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Regulation A – Statistics
Regulation A – Statistics- Since the new Regulation A came into effect on June 19, 2015, its use has continued to steadily increase. According to The Vintage Group, through November 30, 2016, there were a total of 165 Regulation A+ filings, 16 of which were subsequently withdrawn. Of these, 130 have been qualified by the SEC, with the average time to receive qualification being 101 days. Some companies have filed multiple Regulation A+ offerings. The 130 qualified offerings represent 94 different companies. Thirty eight (38) of the 94 companies completed Tier 1 offerings and 56 completed Tier 2. The average offering size of Tier 1 offerings is $9.5 million and $28.9 million for Tier 2 offerings. As reported by The Vintage Group, the average cost of a Tier 1 offering has been $120,000 and of a Tier 2 offering has been $920,000. I am assuming this includes marketing costs...
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