By Samantha McGarry on December 11, 2014
According to the Oxford Dictionaries, the 2014 word of the year is vape. This was a surprise to me as it’s not a word I’ve seen much over here in the States, but in Great Britain, it&rsquo More...
By Steve Vittorioso on February 7, 2014
As Sochi, Russia steps takes center stage, writers will be vying for the glory of perfection in their content. The Associated Press has published its editorial style guide for the Winter Ga More...
By Steve Vittorioso on June 15, 2012
Words, when cobbled into descriptive sentences, can create some of the most striking works of art. These verses wield the power to convey detailed messages, paint vivid images and absorb all readers&m More...
By Mario almonte on February 14, 2012
10. They’ve watched all the movies featuring PR characters and fully understand that the best PR pros are fast-talking con men or seductive sex kittens who can dupe the naïve reporters into More...
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