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    Pitch Perfect: Pitching

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 12:56 PM [Freelance Focus]
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    We’ve gone to the dogs -- and that’s OK by us.

    At the recent Dog Writers Association of America, Amy Tokic, editor of, shared her insight and tips for freelance writers on how they can best pitch the website to get assignments., flagship site to more than 75 different pet communities, is dedicated to offering pet parents informative articles to ensure their pet lives a long, healthy and happy life. From dog illness symptoms to helpful how-to articles, uber-cute dog fashions and breaking dog news stories, goes in-depth to get to what matters to pet parents.

    As editor, Tokic -- a passionate animal lover and proud pet parent of Oscar, a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua cross -- writes about her adventures in pet ownership, and tirelessly researches products, news and health-related issues she can share with other animal enthusiasts.

    Tokic’s career has spanned the media spectrum. She has worked at radio stations across Ontario before moving into the print and magazine industry, and finally to online publications. She has been called upon to offer her pet expertise in numerous interviews for outlets including PopSugar, The Toronto Star, Honest Kitchen, Vegas Rock Dog Radio, the World Pet Association, Consumer Reports, and Redbook.

    Tokic offered these tips for article queries, which can really apply generally when pitching editors in any industry:

    Personalize your pitch. Start your pitch with “Dear Amy” so she sees it’s not a pitch you’re sending to multiple people. Make it unique and tailored to her and the website.

    Show you’ve read the website. Mention you read the site, e.g., “I read your article on dog dental health and it resonated with me because my dog had to have teeth removed recently.”

    Don’t pitch something that’s already been covered. If you are pitching a story on the pros and cons of Prozac for dogs, for example, make sure the article hasn’t already been published on the site. Otherwise, it shows you are not familiar with the site.

    Keep it short. An ideal pitch should be no longer than 2-3 paragraphs.

    Build a relationship before pitching. Tokic said she usually doesn’t take pitches from people she doesn’t know. If you have a mutual “friend,” ask for an introduction. If not, all hope is not lost – just introduce yourself and tell her how you have read her work. Again, it’s all about building a relationship.

    Ask her to lunch. Tokic is open to being invited for coffee or lunch: “Who doesn’t like free food?”

    Have a platform: Have your own website, not just social media profiles. And make sure you list your portfolio on your website. Editors should have a good sense of who you are and what your writing is like through your website.

    Make your pitch a good one: According to Tokic, a good pitch:

    • is creative
    • is well-researched
    • is customized for the editor
    • covers a good topic
    • brings something new to the table – it’s not the same old, same old
    • is 2-3 paragraphs long

    A bad pitch, on the other hand:

    • is too short
    • has no personality
    • includes random links (you should only include one link – your website)

    You can find on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

    Journalist Spotlight: Timothy Gower, Freelance Writer

    Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 9:15 AM [Journalist Spotlight]
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    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet users share their insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    In this edition, we catch up with Timothy Gower, an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in more than two dozen major magazines and newspapers, including Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Esquire, Men’s Health, and the New York Times. He is also the author or co-author of a dozen books.

    Timothy, for those not familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about the topics you cover?

    I primarily write about health and medicine, though in the last few years I have done a fair amount of work in personal finance -- which is interesting, since I can’t balance a checkbook.

    What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong – when they reply to your queries?

    I deal with a lot of media representatives at hospitals and medical schools, and on the whole, they are wonderful -- responsive and accommodating, and usually able to put me on the phone with the doctors and scientists I need to interview within a reasonable amount of time. Every now and then, a PR person will promise more than he or she can deliver -- that is, “I’ll get someone from rheumatology for you to interview by Tuesday,” then they just disappear. If I’m counting on that interview and it doesn’t materialize, I’m in trouble. And I may not trust your promises in the future.

    Also, please don’t give me the same doctor every time I call for a comment, since I can’t quote the same person over and over, from one story to the next. (You might be surprised how often this happens.)

    This is a little thing, but sending email queries with a subject line written to give the appearance that I have already responded -- that is, it reads “re: new therapy…” or whatever -- is silly and fools no one. Journalists joke about how desperate that seems.

    Is there anything PR reps can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Know what kinds of topics I cover and send appropriate pitches. I believe a lot of PR agencies use very outdated materials to determine a journalist’s area of coverage. Years ago, I did a tiny bit of food writing, but that didn’t last long. Yet I still get pitches about hot new products. I guess I checked a box on a form once saying I write about food. But that was many years ago. I know there are clearinghouses that collect and sell this information about journalists. They contact me for updates on occasion, which I’m happy to provide.

    Also, when you send out a story pitch, proofread it first. Typos and poor grammar are distracting and sap the power of your message.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches? If so, what are your guidelines for those?

    By email, yes. By phone, no. If I wrote for a daily or weekly publication, I might be more amenable to phone pitches, but I tend to have very long deadlines, so I don’t need a steady stream of story ideas to rely on. Furthermore, most of the story topics I end up writing about are either generated in-house at the magazines I contribute to regularly, or they come from my own research.

    Do you use social media, either to connect with people or to promote your articles?

    I post links to my stories on Facebook and Twitter. And I have had modest success using both to find interviewees.

    What’s your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    I guess you could say the first and last. The first major feature I wrote as a freelancer came about when I was trying to break in at the Boston Phoenix, the dearly departed alternative weekly, back in my 20s. I called Sy Sperling of the Hair Club for Men -- which advertised relentlessly on TV at the time -- and said I wanted to interview him. He said sure and gave me a wonderful 45-minute interview. I turned that into a query and the Phoenix assigned a 3000-word feature about the Hair Club phenomenon, by far longer than anything I had done to date. That story got me hired by the Phoenix. I eventually left to freelance and have written thousands of stories since.

    The last major feature I wrote was about the first penis transplant performed in the United States. Yes, that one was memorable, too, for many reasons.

    Anything else you’d like to add?

    I value and appreciate the work that PR professionals do. The only thing I’ll add is that one of the biggest challenges I face is finding “real people” to tell their stories when I write about a medical condition. I highly value media reps who can help me in that regard. Get me a patient and I’ll quote your doctor.

    Journalist Spotlight: Gregory Freeman, Freelance Writer

    Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 1:07 PM [Journalist Spotlight]
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    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet users share their insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    In this edition, we catch up with Gregory Freeman, who focuses on writing for the healthcare industry and writing narrative nonfiction books. Freeman earned his degree from the University of Georgia before working for The Associated Press. He was also executive editor at a publisher in Atlanta before transitioning to freelance writing.

    Greg, for those not familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about the topics you cover?

    I’m a freelance writer focusing mostly on healthcare administration. Some topics I commonly cover are risk management, malpractice, patient safety, peer review, quality improvement, and health insurance plans. I also am the author of seven books, all narrative nonfiction.

    You’ve used ProfNet for a long time, so I’m sure you've gotten a lot of replies to your queries over the years. What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong?

