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    Very good discussion. And enlightening. Any chance we could get a similar discussion from medical and science journalists? I'd be interested to see their input on embargoes that the journals impose.

    Jill Scoggins
    June 2, 2011
    3:53 PM
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    It's all about moderation! Thanks for your comment! :)

    Holly Patino
    January 18, 2011
    4:13 PM
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    well said. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Walter E. Jacobson, MD
    January 16, 2011
    2:15 PM
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    thanks for your comment, maria. wayne gretsky quote is a great one. our biggest enemy of our own success is not the world, market forces, etc... it's our selves, our attitudes. best we make a commitment to taking the NOs, the dead ends, the disappointments in our stride and pushing forward regardless.

    Walter E. Jacobson, MD
    January 16, 2011
    2:06 PM
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    thanks for you comment, maria. i just discovered that i had comments that i hadn't approved... sorry about that.... it's always wise to not pre-judge a situation because assumptions and expectations can influence to make poor choices. and it's also wise not to judge outcomes as good luck or bad luck at the time they're happening because we're looking from a narrow perspective that doesn't have all the data.

    Walter E. Jacobson, MD
    January 16, 2011
    1:59 PM
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    My pleasure. did you try it out? still a bit buggy but we're working on it. Thanks, Maria

    Eric Bryant
    December 29, 2010
    4:31 PM
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    my pleasure!

    Jackie O'Neal
    December 22, 2010
    1:31 PM
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    Hi Maria -- I actually agree with you. I am constantly connected. Just not during the few hours I have with my daughter :) Being able to check email at 10 pm is one of the only ways I can stay on top of it!

    Beth Monaghan
    November 18, 2010
    5:10 PM
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