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      Amy Delman
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    • Title:Owner
    • Organization:Sterile Space Infection Defense LLC
    • Area of Expertise:public infection prevention services

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: public infection prevention services
      Summary of expertise:
      Irwin Stromeyer’s education, experience and expertise positions him as an expert in the field of public infection prevention services. He makes indoor environments healthier by significantly
      reducing the infectious germ load on a surface from surviving, thriving and recolonizing surfaces
      with infectious micro-organisms.
      Blog/Web site:
      Prior media experience:
      -Reader's Digest "The Right Way To Germ-Proof Your Plane Seat" (8/6/19)

      -NJBiz "Only 45 percent of NJ seniors have gotten flu shot, survey finds" (11/1/18)

      -Fox News "Shoes on or off? The gross truth about wearing footwear in the house" (10/24/18) "The Ugly (and Filthy) Truth About Wearing Shoes in the House (10/22/18)

      WFME interview- Irwin Guest On Radio Show (9/1/18)

      Talkers FM- Irwin Guest On Radio Show, (8/21/18)

      Interviewed on Jersey Matters -"Leading Voice of Infection Defense

      -The Jeanne Parnell Show- "Irwin Stromeyer, Owner of Sterile Space Infection Defense LLC Interviewed on The Jeanne Parnell Show" (04/27/2018)

      1450 WCTC-"Irwin Stromeyer, owner of Sterile Space Infection Defense"(04/19/2018)

      ROI-NJ- "Bug busters: Sterile Space is who you call to keep your business free from germs" (04/11/2018)

      Educational background:
      Rochester Institute of Technology
      BS Field Of StudyPrinting & Imaging Systems
      Dates attended or expected graduation 1982 – 1985

      Activities and Societies: Golf, Target Shooting, Skeet & Trap, Flying
      What Everyone Needs To Know About Germs, Cleaning/Decontaminating AND The Flu Before The Next Pandemic

      What You Don’t Know About Infectious Organisms AND Why You Should Care

      What Would Fewer Germs In Your School/Daycare Center/Child Entertainment
      Facility Mean To Staff, Students and Parents?’

      What Is Ultrasonic Cleaning AND Why You Need To Know

      Over 80% Of People Catch infections By Cross Contamination: What Everyone Needs To Be Taught About Handwashing

      New Parents/Grandparents: Educate Yourself About Carpet And The 200,000 Bacteria Living In The Average Square Inch

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