    This is selfish but it’s true: the best thing you can do is to make my job easier. Send the information I need to determine if your source meets my needs, be responsive, and do most of the legwork for setting up phone interviews and obtaining documents.

    As for getting it wrong, that’s usually sending me responses that are very thinly veiled pitches for a company or product. I write mostly for subscription-only, no-advertising publications that cost hundreds of dollars a year, so I can’t do puff pieces and promotional stories for a product or company. But if you give me content I can use, like how one of your clients achieved something measurable or advice on a topic from your CEO, I probably can work in a discreet mention of the company or product. It won’t be anything overtly promotional, but I’ll still get your name in front of a very targeted audience. If you as the PR pro understand this, please make sure your client does too -- before I start interviewing him and get only promotional talk.

    Is there anything PR reps can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Be quick to respond, understand the query before responding, and try to minimize email back-and-forth as much as possible.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches? If so, what are your guidelines for those?

    I don’t mind receiving as many pitches by email as you want to send, but please don’t call with a pitch.

    Do you use social media, either to connect with people or to promote your articles?

    No. The publishers do, but I don’t.

    What’s your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    That’s hard to say, but I’ve done some investigative pieces I was proud of and which won awards. One was about shady people casing hospitals and asking questions about security, apparently looking for weak spots to hit with or during a terrorist attack.

    Journalist Spotlight: Myrna Haskell, Feature Writer, Columnist and Author

    Thursday, February 9, 2017, 11:35 AM [Journalist Spotlight]
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    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet users share their insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    In this edition, we catch up with Myrna Haskell, an author, columnist, feature writer and speaker.

    Haskell’s features have appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Parents Magazine, American Fitness, and many other publications across the United States and internationally. She is also a columnist for several regional publications, and is the author of “LIONS and TIGERS and TEENS: Expert advice and support for the conscientious parent just like you(Unlimited Publishing, LLC).

    In addition, Haskell is co-founder and managing editor of Sanctuary, an online women’s magazine with a focus on women in the arts, women humanitarians and women’s health. She has also been a keynote speaker for nonprofit conferences supporting parents and education, discussing issues such as leadership, volunteerism and parent involvement in community schools.

    Myrna, for those not familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about the topics you cover?

    For my freelance work, I write columns and feature-length pieces on the following topics: children's health and development, parenting, parenting teens, special needs, education, women's issues, women's health, etc. For Sanctuary, the magazine I co-founded and am managing editor for, I cover the following topics: interviews with humanitarians and community leaders, women's health and artist profiles.

    You’ve used ProfNet for a long time, so I’m sure you've gotten a lot of replies to your queries over the years. What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong?

    I usually receive quick responses -- within 1-3 days. This is great, since I am often up against a quick deadline. I've had pretty good luck. Occasionally, I might be told that there is someone, only to find out later that this person is no longer available. This is rare, though. I like to work with folks who deliver. I have an impeccable reputation with experts, and I always follow up with links to the articles. I expect the same professionalism in return, and I usually get it. ProfNet has been very valuable.

    Is there anything PR reps can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Rapid response time is key. However, I can tell if someone hasn't spent enough time understanding the specifics in a query. If the match is spot-on, you know that they really thought about what you were looking for. Again, I have had really good luck here. I've found that most PR reps are very good at what they do.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches? If so, what are your guidelines for those?

    I don't mind an email pitch. However, I've got a full plate, so I have to be selective. I have used material/sources from PR folks that send emails to me on occasion and when something fits with upcoming editorial needs. So, if I say I'll keep the information on file, I mean it. You might hear from me a month or two later when I can utilize the topic/expert.

    Do you use social media, either to connect with people or to promote your articles?

    Yes. I use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for both personal accounts (for my freelancing work) and accounts for Sanctuary. They are definitely great networking tools. We also just started an Instagram account for Sanctuary.

    What’s your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    I don't have one specific favorite. Some of my Lions and Tigers and Teens column series pieces were really fun to write. I often drew from personal experience with my own teens, but I also had hundreds of other parents writing in with tips. This was a very popular column. I think that some of the articles I wrote for special-needs parents were also important. I've interviewed some phenomenal women for Sanctuary as well.

    Any other advice?

    The relationships you build with editors and industry experts are so integral to your career. Over time, you build a reputation and people share your name and your articles. When you are not on staff with a publication, this is so very important. Editors want to build trust with their contributing writers. I love both sides of the industry -- writing and editing. I think it's important to have an understanding of both an editor's perspective and a writer's perspective. After all, you are a team.

    Journalist Spotlight: Keith Loria, Freelance Journalist

    Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 12:48 PM [Journalist Spotlight]
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    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet users share their insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    In this edition, we catch up with Keith Loria, an award-winning journalist who has written for major newspapers and magazines for close to 20 years, on topics as diverse as sports, business and healthcare.

    A graduate of the University of Miami, Loria started his career with the Associated Press and has held high editorial positions at Rinkside, BCA Insider and Soap Opera Digest. You can view some of his recent writing at

    Keith, for those not familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about the topics you cover?

    You name it, I write about it: sports, entertainment, produce, real estate, healthcare, agriculture, makeup, biofuel, pets and even pens! My client list is as diverse as can be.

    You’ve used ProfNet for a long time, so I’m sure you've gotten a lot of replies to your queries over the years. What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong?

    It’s such a great way to get experts and most of the PR pros are great. They are timely, provide great details in introduction emails and I always like when they include an initial quote to show what the source is thinking. When it comes to doing things wrong, some recommend a source and then come back to you and say they aren’t available (it would help if they only offered people who were), and some clearly haven’t read all the particulars and offer sources that don’t fit.

    Is there anything PR reps can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Those that include bios of their clients and explain why they are an expert or a good source for the story are always better received than those who just give a name and company. Those that offer up times their person is available in the initial response also gets the ball rolling much faster.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches? If so, what are your guidelines for those?

    Yes, as long as they aren’t coming in from the same person every day. Some of the publications I write for accept story ideas, so I let the PR people know this when I deal with them. If they want to send an email with ideas, I prefer they only do it every once in a while.

    Do you use social media, either to connect with people or to promote your articles?

    I have learned the value of using social media to find sources in the past few years, especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Recently I was able to use Yelp to find some sources, so you never know where you’re going to find someone who can help. I promote stories on Facebook and Twitter mostly, but not for every story as I don’t have the time to do it all.

    What’s your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    The first story I ever had published was about the history of African-American characters in the funny pages, which I wrote while in graduate school at the University of Miami and was published by the Associated Press (where I was an intern at the time). I was able to interview Peanuts creator Charles Schulz for the story, and it remains my favorite interview of all time. Most of my favorite stories involve profiles I’ve done on heroes from my younger days, including William Shatner, Adam West, Aaron Spelling, Peter Frampton and Mark Messier.

    Anything else you’d like to add?

    I had a great mentor at UM’s grad program in Tsitsi Wakhisi, and thanks to her and all the great professors at the college, I am now able to work from home, can spend time coaching my kids’ teams or just playing with them since I set my own hours, and I have written about all the subjects I ever dreamed of. It’s a great career.

