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Business Coach
Managing Director of More Profit Le...
John Millar is the Managing Director of More Profit Less Time Pty. Ltd. A proven successful record spanning over 25 years of business ownership, management and acclaimed accreditation as an SME business coach. John is a proud associate of a...

Founder and CEO
Employee Leaps
My company and book are focused on increasing employee engagement and optimizing workplace performance. By harnessing the power of engagement and nurturing people’s innate desire to be captivated by the activities in which they are involved,...

Personal Injury Lawyer
Wieand Law Firm, LLC
Attorney Brent Wieand is the founder of the Wieand law Firm. He is committed to providing strong legal representation to plaintiffs in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Pennsylvania and new Jersey.

The Village
As the owner and founder of three major businesses in Sacramento, California, David Spradlin share tips and resources for fellow entrepreneurs through multimedia efforts of blogging and presentations.

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