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    • Area of Expertise:Food Policy, Obesity, Nutrition

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Food Policy, Obesity, Nutrition
      Summary of expertise:
      Hank Cardello serves as a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, a non-partisan policy think tank in Washington, DC, where he directs its Obesity Solutions Initiative. He is the author of Stuffed: An Insider's Look at Who's (Really) Making America Fat published by HarperCollins/Ecco. For over three decades, Hank was an executive at some of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, including positions as President of Cadbury-Schweppes’ Sunkist Soft Drinks, Inc., Vice President of Marketing for Canada Dry, Director of Marketing for Coca-Cola USA, and Brand Manager for Anheuser-Busch and General Mills. His perspectives have been shared in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Washington Post, The Economist, and TIME magazine, as well as in major broadcast media, such as CNN, NPR, the BBC, Good Morning America, CNBC, and the major television networks. Mr. Cardello has been a regular contributor to the Atlantic and Forbes on food industry and obesity matters.
      Blog/Web site: obesity-solutions.org
      White paper/research:
      11/04/2016 How Supermarkets Are Shaping Up and Growing Their Lower-Calorie Products: An Analysis of the Fence Sitter Consumer Segment Hudson.org

      05/18/2016 New Realities at Retail Checkout: Challenges and Opportunities for Instant Consumable Candy and Snacks Hudson.org

      10/05/2015 Health & Wellness Trends and Strategies for the Convenience Store Sector Hudson Institute Report

      06/09/2015 How Supermarkets Are Shaping Up and Growing Their Lower-Calorie Products Hudson.org

      10/02/2014 Lower-Calorie Foods and Beverages Fuel Growth at Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Companies Hudson.org

      05/30/2013 Lower-Calorie Foods and Beverages Drive Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
      Companies Sales Growth Hudson Institute and Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Report

      03/06/2013 Better-For-You Foods: An Opportunity to Improve Public Health and Increase Food Industry Profits Hudson Institute Report

      02/07/2013 Lower Calorie Foods: It's Just Good Business Hudson Institute Report
      10/13/2011 Better-For-You Foods: It’s Just Good Business Hudson Institute Report

      03/02/2011 Using Health as a Strategy for Competitive Advantage Columbia Business School, Center on Global Brand Leadership

      Books/articles published:
      Stuffed: An Insider's Look at Who's (Really) Making America Fat and How the Food Industry Can Fix It, Hank Cardello

      05/09/2017 How A Billion Dollars Is Being Wasted In The War On Sugar Forbes

      08/18/2016 Message To Food Companies: Food Activists Are Your New Brand Managers Forbes Online

      05/13/2016 Best Practices in Public Health - Industry Commitments Together Counts

      03/30/2016 Wrong Playbook: Why The NFL's Response To Its Attackers Is Out Of Bounds Forbes Online

      03/21/2016 How Do You Sell Healthy? Convenience Matters Podcast

      02/05/2016 The Truth About Diabetes Debate BBC

      09/29/2015 Shame Is a Losing Strategy For Both Coke And Its Attackers Forbes Online

      06/09/2015 The Better-for-you Business Case: How Is the Supermarket Sector Shaping Up? Food Marketing Institute

      04/21/2015 Is 'Big Food' Doing Enough to Tackle Obesity? Newedge

      04/13/2015 Bridging the Divide in Washington: Take a Cue From Big Food Forbes Online

      02/19/2015 Nestle to Remove Artificial Flavors from its Products CNN

      12/22/2014 Restaurants Should Be Doing More to Fight Obesity--for Their Own Good Forbes Online

      10/02/2014 We're Going Back To Counting Calories...And Here's Why That's A Good Thing Huffington Post

      09/16/2014 Reducing Calories My Fox Austin

      09/04/2014 Why Big Food Belongs in the School Lunchroom Forbes Online

      04/30/2014 A Refreshing (and Successful) Approach to the War on Obesity Forbes

      02/27/2014 CVS and the Rise of Corporate Profitable Morality Forbes

      01/28/2014 How Big Food's Attackers Are Undermining Their Cause Forbes

      10/16/2013 Why Healthier Fries Won't Help Burger King Reclaim Its Throne Forbes Online

      09/25/2013 Why Activitsts Shouldn't Be Hosing the First Lady's 'Drink Up' Campaign Forbes Online

      06/21/2013 Why The AMA's Obesity Ruling Is Bad Medicine Forbes Online

      06/05/2013 Fast-Food Chains Had Better Move Past Value Meals And Embrace Health Forbes Online

      04/21/2013 Hank Cardello on Obesity & Health What Doesn't Kill You Podcast

      04/15/2013 How Free-Market Forces Are Fighting Obesity--and Can Be a Model for Industries Far Beyond Food Forbes Online

      03/18/2013 To Win the War on Obesity, Bloomberg Needs to Stop the Battle Against Big Soda Forbes Online

      02/26/2013 Don't Supersize Me Forbes Online

      02/15/2013 Lower-Calorie Foods: It's Just Good Business Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

      01/14/2013 The Gun Industry Needs to Reinvent Itself Before It's Too Late Forbes Online

      01/04/2013 How the Milk Industry Went Sour, and What Every Business Can Learn From It Forbes Online

      11/21/2012 Mediation Could Never Have Saved Hostess Forbes Online

      10/03/2012 How Everybody Can Win the War Against Big Food Forbes Online

      07/06/2012 Mayor's Soda Ban: Corporate Backlash? MSNBC

      06/17/2012 Is a Ban on Large Sodas the Answer to Obesity? New York Times--Letter to the Editor

      04/17/2012 Healthy Foods May Mean Healthier Stock Prices The Atlantic Online

      03/19/2012 Can We Use Tax Credits to Stop Steadily Climbing Obesity Rates? The Atlantic Online

      01/30/2012 How the Success of Light Beer Will Change Other Iconic Brands The Atlantic Online

      01/30/2012 Our Obesity Epidemic Requires Cold War Tactics Zester Daily

      12/13/2011 How the Food Industry Can Solve Our Childhood Obesity Crisis The Atlantic Online

      11/29/2011 Hank Cardello discusses Pepsi's Challenge with Healthier Foods on CNBC CNBC

      10/21/2011 Can the Profit Motive End Obesity? The Atlantic Online

      07/29/2011 Are McDonald's and Walmart Winning the War on Obesity? The Atlantic Online

      07/05/2011 Paul Ryan: Obesity Savior? The Atlantic Online

      06/02/2011 The Secret to Healthy Food for All: School Buses The Atlantic Online

      05/21/2011 Land of Milk and Calories: Have Grocery Aisle Displays Evolved? The Atlantic Online

      04/25/2011 The War on Happiness: Leave Happy Meals Alone The Atlantic Online

      03/29/2011 Cola Wars: Pepsi Is Number Three, and That's a Good Thing The Atlantic Online

      03/19/2011 Fighting Childhood Obesity New York Times -- Letter to the Editor

      03/15/2011 Are Food Marketers Facing Their Mubarak Moment? The Atlantic Online

      Prior media experience:
      Interviews and Media Appearances including on NBC, Good Morning America, Newsweek, The New York Times, NPR, Los Angeles times, Forbes, and Fox News
      Educational background:
      Wharton Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania
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