    Journalist Spotlight: Alaina Levine, Freelance Journalist and Author

    Monday, January 23, 2017, 10:06 AM [Journalist Spotlight]
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    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet users share their insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    In this edition, we catch up with Alaina Levine, a freelance science journalist, career consultant, professional speaker, corporate comedian, and award-winning entrepreneur.

    Levine is a career columnist for Physics Today and the American Physical Society’s APS News, and a regular contributor to Her first book, “Networking for Nerds” (Wiley, July 2015) was named one of the Top 5 Books of 2015 by Physics Today magazine.

    A prolific speaker and writer on career development and professional advancement, Levine has delivered more than 700 speeches for clients in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and Canada, and has written more than 350 articles in international publications such as Science, Nature, Scientific American, National Geographic News Watch and others.

    Alaina, for those not familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about the topics you cover?

    I am a huge nerd and I write about nerds, their impact, and their careers. Specifically, I am a science journalist and a STEM careers writer, so I cover issues pertaining to STEM research and innovations, and career development for scientists, engineers, and tech gods and goddesses. I write profiles of scientists and engineers, as I love to share the hidden and unusual careers that STEM-educated pros are able to craft for themselves. Moreover, I write career advice columns for a number of different publications. My clients include Science, Nature, Physics Today, Physics World (UK), APS News (of the American Physical Society), and Mechanical Engineering Magazine. I have previously written for Scientific American, National Geographic News Watch, Smithsonian, IEEE Spectrum, COSMOS (Australia), and many other pubs.

    You’ve used ProfNet for a long time, so I’m sure you've gotten a lot of replies to your queries over the years. What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong?

    I so appreciate PR pros. I would not be able to do my job effectively and find the coolest stories and sources if it were not for proactive, talented PR Pros. And I truly value these relationships, which I see as long-lasting, win-win alliances. So the PR pros who are the most savvy are the ones who want to build a long-term partnership with me. ProfNet is especially helpful for this purpose. There have been many times when I submit a query on ProfNet, and a PR pro reaches out to me with a source, and we make magic. And because we worked so well together, we then start exploring other story ideas that could be pitched to other publications. The alliance lasts years and results in multiple articles and placements about their clients.

    So what are PR pros doing right? They are understanding my needs, they are aiming for a long-term, mutually beneficial alliance, they are looking for new avenues for collaboration, and they are staying in touch.  

    What PR pros could do better: Please, after we first make contact, don't bombard me with press releases about topics I am not interested in. Don't put me on your media list unless I ask to be put there. When I query for X on ProfNet, don't reply with the following statement "I don't have any sources for X, but I have an even better story for you about Y." Also, I have no problem with PR pros who need to sit in on interviews; however, please let me know in advance that you need to do this, and if I am doing a phone interview, please let me know you are in the room (I have had a few phone interviews where I found out later in the call that the PR staff were sitting in and they didn't say anything about this).

    Is there anything PR reps can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Respond promptly. Give me a few sentences as to why your client would be a good source. I only need a little bit of info, not a dissertation. If you want to build a partnership with me, let me know who your clients are and what you (and them) are working on now. You can even suggest what publications this might be a good fit for.

    And stay in touch! Email me every now and then, even if you don't have a story idea, I welcome you reaching out to me to say "Hey, Alaina, what are you working on now? Is there anything I can help you with?" We all know that timing is everything, and you never know -- I might need a source that day, or I might be planning an article and by reaching out, you just gave me an idea of an angle I can pursue with you and your client. I have met many PR pros through ProfNet who touch base with me about once a quarter and, in doing so, they stay in the forefront of my mind. As such, I often work with those same PR pros again and again, and look forward to them emailing me, because I know they are interested in helping me and will always have something valuable to share.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches? If so, what are your guidelines for those?

    Absolutely! I prefer cold emails. I love bullet points, so give me the highlights of your story idea or unusual source. I am also very open to exploratory conversations with PR pros, where I can share what I am looking for in stories and the pubs for which I write, and you can suggest different stories, angles, and ideas. 

    Do you use social media, either to connect with people or to promote your articles?

    I use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find sources, connect with PR pros, and promote my articles. I try to use tags to ensure that PR pros see the articles in which their clients are included, as well as hashtags to get the attention of PR pros in certain industries. I appreciate when people share, cross-post, and forward my announcements. PR pros who tweet me or tag me in a LinkedIn or Facebook post certainly get my attention!

    What’s your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    I recently wrote an article for, the careers arm of Science Magazine, entitled "Networking with Dr. God." The piece was a humorous look at how to network with and approach the leaders and stars of your field and industry, which I lovingly call "Dr. God." I interviewed several Dr. Gods and early career professionals to get their opinions about how to go about introducing yourself and why Dr. God wants to network with people who are just starting their careers. The best sources with the best quotes came directly from a relationship I had already nurtured with a PR pro and his team, both at his agency and their client. 

    Anything else you’d like to add?

    ProfNet is an unbelievable invaluable resource for me. I hope more PR pros will continue to take full advantage of it!

    Influential Media Outlets That Used ProfNet in 2016

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 10:14 AM [ProfNet]
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    Whether you're a reporter, blogger, author or other content creator, ProfNet can help you with your search for expert sources. Send a query to tens of thousands of experts and PR agents, or get timely experts and story ideas by email. Both are free! Need help getting started? Email us at

    ProfNet has been helping journalists and experts connect for more than 20 years. In that time, we have seen queries from just about every type of outlet imaginable – from newspapers and magazines to radio shows and blogs. And while the media times are always changing, there are still a great many stories being written, and writers still need expert sources.

    Here is a sampling of some of the influential media outlets that used ProfNet last year:

    News Services/Agencies
    American Media Institute
    Associated Press
    Catholic News Service
    CNHI News Service
    Courthouse News Service
    Cronkite News
    Dow Jones
    Medill News Service
    NYCity News Service
    Sputnik News Service
    Thomson Reuters
    Tribune News Service

    General News
    AARP Bulletin
    AARP The Magazine
    Aeon magazine
    American Profile
    AsiaLIFE Magazine (Southeast Asia)
    Audible Range
    Baltimore magazine
    Baltimore Post-Examiner
    Canadian Jewish News
    Carolina Public Press
    CDA News
    Center for Digital Ethics & Policy
    CNN Digital
    CNN International
    Compass magazine
    Consumer Reports
    Consumers Digest
    Daily Caller
    Daily Dot
    Diario UP (Mexico)
    DuPont Media Center
    Epoch Times
    Equal Times
    Erickson Tribune
    Fox News
    gbtimes (Finland)
    GOOD magazine
    Hadassah Magazine
    History Magazine
    Huffington Post
    HuffPost Weird News
    Independent Journal Review
    King Features Syndicate
    La Nacion (Argentina)
    La Opinion
    Mental Floss
    National Enquirer
    NBC News
    New Frontier Chronicle
    New York Magazine
    New York Observer
    New York Times Magazine
    New York Times Upfront
    NJ Pen
    On The Go magazine
    Pacific Standard
    Penn Live
    Q Daily (China)
    Raycom News Network
    re.write magazine
    Reader's Digest
    Reader's Digest (International Editions)
    RT America
    Second Nexus
    Southern California News Group
    Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism
    Stateline/Pew Charitable Trusts
    The Atlantic
    The Establishment
    The Latin America Report
    The New Yorker
    The Urban Twist
    The Verge
    The Weather Channel
    U.S. News & World Report
    VFW Magazine
    VICE News
    Voice of OC
    Vox Magazine
    Westchester Magazine (NY)
    Yahoo Brazil
    Yahoo en Español

