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Medallion Guarantees
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Uploaded By: Laura Anthony, Esq.
Date Added: May 26, 2017
Description: Medallion Guarantees- A medallion guarantee is a special signature guarantee used for the transfer of securities. Although from a logistical standpoint, a medallion guarantee is similar to a notary, in that a person checks the signatory’s identification and puts a stamp on their signature, it has far different implications. Only specialized groups such as financial institutions, transfer agents, or broker dealers can offer medallion guarantee services. Institutions that offer the services must be part of one of three medallion guarantee programs, including: (i) securities transfer agents medallion program; (ii) stock exchanges medallion program; and (iii) New York Stock Exchange Medallion Signature Program. The medallion stamp confirms that the institution providing the stamp is a member of a Medallion signature guarantee program and is an acceptable signature guarantor. Also, the group providing the stamp is actually guaranteeing that the signature is not a forgery but rather is the authentic signature of the person providing such signature. Beyond that the Medallion guarantee confirms the authority of the individual signatore to sign for a particular entity, such as a corporate, trust or estate. Over the years, fewer financial institutions have been willing to provide a medallion guarantee, and most require that the person have an account with the financial institution as a precondition to providing the service. Recently, one internet based service, eSignature Guarantee Group, offers medallion guarantees through an online process. eSignature is a member of the Securities Transfer Agent Medallion Program. In the age of sophisticated cyber-security technology designed to authenticate identification, the eSignature program is both timely and necessary to the securities industry. has been a welcome solution for my clients across the board.
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