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Co-author or author of business books, most recently The Geek Gap ( President of an organization of 1,400 professional independent writers and authors. Also a speaker on both topics

Founding Partner
Legal & Compliance, LLC
Securities Attorney Laura Anthony is the founding partner of Legal & Compliance, LLC, a national corporate and securities law firm that represents public companies and private companies going public. Ms. Anthony’s focus includes, but is not...

Lead Interior Designer
Desiree Burns Interiors
If your tired of your home or office looking old or outdated? You're in luck because Desiree Burns Interiors is one of the best interior design companies in Boston MA area.

Whether you're looking for a traditional look or simply...

Kovar and Associates, LLC
Digital forensics, cyber security, and incident response expert with experience working in the industry, as an independent investigator, and for EY. Developed the practice of UAV (aka drone) forensics. Interviewed on UAV cyber security issues,...

Help Me Buy My New Home
I am using the Amazon Alexa skills from Help Me Buy My New Home LLC to advertise ERA American Real Estate listings as I am Sr. Vice President of ERA American Real Estate and also spokesperson for Help Me Buy My New Home, LLC to coordinate work in...

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