    Abilene Reporter-News (TX)
    Arizona Republic
    Asbury Park Press (NJ)
    Asheville Citizen-Times (NC)
    Athens Banner-Herald (GA)
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Augusta Chronicle (GA)
    Austin American-Statesman
    Baltimore Sun
    Bedford Minuteman (MA)
    Belleville News-Democrat (IL)
    Billings Gazette (MT)
    Birmingham News (AL)
    Boca Raton Observer (FL)
    Boca Raton Tribune (FL)
    Boston Globe
    Bucks County Courier Times (PA)
    Buffalo News (NY)
    Canby Herald (OR)
    Casper Star-Tribune (WY)
    Charlotte Observer (NC)
    Chicago Tribune
    Christian Science Monitor
    Cincinnati Enquirer
    Cleveland Plain Dealer
    Columbus Messenger (OH)
    Commercial Appeal (TN)
    Daily Camera (CO)
    Daily Gazette (NY)
    Daily Herald (IL)
    Daily News (NY)
    Daily News Sun (AZ)
    Daily Pennsylvanian
    Daily Press (VA)
    Daily Southtown (IL)
    Daily UV (VT)
    Daily Voice (NJ)
    Dallas Morning News
    Danbury News-Times (CT)
    Detroit News (MI)
    Dothan Eagle (AL)
    El Heraldo (Colombia)
    Florida Times-Union
    Florida Today
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
    Fresno Bee (CA)
    Galveston Daily News (TX)
    Globe and Mail (Canada)
    Göteborgs-Posten (Sweden)
    Greeley Tribune (CO)
    Hamilton Spectator (Canada)
    Hartford Courant (CT)
    Helena Independent Record (MT)
    Houston Chronicle
    Huntington News (MA)
    Idaho Statesman
    Independent Tribune (NC)
    Indiana Chronicle
    Journal & Courier (IN)
    Journal News (NY)
    Knoxville News Sentinel (TN)
    Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Las Vegas Sun
    Le Monde (France)
    Los Angeles Times
    Miami Herald
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
    Montgomery Advertiser (AL)
    Morning Call (PA)
    Napa Valley Register (CA)
    Naptown Buzz (MA)
    New Bedford Standard-Times (MA)
    New York Observer
    New York Post
    New York Times
    Newnan Times-Herald (GA)
    News Journal (DE)
    Newsday (NY)
    North Dallas Gazette
    Northwest Indiana Times
    Omaha World-Herald (NE)
    Orlando Sentinel (FL)
    Palm Beach Post (FL)
    Philadelphia Daily News
    Philadelphia Inquirer
    Phoenix Business Journal
    Pioneer Press (MN)
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA)
    Port Huron Times Herald (MI)
    Portland Tribune (OR)
    Post-Tribune (IN)
    Poughkeepsie Journal (NY)
    Press-Enterprise (CA)
    Record Searchlight (CA)
    Register-Guard (OR)
    Register-Herald (WV)
    Sacramento Bee (CA)
    San Antonio Express-News (TX)
    San Diego Union-Tribune
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal (CA)
    San Francisco Chronicle
    San Jose Mercury-News (CA)
    South Florida Sun Sentinel
    Southeast Asia Globe
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Star Tribune (MN)
    Star-Ledger (NJ)
    Star-Telegram (TX)
    Statesman Journal (OR)
    Sun Chronicle (MA)
    Sunday Times of London
    Tampa Bay Times (FL)
    Tampa Tribune (FL)
    The Advocate (LA)
    The Bakersfield Californian
    The Bulletin (OR)
    The Columbian (WA)
    The Courier (OH)
    The Crescent (OR)
    The Guardian (UK)
    The Island Now (NY)
    The Ledger (FL)
    The Oregonian
    The Pocket News (CA)
    The Record (CA)
    The Record (NJ)
    The Statesman (India)
    The Villages Daily Sun (FL)
    Times Herald (MI)
    Times of Northwest Indiana
    Times-Picayune (LA)
    Toronto Star (Canada)
    Tulsa World (OK)
    Urban Plains (IA)
    USA Today
    Ventura County Star (CA)
    Wall Street Journal
    Washington Post
    Watch Newspaper (CO)
    Weld for Birmingham (AL)
    Wisconsin Gazette
    York Daily Record (PA)

    Broadcast (Radio/TV) Outlets
    77 WABC Radio's 'Mind Your Business'
    ABC San Diego (CA)
    Another Thing with Larry Mendte
    Beat Infertility Podcast
    Better Connecticut
    Bloomberg TV
    CBS Chicago
    CBS Radio Boston
    Deutsche Welle (Germany)
    Down To Earth Radio
    FOX 5/My9 (NY)
    Fresh Outlook
    Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robbins
    Game On Business Talk Radio
    Georgia Public Broadcasting
    Guinea Pig Podcast
    History Channel
    Houston Public Media
    KING-TV (WA)
    KPBS (CA)
    KQED (CA)
    Michigan Entrepreneur TV
    Money Matters Radio Show
    NBC KPNX Phoenix (AZ)
    NBC Open House
    Perpetual F Entertainment
    Phoenix Public Radio
    PMCM TV (NJ)
    Positive Phil Show
    Revenue Chat Radio Show
    Revolt TV News
    Rise and Grind Podcast
    RockItFuel Radio
    Speaking with TJ Walker Podcast
    Sports Palooza Radio
    Steele & Ungar Show, SiriusXM POTUS Channel 124
    Talk Media News
    The Aaron Janx Show
    The Doctor Oz Show
    The Entrepreneur Way
    The Game Changer Podcast
    The Limit Breaker Show
    The Pet Buzz
    The Price of Business Radio Show
    The Sean Green Show
    The Show & Tell Show
    The Trump Podcast
    Travel Itch Radio
    Voice of America
    WAMU 88.5 (DC)
    WBAI FM (NY)
    WBIN-TV (NH)
    WGN Radio (IL)
    WJLP TV's Jersey Matters (NJ)
    WKLB Country 102.5 (MA) (OH)
    WCVB Chronicle (MA)
    WFAE (NC)
    WHYY News Radio (DE)
    WPIX-TV (NY)
    WUSB 90.1 FM (NY)
    WUTC NPR 88.1 FM (TN)
    WWRL Radio (NY)
    WXTV 41 Univision (NY)

