By Kelly Burris, PhD on October 2, 2010
Spanking one's child will produce the equivalent of a junk yard dog. Parent's need to ask themselves if this is the result they want to produce. Spanking one's child will begin the process of More...
By Kelly Burris, PhD on September 29, 2010
If you were to visit a doctor for a serious injury, and the extent of the treatment was analyzing why you had the accident, and reliving the play by play of your mistake, would you continue to pay s More...
By Kelly Burris, PhD on September 27, 2010
Since Sigmund Freud discovered talk therapy and psychoanalysis in the late 1800’s, there has been little advancement in a modality for behavior change that works. One of the reasons for this i More...
By Kelly Burris, PhD on September 26, 2010
Every year the use of antidepressants, antipsychotics and many other medications go up exponentially in an attempt to adjust or control one’s emotional state and behavior. As this trend contin More...
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