Jody Ordioni

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    • Member Type(s): Expert
    • Title:Chief Brand Officer and President
    • Organization:Brandemix
    • Area of Expertise:Talent Branding, Human Resources

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Talent Branding, Human Resources
      Summary of expertise:
      Jody Ordioni is a keynote speaker, author, founder and chief branding officer of Brandemix - a New York-based branding and communications agency that solves challenges through defining and marketing organizational culture to the people who drive business forward. With experience working across a wide range of industries from retail and tech to non-profit and healthcare, she is best-known for her work in keeping the relationship between the employee and employer authentic, engaging and true to the company's brand.
      Books/articles published:
      Book: The Talent Brand: The Complete Guide to Creating Emotional Employee Buy-In for Your Organization (LID Publishing, 2017)

      Press Release: Branding Expert Jody Ordioni Energizes Workforce in Her Latest Book, The Talent Brand: The Complete Guide to Creating Emotional Employee Buy-In for Your Organization (PRWeb, May 2018)

      Article: Here’s a Recipe for Creating a Successful Employment Video (TLNT, February 2018)

      Article: Jody Ordioni Founder & Chief Branding Officer of Brandemix (IdeaMensch, February 2018)

      Article: What’s Your Connection? Emotion Good For Your Brand, Your Organization’s Talent Brand (The Movement Blog, March 2018)

      Article: Jody Ordioni Interview (Brand Marketing Blog, November 2017)

      Article: 46 Books Every New Manager Should Read (Fupping, July 2018)

      5-Star Book Review (Readers' Favorite, January 2018)

      Gold medal winner in the "HR/Employee Training" category in the 2018 Axiom Business Book Awards

      Winner in the "Marketing & PR" category in the 2018 National Indie Excellence Award

      Prior media experience:
      Podcast: What is talent branding? (Small Business Advocate, July 2018)

      Podcast: Include talent branding in your acquisition process (Small Business Advocate, July 2018)

      talent branding, branding,research, marketing, advertising, employer branding and HR communications, engagement communications, internal communications, change management, benefit communications, social networking


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