    Auto Finance News
    Aviation for Women Magazine
    Fleet Owner magazine
    Four Wheeler Magazine
    Helicopter Maintenance magazine
    HeliOps magazine
    Helpful Mechanic
    Motor Matters
    Overdrive Magazine
    PKWY Magazine
    RTM Magazine
    Sensible Driver
    Transportation & Logistics International
    Western Canada Highway News

    Banking/Finance/Personal Finance News
    Accredited Investor Markets
    Achieve Solutions
    AFP Exchange
    AICPA CPA Insider
    AICPA Insights
    American Banker
    American Express OPEN Forum
    Athene Smart Strategies
    BAI's Banking Strategies Executive Report
    Bank Director magazine
    Better Investing
    Bloomberg BNA
    CBS MoneyWatch
    CPA Insider
    CPA Practice Advisor
    Credit Union Management
    Debtwire Municipals
    Dinero (Colombia)
    Economist Intelligence Unit
    Exponential Investor
    Finance & Commerce
    Financial Advisor IQ
    Financial Advisor Magazine
    Financial Poise
    Franklin Prosperity Report
    FX Week
    Global Finance magazine
    Global Payroll
    Goal Investor
    Grow magazine
    Hedge Fund Legal & Compliance Digest
    Independent Agent Magazine
    Independent Banker
    Insights magazine
    Institutional Investor
    Insurance & Financial Meetings Management
    Intuit QuickBooks
    Investor’s Business Daily
    Market Watch magazine
    Money Matters Radio Show
    Motley Fool
    National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
    Nationwide Insurance Blog
    PIA magazine
    PLANADVISER Magazine
    PolicyGenius Blog
    Prudential Insights
    Retirement Income Journal
    Retirement Visions
    Risk & Insurance
    Risk Management magazine
    S&P Global Market Intelligence
    Seeking Alpha
    Self Lender
    Smart New Income
    Strategic Funding Source
    Tax Notes Today/Tax Analysts
    The Federal Credit Union Magazine
    The Fiscal Times
    The Sovereign Society
    Ticker Tape
    Venture Capital Journal
    Westlaw Journal Bank & Lender Liability
    Westlaw Journal Bankruptcy

    Beauty/Fashion/Textile News
    Beauty News NYC
    Beauty Store Business
    BELLA New York Magazine
    CEW Beauty Insider
    Discover Beauty Within
    Fashion 360 Magazine
    Global Glam
    IN magazine
    Make-Up Artist Magazine
    NAILPRO magazine
    ReWork Blog
    Soap, Perfumery and Cosmetics magazine
    Spa Standard
    Vanichi Magazine
    Women's Wear Daily

    Business/Industry News
    ADP Spark
    Advertising Week
    AMA Quarterly
    American Business Magazine
    American Cemetery and Cremation
    ANA Activate
    ANA Magazine
    Area Development Magazine
    Art Materials Retailer Magazine
    Assembly Magazine
    Association Convention & Facilities Magazine
    Backing America's Backbone
    BCA Insider (Billiard Congress of America)
    Beyond Bylines
    Black Enterprise Online
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East
    Boston Business Journal
    Brand Packaging Magazine
    B-to-B Marketer magazine
    Business Insider
    Businessing Magazine
    Canvas magazine
    CBNweekly (China)
    Center for Exhibition Industry Research
    CEO Magazine
    CFO Magazine
    CFO Thought Leader
    Chicago Business Journal
    Chief Executive Magazine
    Communication Arts
    Communications of the ACM
    Compliance Week
    Connect for Success
    Convenience Store News
    Convenience Store Products
    Corp! magazine
    Corporate Compliance Insights
    Crain's New York Business
    CRM Magazine
    CSP E-Newsletter
    D CEO Magazine
    Demand Gen Report
    Direct Marketing News
    Distribution Center Magazine
    Diversity Woman magazine
    Downstream Business
    EContent Magazine
    eLuminate Entrepreneur Network
    Employment Alert
    Entrepreneur magazine
    Equal Opportunity magazine
    Exchange Magazine
    Fast Company
    Field Service Digital
    Fit Small Business
    FlexJobs Employer Blog
    Floral Management Magazine
    Forbes Asia
    Forbes Insights
    Franchising Today
    Global Trade magazine
    Harvard Business Review
    Hispanic Career World
    HR Dive
    HR Kitchen
    Human Resource Executive
    IDG Connect
    iMeet Central Blog
    Inbound Logistics magazine
    Indiana Minority Business Magazine
    Indianapolis Business Journal
    Industrial Weigh & Measure Magazine
    Industry Dive
    Internet Retailer magazine
    JWT Intelligence
    Juniper Research
    Kiosk Marketplace
    Lane Report (KY)
    Leading Edge Magazine
    Los Angeles Business Journal
    Managed by Q
    Manta Media
    Marine Fabricator
    Maritime Logistics Professional
    Middle Market Executive
    Middle Market Growth
    Middle Market Thought Leader
    midJersey Business Magazine
    Multichannel News
    Nashville Business Journal
    NCR Silver Small Business Smarts
    Nearshore Americas
    New Jersey Meetings + Events
    NewCo Shift
    O&MM Fabricator Magazine
    Ohio Meetings magazine
    OfficePro Magazine
    Package Design magazine
    Packaging Today
    Packaging World
    PEN World
    Pennsylvania Meetings & Events Magazine
    People Management magazine
    Philadelphia Business Journal
    Portada Magazine
    PR News
    Practical Ecommerce
    Procurement Leaders
    Professional Mariner
    Public Affairs Council
    Reach Further
    Recruiting Trends
    Response Magazine
    Retail Leader
    Retail Merchandiser
    Roller Skating Business Magazine
    Sales & Marketing Management magazine San Diego Business Journal
    Safety Outlook
    SAGE Business Researcher
    SC Biz News
    Seattle Business Magazine
    Shopper Marketing Magazine
    Shopping Centers Today
    SHRM Online
    Small Biz Ahead
    Small Biz Resources
    Small Business Digest
    Small Tips for Small Business
    SmallBiz America Radio
    Smart Business
    Smart Customer Service
    Smart Industry
    Social Meetings + Events Magazine
    Society of Grownups
    Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
    SpareFoot Storage Beat
    Spark Hire Human Resources Blog
    Spectrum Business Insights
    Staffing Decisions
    Startup Grind
    STEM Workforce Diversity magazine
    Store Brands Magazine
    Strategic HR Review
    Street Fight
    Strictly Marketing Magazine
    SUCCESS Magazine
    Textile Services magazine
    The CEIR Blog
    The CEO Magazine
    The Connector magazine
    The Content Strategist
    The Content Wrangler
    The Deal
    The Economist Careers Network
    The Freelancer
    The Holmes Report
    The Real Deal Los Angeles
    The Urnist
    The Woman's Playbook
    Time Warner Cable Business Class
    TJE American Business Magazine
    Tobacco Business International
    Training magazine
    Ukraine Business Journal
    UPS Compass
    Vows Magazine
    Westlaw Journal Employment
    Wholesale & Distribution International
    Wisconsin Meetings
    XpertHR Blog
    ZipRecruiter Blog

