query form to submit your query.

    And if you have a ProfNet success story to share, let us know and you might see your smiling face on the Times Square sign!

    Have a Great Success Story to Share?

    Thursday, November 5, 2015, 10:58 AM [ProfNet]
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    Want to see your picture in Times Square?

    We’re looking for some great ProfNet success stories.

    Each month, we spotlight a ProfNet user – whether on the PR or media side – who has made great connections using ProfNet. Will you be our next feature?

    If you have been quoted or have found great experts to quote, we want to know about it. Just email with “ProfNet Success Story” in the subject line, and you could be featured next!

    The icing on the cake? If you’re featured as a Success Story, your picture will be posted on the Reuters billboard in Times Square!

    Here are some past features to give you an idea of what they look like: ProfNet Success Stories.

    Ready to make it happen? Just email us all the details – make sure to include links! – of all the impressive connections you’ve made via ProfNet.

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