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    • Title:Professor
    • Organization:NYU, Univ.of Baltimore School of Law
    • Area of Expertise:Civil Rights, Human Rights, Race, Consti

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Civil Rights, Human Rights, Race, Consti
      Summary of expertise:
      F. Michael Higginbotham is a renowned law professor, author and international political consultant. A civil rights, human rights and constitutional legal expert, Higginbotham has appeared in media worldwide. His book GHOSTS OF JIM CROW was just released and offers a solution to America's race problem, once and for all. Higginbotham's RACE LAW books are used in law schools across the United States and abroad.
      Blog/Web site: fmichaelhigginbotham.org
      White paper/research:
      Higginbotham has published in the Yale and Harvard Law Reviews (among others).
      Books/articles published:
      Book, GHOSTS OF JIM CROW: ENDING RACISM IN “POST –RACIAL” AMERICA , New York University Press (March 2013)

      Teacher’s Manual, RACE LAW: CASES, COMMENTARY AND QUESTIONS (Third Edition), Carolina Academic Press (August 2010)

      Casebook, RACE LAW: CASES, COMMENTARY AND QUESTIONS (Third Edition), Carolina Academic Press (May 2010)

      Article, An Open Letter From Heaven to Barack Obama, 32 University of Hawaii Law Review 1 (April 2010)

      Editorial, A Request From Heaven to the President, Daily News A15 (January 31, 2010)

      Editorial, Is America Finally Ready to Elect a Black President?, Desert Sun B8 (October 16, 2008)

      Editorial, Racism Less Pervasive More Complex, Baltimore Sun A21 (April 4, 2008)

      Editorial, Recognition Long Overdue, Washington Afro-American A9 (March 31, 2007)

      Editorial, Worst Supreme Court Decision Ever Continues to Haunt, Washington Afro-American A8 (March 9, 2007)

      Article, An Open Letter from Heaven to Justice Samuel Alito, 23 Harvard Blackletter Law Journal 9 (February 2007)

      Editorial, Setting the Record Straight, Washington Afro-American A11 (January 28, 2006)

      Editorial, Hard-Won Victory Must Be Secured, Baltimore Sun C5 (August 7, 2005)
      Teacher’s Manual, RACE LAW: CASES, COMMENTARY AND QUESTIONS (Second Edition), Carolina Academic Press (January 2005)

      Casebook, RACE LAW: CASES, COMMENTARY AND QUESTIONS (Second Edition), Carolina Academic Press (January 2005)

      Editorial, Bush and The Black Vote, Washington Afro-American A13 (October 30, 2004)

      Book Chapter, Judge Harry Edwards, contained in AFRICAN-AMERICAN LIVES 266, Oxford University Press (February 2004)

      Editorial, The Court Has Granted Wide Deference to Colleges, Chronical Review B11 (March 28, 2003) (reprinted in 63 Louisiana Law Review 697 (December 2003)

      Article, A Dream Revived: The Rise of The Black Reparations Movement, 58 Annual Survey of American Law 447 (February 2003)

      Editorial, Townsend-The Clear Choice, Baltimore Afro-American A7 (November 2, 2002)

      Editorial, Democrats For Ehrlich? What A Confused Group!, Prince George’s Journal A11 (October 31, 2002)

      Article, Speaking Truth to Power, 20 Yale Law and Police Review 341 (July 2002)

      Teacher’s Manual, RACE LAW: CASES, COMMENTARY AND QUESTIONS, Carolina Academic Press (September 2001)

      Casebook, RACE LAW: CASES, COMMENTARY AND QUESTIONS, Carolina Academic Press (September 2001)

      Article, Promises Kept, 6 Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy 11 (July 2001)

      Article, Who Will Carry the Baton?, 33 Loyola Los Angeles Law Review 1015 (August 2000)

      Editorial, William Gosnell: Brown’s Unsung Hero, Baltimore Afro-American A6 (July 6, 2000)

      Article, A Man for All Seasons, 16 Harvard Blackletter Law Journal 7 (July 2000)
      Article, Soldiers for Justice: The Role of the Tuskegee Airmen in the Desegregation of the American Armed Forces, 8 William & Mary Bill of Rights Law Journal 273 (June 2000) (reprinted in 1 Nota Bene 19 (Spring 2001)

      Article, Affirmative Action in the United States and South Africa: Lessons From the Other Side, 13 Temple International & Comparative Law Journal 101 (February 2000) (reprinted in Portuguese in 3 Cadernos Do PPG Dir./UFRGS 197 (March 2005)

      Editorial, Saving The Dream for All, Human Rights Magazine 23 (May 1999)

