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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: communications, media, video
      Summary of expertise:
      I use my background in journalism and film to build awareness and grow the influence of mission-driven people and businesses. My agency is called Red Cup Consulting.

      For the past 15 years I've produced, written, directed and executive produced documentaries, specials and series for cable networks such as Court TV, Discovery Health, The Learning Channel , Food Network, Reelz, Bravo and History.

      I am a New Yorker by birth and moved out to California in 1988. Back then, I had a three-feature deal with Disney to write narrative fiction films, and continued fiction work by writing television dramas. Among a certain age group I am known for writing a cartoon called ThunderCats.

      I founded a production company, DocuCinema, in 1998 to produce documentaries, series and specials, and in 2010 founded a communications and media agency called Red Cup Consulting, which is why you're reading this now.

      I write for The Huffington Post, mostly about design for good and social action, and also do a podcast called be global, about visionaries who use the Internet to foster collaboration.

      I only represent causes and issues that I believe in myself, so if we’re working together on your online communications with Red Cup Consulting, I put everything I’ve got behind your mission.
      Blog/Web site: Http://redcupconsulting.com
      Twitter: twitter.com/docuguy
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redcupoffice
      Prior media experience:
      Former producer for Dateline NBC and Fox News. Former writer for Good Morning America. Current director of DocuCinema and the be global podcast. Current writer for The Huffington Post. Blog Talk Radio appearances as an interviewee on Smart Marketing for Small Business.
      Educational background:
      Antioch College; psychology and journalism. UCLA, master class in photography.
      communications, online collaboration, film, food, wine, adventure travel.

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