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    • Area of Expertise:Healthcare, finance, emerging markets
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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Healthcare, finance, emerging markets
      Summary of expertise:
      Hank Kearney is president and founder of PHM International, Inc. based in Florida, USA. PHM International is the established brand holder of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor and GHAN, the Global Health Access® Network.

      Today, Hank helps companies better understand how the combination of policy, politics, market risks, and geopolitics impact the markets at large, and client companies in particular. Corporate leaders use his experience and insights to manage their companies more profitably, more ethically, more efficiently. Clients include private equity firms, fund managers, international banks, and corporations.

      As the publisher of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor, Hank is a frequent commentator on healthcare developments around the world. Targeting private healthcare and emerging markets, Hank’s commentary is sought after for its refreshingly honest approach. His is also a speaker at industry conferences.
      Blog/Web site: www.hankkearney.com
      Books/articles published:
      • Future of Health Insurance and Health Takaful. 5TH ME Health Insurance Conf. Abu Dhabi, 2011
      • Healthcare in Emerging Markets. IFC - World Bank. 2011.
      • Insurance and Finance in Medical Globalisation. Taipei, Taiwan. 2008
      • Private Health Insurance. SABIT, US Dept of State. 2008, 2005
      • Ethics and Insurance. 2007, 2006, 2005. Multiple presentations, multiple DOI.
      • Healthcare Insurance Industry: A Global View. KPJ National Healthcare Conference. Malaysia. 2005.
      • Pharma Futures, One Year On. Panel member. World Health Organization, Geneva 2005.
      • Medical Globalization. Association of Private Hospitals, Malaysia. 2005.
      • Future of Managed Care: Separating Financing and Delivery of Care. Keynote AAIHDS Forum. Las Vegas. 2003.
      • US Managed Health Care. Chartered Insurance Institute. London. 2002.
      • Global Privatization Trends in Healthcare and Health Insurance. Invest 2001, Dubai, UAE.
      • Financial/Administrative Integration. Health Internet 2000: Financing & Partnering Congress, San Francisco.

      • PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor. Monthly commentary. 2007 – 2010.
      • "The Growing Healthcare Worker Shortage: An Investment Risk, A Security Risk.” Briefing report. 2008.
      • “A Price To Pay: Accreditation and Health Plans” Best’s Review. September 2003.
      • “Left Holding the Bag” Insurance Agent & ERISA Sales. Best’s Review. May 2003.
      • “Separate Financing and Delivery of Health Care” Business Insurance. April 28, 2003.
      • “Top 10 ERISA Mistakes: Common Employer Errors with Self-Insured Health Plans” CD ROM. 2003,
      • “Global Bonanza: Economic, demographic and political changes offer opportunities for private health insurance around the world.” Best’s Review. 5/02.
      • “Delivery & Financing of US Managed Health Care” CD ROM. 2003.

      Board positions: Kilimanjaro International; PHM Macedonia, LLC; MKI Foundation, Board of Advisers.
      Hank is a past member of the board of directors for the MKI Foundation in The Netherlands, has participated in healthcare think tanks, and was a member of the strategic "Future Directions Group" at Mosby.

      Prior media experience:
      Print and radio interviews since 1995. Media trained.
      Educational background:
      Hank Kearney has a BA in Economics from Rutgers University (1982), and is one of only a handful of individuals with both a MHP (Managed Healthcare Professional) designation from AHIP (Americas Health Insurance Plans), and a RHU or Registered Health Underwriter from The American College.

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