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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Summary of expertise:
      Mental health, predictors of good or poor mental health; resiliency, mental health development from early childhood onward; adolescent mental health; childhood mental health; adolescent depression; eating disorders in young women; adolescent suicide; childhood risk factors for drug disorders and drug use in later life
      White paper/research:
      Head of the nation's longest-running study of predictors of good or poor mental health from early childhood onward'a 30--year- ongoing study funded by the National Institutes of Health which studies such topics as a predictors of major depression in early childhood, predictors of eating disorders in young adult women, what makes some adolescents with difficult backgrounds especially resilient to mental health problems, adolescent suicide, adolescent depression, and childhood risk factors for drug disorders later in life.
      Books/articles published:
      Too numerous to mention. Visit www.simmons.edu/ssw/sls for detailed look, and copies of some of the published papers.
      2005 Distinguished Achievement Award, national Society for Social Work and Research for 'major contribution to our understanding of mental health development. 2005 Social Work Pioneer by NASW for 'outstanding contributions' to social work
      Prior media experience:
      Significant experience with national print; moderate with broadcast
      Educational background:
      MSW, Simmons College; Sc.D, Harvard School of Public Health

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