    Education News
    ACUTA Journal
    American Libraries
    Campus News
    Chronicle of Higher Education
    College Planning & Management Magazine
    Community College Week
    District Administration magazine
    Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
    EAB Daily Briefing
    EdTech Magazine
    Education Dive
    Education World
    Forensic Science Education Blog
    Inside Higher Ed
    Leadership+ (Ireland)
    New York Times Upfront magazine
    Principal magazine
    Private Colleges and Universities Magazine
    The Edvocate
    The Hechinger Report
    The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy
    The Miami Student
    The Tech Edvocate
    The Young Hopeful
    Times Higher Education (UK)
    University Business

    Energy/Environment News
    American Recycler
    Energy & Mining International
    Energy Central
    Energy Manager Today
    Energy Times
    Environment & Energy Publishing
    Environmental Leader
    Fuel Marketer News
    Independent Gasoline Marketing
    InsideClimate News
    Modern Metals
    Mother Earth Living
    Mother Nature Network
    Natural Resources Defense Council
    Oil & Gas Monitor
    PointLogic Energy
    Renewable Energy World Magazine
    Sierra magazine
    SIGMA: Independent Gasoline Marketing
    SNL Energy
    Solar City
    Tanker Shipping & Trade
    Texas Co-op Power Magazine
    Westlaw Journal Environmental
    Wind Systems Magazine
    World Mining Magazine
    World Pumps

    Entertainment/Media/Sports News
    Airbrush Action Magazine
    Bicycling Magazine
    Celebrity Page Magazine
    Classical Singer magazine
    Converge magazine
    Elephant Talk
    Emmy Magazine
    Entertainment Weekly
    ESPN's The Undefeated
    HAYWIRE Magazine
    Hollywood Reporter
    Novel & Short Story Writer's Market
    NowThis Media
    ProHUB Blog
    Royalty Exchange
    Runner's World
    Sports Litigation Alert
    Sports Palooza Radio
    SportsFan Retailer magazine
    TFE Magazine
    The Outline
    The Ring
    The Source
    The Wrap
    Triathlete Magazine
    TV Overmind
    Venues Today
    VICE Sports
    Writer's Digest
    Yahoo Sports

    Food/Beverage/Agriculture News
    American Brewer
    Bar Business Magazine
    Batter Up (Dawn Foods)
    Beverage Dynamics
    Beverage Master
    Cheese Connoisseur
    Cheese Traveller
    Cost Sector Catering
    Crave Magazine
    Edible Bronx
    El Restaurante
    Epicure & Culture
    Farm Futures magazine
    Farm Journal
    Farm Life Magazine
    Farmer’s Almanac
    Farmer's Weekly
    Food & Beverage Executive magazine
    Food & Wine
    Food & Wine's FWx
    Food Dive
    Food Fanatics
    Food Industry Executive
    Food Quality & Safety magazine
    FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal
    Fresh Cup Magazine
    FSM Media
    Illinois Farmer Today
    Modern Restaurant Management
    National Culinary Review
    Nightclub & Bar
    Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
    Pizza Today
    Produce Business Magazine
    Progressive Farmer
    Progressive Grocer
    QSR Magazine
    Specialty Food News
    Taste magazine
    Tea Journey Magazine
    The Culinary Trust
    The Daily Meal
    The Feast
    The Kitchn
    The Latin Kitchen
    Today's Farmer
    Toque magazine
    Wine Business International
    Wine Enthusiast
    Wine Uncorked

    Health/Fitness News
    24x7 Magazine
    AAMI News
    AccessWorld Magazine
    Accountable Care News
    ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory
    ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine
    ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
    ADVANCE Healthcare Network
    American Council on Exercise
    Arthritis Today
    Beachbody Blog
    Behavioral Healthcare magazine
    Best Health Magazine (Canada)
    Best's Review
    BottomLine Health Insider
    Briefings on Hospital Safety
    California Healthy Living Magazine
    Capital City Care Blog
    Chiropractic Economics
    Clinical Advisor
    Clinical Researcher
    Colorado Trust
    Community Health Magazine
    Content That Works' Caregiver Guide
    Counselor magazine
    CRUSH Fitness Magazine
    CURE magazine
    CVS Caremark's Grow With Us
    Daily Nurse
    Dentist's Money Digest
    Diabetes Forecast
    Diabetic Living
    Dietary Supplement News
    Eat This, Not That
    Eating Well
    Elements Behavioral Health
    EMR & EHR
    EMS World
    Endocrinology Network
    ENT Today
    Everyday Health
    Experience Life
    EyeWorld Magazine
    First Report Managed Care
    Fitness magazine
    Florida Medical Business
    For the Record
    Frontline Medical News
    GeneSight Blog
    Genome Magazine
    Global Health Now
    GreatCall Currents
    Health Affairs
    Health Direct
    Health Monitor
    Healthcare Briefings
    Healthcare Dive
    Healthcare Innovation News
    Healthcare Risk Management
    HealthLeaders Magazine
    Healthy Aging
    Healthy Cells Magazine
    Hospital Peer Review
    IDEA Health & Fitness
    Kaiser Health News
    Lab Tests Online
    Life Science Leader
    Live in the Now
    Living Well 60 Plus
    Managed Care Magazine
    Managed Healthcare Executive
    Massage Therapy Journal
    Max Sports & Fitness
    McKnight's Long-Term Care News
    Med Ad News
    MedEsthetics Magazine
    Medical Dealer
    Medical Economics
    Medical Home News
    Medical Marketing & Media
    MedicalExpo e-magazine
    Medline Outpatient Outcomes
    MedPage Today
    Men's Health
    Minority Nurse Magazine
    Modern Healthcare
    Muscle & Fitness
    Muscle & Performance magazine
    NEJM Catalyst
    Neurology Now
    Neurology Times
    New Nutrition Business
    Octane Athletic Performance
    Organic Connections Magazine
    Omron Healthcare Blog
    Oncology Business Management
    Ophthalmology Management Magazine
    OR Today
    Outpatient Surgery Magazine
    Pain Medicine News
    Part B News
    Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor
    PhenoLot Magazine
    Physician's Money Digest
    Physicians Practice magazine
    Population Health News
    Practical Pain Management
    Practice Link
    Psychology Today
    PT in Motion
    Radiology Life
    Radiology Today
    Remedy Health Media
    Retinal Physician
    Reuters Health
    RT magazine
    Salonpas Blog
    Salud Movil
    Spinal Cord Injury Journal
    Spirit of Women magazine
    Student Health 101
    Student Science
    Senior Living Executive
    Taste For Life
    The Health Journal
    The Hospitalist
    The Lancet Neurology
    The Lancet Oncology
    The Leaf
    The Mighty
    The Mommy MD Guide
    The Rheumatologist
    The Serious Sleep Blog
    Thought Leaders' Corner for Accountable Care News
    Today's Dietitian
    Van Winkle's
    Vim & Vigor
    WBUR CommonHealth Blog
    WebMD Cancer Blog
    Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News
    Women's Health
    Women's Running
    Yahoo Health
    Yoga Journal