      Editorial, Drum Majors for Justice, Baltimore Sun A17 (February 18, 1999)

      Editorial, Judge Higginbotham Will Be Sorely Missed, National Law Journal A26 (December 28, 1998)

      Editorial, Glendening—The Clear Choice, Baltimore Afro-American A5 (October 31, 1998)

      Editorial, Bar Group Rolls Up Welcome Mat, Crisis Magazine 12 (September 1998)

      Editorial, A Military Strike Against Racism, Boston Globe A15 (July 25, 1998)

      Article, Thurgood Marshall: Legal Strategist for the Civil Rights Movement, 1997 Association for the Study of Afro-American History 14 (November 1996)

      Editorial, An American Tragedy: The Enduring Legacy of Plessy, Baltimore Afro-American A5 (May 25, 1996)

      Article, Affirmative Action and the Mistakes of Adarand, 1995 Annual Survey of American Law 401 (February 1996)

      Editorial, On Gender and Racial Issues Justices Suffer from Rare Disease, 2 University of Baltimore Alumni Magazine 21 (Fall 1995)

      Article, The Price of Apartheid, 38 Howard University Law Journal 371 (May 1995)

      Article, Sins From The Past and Lessons For The Future: Eliminating Apartheid in South African Public Accommodations and The Challenge To An Enlightened Judiciary, 12 Boston University International Law Journal 1 (January 1995)

      Article, “Yearning to Breathe Free”: Legal Barriers Against and Options in Favor of Liberty in Antebellum Virginia, with A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., 68 New York University Law Review 401 (June 1994)

      Editorial, And Now the Hard Work Begins in South Africa, Boston Globe A14 (May 16, 1994)

      Editorial, Reflections on South Africa’s Rendezvous with Destiny, Baltimore Afro-American B1 (May 14, 1994)

      Article, De Jure Housing Segregation in the United States and South Africa: The Difficult Pursuit for Racial Justice, with A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. and S. Sandile Ngcobo, 1990 University of Illinois Law Review 763 (March 1991)

      Article, International Law, the Use of Force in Self-Defense, and the Southern African Conflict, 25 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 529 (December 1987)

      Article, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil”: Developing a Policy for Disclosure by Counsel to Public Corporations, 7 Journal of Corporation Law 285 (January 1982)

      Educator of the Year (awarded 2009 by the President’s Roundtable)

      Honorary Doctor of Humanities (awarded 2004 at Shenandoah University)

      Women’s Bar Association Award (2002 Outstanding Faculty Member)

      Brown University Athletic Hall of Fame (2001 Group Inductee) (Member 1976 Varsity Football Team)

      Distinguished Faculty Award (2000 University of Baltimore Teacher of the Year)

      James May Award of Excellence (1995 University of Baltimore School of Law Recognition of Outstanding Teaching)

      Distinguished Service Award (1994 University of Baltimore Recognition of Community Service)

      Member, District of Columbia Bar
      Chair, Maryland Attorney General’s Task Force on Electronic Weapons
      Co-Chair, O’Malley/Brown Transition Team Minority Affairs Working Group
      Vice-Chair, Civic Frame Incorporated
      Member, Maryland Appellate Judicial Nominating Commission
      Life Member, NAACP
      Member, National Bar Association
      Member, Council on Foreign Relations
      Member, Brown University Athletic Council
      Former President, Public Justice Center
      Former Chair, AALS Committee on Recruitment and Retention of Minority Faculty
      Co-Founder, Baltimore Scholar’s Program

      Prior media experience:
      Higginbotham has appeared in media worldwide including on live television internationally, nationally and on live radio. He has published internationally as well.
      Educational background:

      Cambridge University Cambridge, England (GB)
      Master of Laws Degree awarded June 1985 (International Law) (Human Rights)
      Yale University New Haven, Connecticut (USA)
      Juris Doctor Degree awarded June 1982 (Constitutional Law) (Civil Rights)
      Master of Laws Degree awarded with Honors. Rotary Scholar. Hawks Club. First ever Full-Blue awarded in Basketball.
      President, Cambridge University Basketball Club. Captain, British Universities Basketball Team.


      Brown University Providence, Rhode Island (USA)
      Bachelor of Arts Degree awarded June 1979 (Classics and Ancient Greek History)
      Bachelor of Arts Degree awarded Magna Cum Laude. Bachelor of Arts Degree awarded with Honors in Classics. Rhodes Scholarship National Finalist representing Rhode Island.
      Member, Varsity Football Team. Representative, University Council of Students. Counselor, Residential Life Program.
      available on request.
      Race and the Law, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional Law and Government

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