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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Area(s) of expertise: Small business, publishing, education
      Summary of expertise:
      Publisher of the Daisy's Adventures books. Graphics and other files can be found here

      For Publishing:

      The name of Wynter Sommers stands for a brand of books which promotes kindness, manners, respect and good citizenship. The "Daisy's Adventures" series paints those characteristics with a historical background of World War II. Wynter Sommers is currently developing another series for an older audience set in the near future with characters promoting - true to brand messaging - noble character qualities including respect, good citizenship, bravery and other refinements of an inspirational person.

      With thirty-years of experience in the classroom, a Ph.D. in Education, and an earnest desire to lovingly teach enthusiastic engaged children, the Wynter Sommers books will engage, thrill, and inspire readers of all ages. Wynter Sommers has a heart to inspire creativity in students, encourage supportive family bonds, and share about life in America during WWII.

      The American writing team behind Wynter Sommers specializes in developing educational content written in a manner whereby facts are conveyed to young adult audiences via fiction which augments a curriculum and applies education in a relevant manner to everyday life. The books encourage readers to develop critical thinking and hone the art of conversation with enjoyable fictional tales which reinforce factual content.

      Wynter Sommers hopes you enjoy all the Daisy's Adventures stories in this series.... and looks forward to presenting you with regular consistent messages in future books. Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of "Bjorn Esterday was not born yesterday", a new young adult series about an investigative reporter and his clever friend, Sarah, who is a school teacher, both dealing with the complications of living in a corporation-run city.
      For corporate culture and technology:
      Focused on delivering consistent, compliant, ethical high
      quality deliverables. Established Service Level
      agreements (SLA). Experience with Big data (Splunk / Hadoop) and identifying points of data failure. Acted as liaison between applications development teams (technical writers, developers, trainers, software
      configuration manager, quality assurance,use cases & testing) and executive stakeholders. Communicates with auditors
      (FDA, Japanese Ministry of Health, SoX (Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002) and internal corporate audit teams) Largest project
      cost one billion dollars, impacted 11 million patients, and thousands of staff. Most global project impacted 10 countries.
      Native English Speaker and US Citizen and able to travel internationally.
      The Mom's Choice award is given to trusted family-friendly literature.

      The PAL (Play that Advances Learning) award is granted to objects which encourage play and are able to also teach valuable facts.

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