    Law/Government/Politics News
    ABA Journal
    American City & County
    American Legion Magazine
    Bloomberg Big Law Business
    Capital & Main
    City Limits (NY)
    Defence Contracts Bulletin (UK)
    Employee Terminations Law Bulletin
    Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Emergency Management
    Entertainment Law Journal
    Equal Voice News
    Government Product News
    Government Technology
    GX: The Guard Experience
    Heat Street
    Homeland Security Today magazine
    HR Compliance Law Bulletin
    Investigation Discovery Magazine
    Jane's International Defence Review
    Law Enforcement Technology magazine
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    Military Officer Magazine
    Military Surplus Retail Newsletter
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    Military Transition News
    National Law Journal
    Next City
    Paralegal Today
    Public CIO
    Scoop News Group
    Special Counsel
    Sports Litigation Alert
    The Crime Report
    The Hill
    The Resume Place
    The Trace
    Westlaw Journal Health Law
    Westlaw Journal Insurance Coverage
    Westlaw Journal Software Law
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    Westlaw Journal White-Collar Crime
    Westlaw Journals Securities Litigation & Regulation
    Whistleblower News Review

    Lifestyle/Parenting/Women’s News
    American Gunsmith
    Antique Trader magazine
    Atlanta Magazine
    Atlanta Parent
    Badass + Living
    Baltimore at Home Magazine
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    Best of NJ
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    Carolina Parent
    City & Shore magazine
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    Costco Connection
    Country Living
    Dame magazine
    Deer & Deer Hunting
    Denver Life Magazine
    Desert Leaf (AZ)
    Divine Caroline
    Dr. Oz The Good Life
    duPont REGISTRY Luxury Living in Tampa Bay
    Ebony magazine
    Edge Magazine
    Every Day with Rachael Ray
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    Family Education
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    First for Women
    Fit and Fab Living
    Fit Pregnancy
    Fit Pregnancy and Baby
    For Her magazine
    Freetail Therapy
    Garden & Gun magazine
    Gentleman's Gazette
    Good Housekeeping
    HERLIFE Magazine
    HerStories Project
    HGTV magazine
    Highlights for Kids
    Hilton Head Monthly (SC)
    HomeStyle 365
    Hudson Valley Magazine
    Hudson Valley Parent (NY)
    In the Nation by Nationwide
    ItemLive (MA)
    John Wayne Magazine
    Kappa Alpha Journal
    L.A. Parent magazine
    Lakeshore Living magazine
    Life & Style Weekly
    Lifetime Daily
    Living Magazine
    Long Island Weekly (NY)
    LX Magazine
    Martha Stewart Weddings
    Maximum Yield
    Meade Magazine
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    Modern Man
    Modern Mom
    Montgomery Magazine
    More magazine
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    Resident Magazine
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    Senior Living Magazine
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    Senior Planet
    Sesi Magazine
    Simply The Best
    Sotheby's Art & Home Magazine
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    Teen Vogue
    Texas Jewish Post
    The Bathroom Minutes
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    The Clymb
    The Coaching Connector
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    The Cooperator South Florida
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    Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine
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    Cisco WebEx Blog
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    Database Trends & Applications
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    Design World
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    ECT News
    Electronic Retailer
    Engineering News-Record
    Enterprise Apps Today
    eSecurity Planet
    Federal Computer Week
    FedTech Magazine
    Forensic Science Education Blog
    Future Intelligence News (UK)
    GetApp Lab
    HEAT Security Blog
    IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub
    IBM Thoughts on Cloud
    IEEE Spectrum
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    InfoSec Institute
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    iPhone Life Magazine
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    IRgA Today
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    Law Enforcement Technology magazine
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    Mobile Labs
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    National Robotics Education Foundation
    Nature Magazine
    Nature Plants
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    New Scientist
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    Proto Magazine
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    Tom's IT Pro
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    Web Hosting Sun
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    Yahoo Tech

    Travel/Hospitality/Art News Business Travel
    Alaska Beyond (Alaska Airlines Magazine)
    American Airlines' Cent$ Magazine
    American Way
    APEX Experience Magazine
    Art Bodega Magazine
    Atlas Obscura
    Business Jet Traveler
    Business Travel Executive
    Corporate & Incentive Travel
    Day Trips New England
    Delta Sky Magazine
    Departures Magazine
    Friendly Planet
    Funworld Magazine
    Gift Shop Magazine
    Hemispheres Magazine
    Hotwire Blog
    InPark Magazine
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    New England Ski Journal
    Private Clubs
    RV Pro magazine
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    Souvenirs Gifts & Novelties
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    Travel Pulse
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    Virtuoso Life
    WDW News Today
    WHERE New York

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    Journalist Spotlight: Karen Appold, Freelance Journalist

    Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 9:14 AM [Journalist Spotlight]
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    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet users share their insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    In this edition, we catch up with award-winning journalist Karen Appold.

    Based in Lehigh Valley, Pa., Appold earned a B.A. in English (writing) from Pennsylvania State University, and has more than 20 years of editorial experience. She has owned an editorial business, Write Now Services, since 2003, and works with an extensive range of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and media.

    For those not familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about the topics you cover?

    I write for trade publications in a variety of medical specialties and cover the healthcare industry for managed healthcare executives. I also write about retail for trade publications in the gift shop industry.

    You’ve used ProfNet for a long time, so I’m sure you've gotten a lot of replies to your queries over the years. What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong?

    It’s helpful when PR people respond with a source suggestion and include their employment details or a link to their bio. I usually can’t use sources from vendors, and it’s not always clear if someone is a vendor, so PR people should be upfront about that.

    Is there anything PR reps can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Fast responses to my request, and offering sources who can answer questions via email.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches?

    No, not unless I have a post looking for article ideas for a specific publication.

    Do you use social media, either to connect with people or to promote your articles?

    I’m on LinkedIn.

    What’s your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    An article featuring an auctioneer -- which I won a Keystone Press Award for.

    Anything else you’d like to add?

    I really value the service that ProfNet provides. I’ve received hundreds of great sources from it.

    Journalist Spotlight: Amanda Baltazar, Freelance Journalist

    Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 12:30 PM [Journalist Spotlight]
    0 (0 Ratings)

    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, PR Newswire for Journalists and ProfNet users share their insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    In this edition, we catch up with Amanda Baltazar, a freelance writer for a variety of trade publications.

    Amanda writes about nearly everything -- except perhaps politics. A few of her trade and industry specialties include restaurants, food, beverages, retail, and health. She also writes essays for consumer publications. You can view more about her on her website:

    Amanda, for those not familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about the topics you cover?

    I write almost exclusively for B2B magazines, focusing on food/beverages/restaurants/bars and retail.

