Gwen de Vries

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      Aaron Kupferberg
    • Member Type(s): Expert
    • Title:Director of Publishing
    • Organization:Wolters Kluwer
    • Area of Expertise:International Arbitration

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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: International Arbitration
      Summary of expertise:
      Gwen de Vries is Director of Publishing and Content Development at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. International Group. She oversees the content development for the International Group’s authoritative publications and expert solutions in the areas of inter alia International Arbitration, Competition, Intellectual Property, International Tax Law. These publications and expert solutions support the international lawyer in advising on cross border matters.
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      Mrs. De Vries can comment on:

      Author Loyalty
      The deep domain knowledge that we offer in our publications and expert solutions is for a very large part provided by AUTHORS who in addition to their daily work deliver commissioned content to WK and are selected because of their special expertise and reputation. In the digital world with the need for more up-to-date and enriched content that is consumed in databases where authors are less visible it is challenging to keep our authors engaged and continue attracting the best new experts.
      Mrs. de Vries can comment on the author loyalty program of the International Group: how do we keep our authors engaged and continue attracting the best new experts. Also, she can comment on the new WK L&R author loyalty program for all L&R business.
      Content strategy
      Our customers consume our content in a different way and have different expectations from our content than before. E.g. they start in google, so our content has to be discoverable; they search our online services and need to get relevant results that they can scan easily; they expect our content to be permanently up-to-date.
      Mrs. de Vries can comment on our content strategy (past and future) for ensuring we continue meeting our customer needs.

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