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    • Title:President
    • Organization:ImageLink LLC
    • Area of Expertise:Practice Management, Sales, Admin

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Practice Management, Sales, Admin
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      Kurt H. Taylor is the President of ImageLink LLC. Mr. Taylor has been in the healthcare field for the past 24 years, working for medical practices, diagnostic imaging companies serving as administrator, director of marketing and sales, and training operations manager. Prior to founding ImageLink, Mr. Taylor ran a spinal orthopedic practice and was manager for a large pediatric practice with multiple locations. In 2001, he became operations manager for MedQuest, a diagnostic outpatient company, where he became training operations manager. In 2006 he became a marketing and sales manager with one of the largest outpatient diagnostic centers in the country. His responsibilities included growing the volume in existing centers, while training doctors and their staff on the latest technology that assisted the practices with scheduling their patients in more effective ways and acquiring studies more efficiently to help save time while expediting care for patients. In addition, he developed a department that specialized in alternative revenue streams. This department was responsible for the scheduling of business that was considered outside the normal functions of the 22 centers in the state of Georgia. These alternative revenue streams included the VA Hospital, personal Injury cases, clinical research, concierge practices, and workman’s comp. Mr. Taylor received his degree from West Virginia University in 1993, with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology with an emphasis on Criminal Justice.
      Educational background:
      West Virginia University

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