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      Tara and Mike Myers
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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: love, marriage, simple deliberate living
      Summary of expertise:
      Tara & Mike Myers are a Las Vegas-turned-Chicago couple who donated 80 combined years of “stuff,” exited suburbia and traded consumerism for a “less-is-fabulous” life in a 450sf studio (no TV or car). Both divorcees, they met in the most unusual way. They share a brain. Possibly a childhood. Definitely a heart.
 Mike retired as Las Vegas fire chief in early 2013. Six months later, Tara resigned her dream job, national brand director in Chicago, so they could spend every minute together. It gave them time to focus on journaling their life one kiss at a time and spreading love through kissingtour.com.
 They conceived the idea on a Baltimore barstool in 2012, and have been spreading romance every since. From San Francisco to Sweden. From Paul Bunyan’s boot to the Papal apartment. From New Mexico’s fiestas to the Blackhawk’s victory parade. In 7 countries, 16 states. They live big, kiss often and do it with just 100 items each (think style, not backpacker). They're addicted to guacamole.
      Blog/Web site: http://www.kissingtour.com
      Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kissingtour
      Prior media experience:
      Both seasoned professionals, Tara and Mike Myers, "the kissers" have extensive print and broadcast (live and taped) media experience. They are comfortable with all formats, have been professionally trained and have educated others in media relations protocol, wardrobe and etiquette. Prior to exiting their traditional careers to spread love through kissingtour, Tara and Mike were regularly in the media spotlight. Mike, retired Las Vegas fire chief, was frequently interviewed by leading fire industry publications, in addition to Las Vegas-area print, TV and radio outlets. Tara, former national brand director for YMCA of the USA, and marketing and public relations director for YMCA of Southern Nevada before that, has been a public relations advisor and/or media spokesperson throughout her 17-year career.
      Educational background:
      Tara Myers: M.A. communication studies, University of Nevada Las Vegas; B.A. business/advertising, Mercyhurst College
      Mike Myers: B.A. healthcare administration, University of Phoenix
      Donna Kozik, MBA, (619) 787-1382, donnakozikbiz@gmail.com
      David Slattery, MD, (702) 303-2271, dslattery@lasvegasnevada.gov

      running, travel, hiking, clean eating, vegetarianism, eliminating distractions, living below our means, storytelling, classic literature
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