    You’ve used ProfNet for a long time, so I’m sure you've gotten a lot of replies to your queries over the years. What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong?

    There’s not really a formula for this, but when PRs write to ask who I’m writing for, I don’t have the time to write back if I’ve been inundated with responses, so that may lose them a placement for that article.

    Some PRs take too long in their initial email to get to the information I need, with paragraphs of irrelevant detail before actually answering my pitch; and some don’t provide enough information for me to figure out if the pitch is relevant.

    On the plus side, some PRs seem to read my mind and send the perfect amount of detail, and are to the point. They even include links in case I need to research more before contacting them back.

    Another winner is when PRs say they can put me in touch with their client within X number of days (or whatever) so I’m confident they’ll actually come through, and some go above and beyond, offering up their client who also knows a certain other person that they could probably get on the phone, too.

    Is there anything PRs can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Follow-ups help. Sometimes I go through my responses and contact the five (or however many) PRs for sources, but at some point one or more may fall through. If someone happens to follow up at around that time, I may just contact that PR rather than rake through the whole list again. The offer of artwork can often seal a deal, too.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches? If so, what are your guidelines for those?

    No, I’m not a fan of these because I am never short of material for story ideas.

    Do you use social media, either to connect with people or to promote your articles?

    No, but I have a personal list of sources I sometimes contact for stories.

    What’s your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    I don’t have a favorite but I do have favorite sources, who I have developed a relationship with over years. Or other sources that I have just met and we have an amazing conversation. As someone who works from home, those connections go a long way towards making this job memorable.

    Anything else you’d like to add about how sources can best work with you?

    Every now and then a source is a dud and it’s usually not because he or she doesn’t know their topic. They just can’t explain it. I had this happen recently and I was pretty sure the guy had some fascinating things to tell me about his kitchen but I just couldn’t get the details out of him and ended up not including him in the story. I asked the PR for someone else from the restaurant, but unfortunately he was unable to make it happen. The key is for PRs to make sure their source is personable and can speak eloquently about the topic.

    ProfNet Journalist Spotlight: Finance and Investment Writer Lou Carlozo

    Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 2:31 PM [Journalist Spotlight]
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    In our Journalist Spotlight Q&A series, ProfNet users share insight and advice on how PR professionals and experts can improve communications and increase their chances of being featured in their publications.

    Lou Carlozo (@LouCarlozo63) is the managing editor at BAI, a nonprofit organization based in Chicago that works within banking and the financial services industry.

    An award-winning journalist based in Chicago, Carlozo spent 16 years with the Chicago Tribune, where he served as a syndicated weekly features columnist, writing coach, music editor and critic, and the creator of “The Recession Diaries.” He was also a former managing editor for AOL’s personal finance site and a full-time freelance contributor for Reuters and U.S. News & World Report.

    Lou, for those not familiar with your work, can you talk a little about some of the publications you write for and the topics you cover?

    I just started work as the managing editor at BAI (Bank Administration Institute). I also continue to freelance for U.S. News & World Report covering investment, and I’m the stocks expert for, which has just launched as an exciting new financial website, The Balance.

    You’ve used ProfNet for many years, starting back when you were on staff with the Tribune, so you've gotten a lot of replies to your queries over the years. What are PR pros doing right – and what are they getting wrong?

    The pros who get it right build relationships with me, and vice versa. Relationships drive everything we do in media, so it isn’t just answering one query. It’s letting me know more about who they are, whom they represent and what we can do to help each other. I’ve made no bones about the fact that publicists help me do the job every day.

    As for the cons, there aren’t many. It’s sometimes hard when publicists are insistent about “can you tell me if this article ran, and where can I find it?” That’s hard for me to chase down 10 times a day. Also, I can’t tell you how many times PR people don’t read the queries close enough. If I ask for comments specifically via email, that doesn’t mean dropping everything to do a 45-minute phoner.

    Is there anything PR reps can do to set themselves apart from other respondents?

    Absolutely. Don’t settle for one answered query. If a reporter is open to it, check in once a week to see what they’re working on. Additionally, I’ve had some PR people volunteer to help me with a deadline, even if they didn’t have a client in their stable. I can’t even begin to express how much that wins my loyalty. Their sources get top priority the next time around.

    Also, get to know the reporter as a flesh-and-blood person with a life outside of journalism. Some of the PR pros I’ve dealt with have become trusted friends and guides, and I know something of their character and work ethic from what they share about their lives outside the office. Be warm. Have a sense of humor. Be persistent but polite. And understand the view from the journalist’s side: massive deadlines, massive amounts of coffee, stress often around the clock. To the extent you can say, “How can I serve and help?” you’ll win connections for life.

    Are you open to cold calls/pitches? If so, what are your guidelines for those?

    Yes. Send me email (, and help me understand why this story is something that is in my wheelhouse, and why it matters. If you know and research my work ahead of time, it shows me that you have a true understanding of what works for me, and that I’m not just a “pitch target."

    Do you use social media at all, either to connect with people or to promote your articles? If so, how? If not, why not?

    I’m a “superuser” on LinkedIn (, with more than 2,500 first-level connections and counting -- conservatively, that’s 2.5 million people I’m two handshakes away from. I will sometimes post my own blogs, stories and story requests there, and on Facebook as well.

    With LinkedIn, though, it’s not merely about numbers. I always try to introduce myself to a new connection and let them know I’m open to working together. Never send a connection request with “I’d like to join your professional network on Linkedin.” Make the note personal; show that you have an appreciation and knowledge of the work they do, and that you’re willing to help them. This has led to some of the best freelance assignments I’ve ever had, and lasting friendships. “Friend” can be a dirty word among journalism’s ethics wonks, but most of us are mature to understand that it’s not about shilling for each other: It’s helping each other.

    What’s been your favorite or most memorable story you’ve written?

    Picking a favorite is always difficult; there have been so many. If I had to pick a few on the opposite ends of the spectrum, I profiled a Chicago mother who lost her world in a single accidental gunshot: Her toddler daughter was killed, and her husband went to jail. I won a shared Polk Award for my stories in that series. I also broke a major story for Reuters highlighting how the U.S. has the largest college dropout rate in the world. To pin down the key final numbers, I had to contact the author of a report while he was on a plane.

    On the funny end, I once interviewed Barney the Dinosaur for my nationally syndicated DVD column at the Chicago Tribune. Of course, it was the voice of Barney, but the publicist kept insisting it was the real Barney, and they wanted me to play along. The voice guy refused to identify himself as anything other than Barney. So I tried to grill him about being too facile for kids, and he responded, “You have to pardon me if I’m nervous; it’s hard to do interviews after 100 million years.” I also am the only journalist in history that’s ever appeared in an Archie cartoon -- right up there with winning a Pulitzer. If you go to my Facebook page, the first frame of the Archie cartoon is there. They made me look less balding than I am.

    Whether you’re a journalist looking for experts, or an expert looking to be quoted, ProfNet can help. Sign up as a source at, or click here to send a query as a journalist:

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