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    How to Engage Audience while Delivering a Presentation

    Friday, October 4, 2019, 3:10 AM [General]
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    According to statistics reported by researchers, there are more than 500 million PowerPoint users worldwide. About 120 million of them are using PowerPoint for their educational, business, and marketing presentations.

    Well, the question is, with so many people using PowerPoint presentations, how can you stand out? The answer is quite simple - Keep your audience engaged. Connect your audience on a personal level. Start the presentation with an effective ice breaker. Tell them a joke to make them burst into laughter. You can quote a famous person and use it as an inspiration. Set a lighter atmosphere for your audience.

    With your audience being the focus, work on the following tips to create an appealing presentation: 

    Know your target audience

    Feed your audience’s appetite. Read their psyche and know what they are looking for. Prepare an interesting visual of the desired information. Offer them with the material befitting their interests. Satiate their curiosity with the required amount of knowledge through your effective and comprehensive PowerPoint presentation.

    Keep your content a priority

    Do thorough research on the topic. Only add the content that resonates with your main points. Be precise with the explanation to avoid lengthy, boring display of your collected information. Either you are pitching an idea or informing something to your audience, keep it concise and to the point. Limit the content of presentation to relevant topics of discussion. Formulate a certain structure and try not to deviate too far from it at any point.

    Create a readable presentation

    Follow the Rule of Three, a concept devised by Aristotle. It states to stick to 3 main concepts to deliver your point while making it readable and comprehensive for your viewers. Consider the 10/20/30 rule coined by Guy Kawasaki. He proposes to create 10 slides with content written in a font not less than size 30 and present those slides in 20 minutes. This will make your presentation legible and clear for every age group in the audience. It will also aid you in sticking to the relevant point, without sounding it tedious. Create a simple PowerPoint template using relevant fonts, bright colors according to the theme.

    Add high-quality images

    Images and graphs act as a visual aid to put forward your complex data in a simple manner. They serve to be a supplement to your speech and enhance the way your presentation looks. Appeal to your audience with high-quality visuals to capture your viewer’s attention. Use them as an illustration to lay emphasis on your content. Make sure that the images you use support the topic of discussion. With more images and less text, engage your audience with just sufficient yet interesting facts.

    Create a quality layout

    Enrich your presentation with a quality layout. Be consistent with the layout theme and design. Make use of effective and clear fonts. Choose the color of the slides wisely. Incorporate white spaces in your slides to avoid crowding. Take the help of the ready to use PowerPoint templates to design your presentation slides effortlessly. You can always make variations to the default template according to your desirability. This will not only save you some extra time but will also aid you in preparing an impactful presentation without any hassle.

    Make your presentation interactive

    Research states that audience engagement spikes to about 92% if the attendees interact during the presentation. It falls to about 78% if the presenter does all the talking. Ask questions in between to arouse the interests of your audience. Engage them by creating a sense of suspense and curiosity every now and then. Build an interactive connection with your audience to keep them involved in your presentation.

    Practice your delivery

    Slides in a presentation are of the least significance if you fail to present them effectively. How you stand, create gestures with hands, your tone of voice, accent, pauses between sentences and facial expressions largely affects the deliverance of your presentation. Thoroughly rehearse your content with the appropriate tone and gestures. Timely practice will make you more confident while delivering the presentation. Fetch a positive and satisfactory response from your audience with a well-prepared PowerPoint presentation.

    Make sure to leave with a clear and memorable ending. Impress your audience with an effective, persuasive and engaging PowerPoint presentation. To focus more on delivering the presentation, get free PPT slides online and spend your time practicing it rather than spending time on creating it.

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