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      Jecka Glasman
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    • Title:General Manager
    • Organization:SodaStream USA
    • Area of Expertise:Eco-Friendly Companies, Plastic

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Eco-Friendly Companies, Plastic
      Summary of expertise:
      I can speak to environmental sustainability in the beverage industry. My company is helping to reduce the presence of single-use plastic bottles in the waste stream and in waterways, and I can comment on what the beverage industry on a whole should be doing to further this goal. Due to single-use plastic bottles, the bottled water and soda industries are trying to grow profits at the expense of the Earth. Americans use 50 billion plastic bottles each year, and only 23-30% of them are properly recycled. At SodaStream, we want to see the bottled water industry embrace PRE-cycling and change their business models to prevent the waste and polllution up front by putting beverages in 100% biodegradable bottles.

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