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By 11pm: The Enterprisers Project seeks CIO's and CTO's for... From Minda Zetlin:I'm a writer for The Enterprisers Project, a website for CIOs published by Red Hat in partnership with IDG (publisher of Computerworld and CIO) and the Harvard... 0 Replies
By 8pm: The Commercial Appeal seeks expert re: public brawling From Tonyaa Wheathersbee:I need to talk to an expert who has looked at, or has begun to look at, how public brawling has gone past the Jerry Springer show to becoming viral on... 0 Replies
By 7pm: Consumer Digest seeks expert re:banks consolidations and... From Andrea Murad:I'm working on a story about the recent M&A activity within credit unions and banks. I wanted to talk to someone about how that will affect customers going... 0 Replies
By 4pm: ECT News Network seeks expert re: Red Hat Announces... From Jack Germain:1) What does this latest technology mean for the enterprise? 2) How does this system support application development? 3) How does it advance open source and... 0 Replies
By 6pm: Refinery29 seeks expert re: sleep issues From Kathryn Lindsay:Refinery29 is looking to feature a doctor in an article about sleep conditions, specifically sleepwalking or talking. We would link back to any websites,... 0 Replies
By 5pm: A national T.V. show seeks T.V. deals From Robyn Moreno:[Re-send] I am working on a national morning show segment about the best TV deals to buy just in time for the Superbowl! Looking for awesome discounts and... 0 Replies
By 2pm: The Christian Science Monitor seeks expert re: European... From Weston Williams:I'm doing a story about Antonio Tajani, who was just elected President of the European Parliament. Since our readership is mostly American, I'd like to send... 0 Replies
By 12pm: a nightlife industry magazine seeks: bars that offer... From Amanda Baltazar:Limited time offers, or drinks available for a short period of time, boost sales and customer engagement. I'm looking for bars (restaurant bars are OK) that... 0 Replies
By 12pm: TheStreet seeks expert re: how Trump's stance on Cuba... From Lindsay Rittenhouse:Carnival has been having trouble getting a few more of their brands to cruise to Cuba. What effect could the Donald Trump presidency have on the... 0 Replies
In Search of a Freelance Writer? is a personal finance site in spanish dedicated to serving 40MM+ spanish speaking Latinos in the US. We are seeking a lead editor/freelancer who will own the... 1 Replies
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