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Name: Casey Fryda
I am working on: Encouraging diverse students to enroll in college, keeping current students engaged via social media to help them stay in college, succeed and graduate
I can connect reporters with faculty who are industry experts in traditional and organic agriculture, water quality, architecture, construction, trades, apprenticeship, business, digital arts, energy, nursing and health care navigation,...
Name: Jill Bennet
I love writing about fitness, health and mental health
Name: Eliana Manon
I am working on: Legal Support World
Legal Support World is a legal process outsourcing firm, which has been providing legal back-office services to law firms, lawyers, legal corporations and legal departments since 2008. We at Legal Support World help clients augment their internal...
iGlobsyn Technologies
Name: Gaurav Singh
I am working on: iGlobsyn Technologies
A Technical graduate, Entrepreneur full of enthusiasm, founder and CEO of iGlobsyn Technologies, a leading mobile app development Company providing Web and Mobile Application development services.
Name: Jerry Hoyt
We came together as a team in order to form as a way to deliver quality reviews to you, our audience. We decided to focus on a broad range of products that we use on a daily basis ourselves - this gives us the ability to share with...
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Individuals with limited mobility may not only be less able to move, but also discouraged from exercise. This may be due to fear of further injuring themselves, or confusion over what they can and can More...
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a totally burglar-proof home, but there is also no burglar who can get into any home. By taking a few steps and using some specific security measures, you can More...
Many businesses that are for sale have commercial property attached to the deal. Purchasing a piece of commercial property in conjunction with purchasing a business is something that adds an additiona More...
From self-driving cars and spam detecting to personal assistants like Siri & Alexa, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the revolutionary innovation these days with its reach in every nook and corner More...
It only took a minute for 12-year old Erik Robinson to die while playing a macabre game called the “Choking Game.” His mother desperately tried to save her son when she found him with a Bo More...
There are so many techniques and methods that are changing in the search engine optimization sector that it can be hard to keep up with them. However, when you hire the right SEO company they can ma More...
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By Ryan Breig on July 17, 2019 at 9:38AM
For Erik Sherman:We may be entering an earnings recession. I'm looking to speak with people who can address the topic, explain any actual consequence for most people and examine whether the country might face another earnings recession. I am a freela
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