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Director, Audience Content
I'm happy to answer any questions about ProfNet.

Business Consultant and Marketing E...
Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.
Peachtree City , GA
Lorrie Thomas Ross is a web marketing expert, business consultant and lifestyle business owner who helps passionate professionals brand build and boost business. Her web and social media marketing agency, Web Marketing Therapy® supports...

Adhere Creative
Houston , TX
Publicist at Adhere Creative, an inbound marketing and brand development agency. I build relationships with journalist in different subject matters for our diverse client list.

Vice President of Operations
Effex Management Solutions
Tara Jones is the VP of Operations for Effex Management Solutions, a national large contingent staffing management firm. Tara is primarily responsible for ensuring that Effex consistently delivers when it comes to operation and resource management...

25 years expertise in PR, branding, media training, writing and communications strategies

Assisting clients in Product Support for PR Newswire's subscription platforms: ProfNet, MediaRoom, Media Monitoring, MediaVantage

Communications Director, CFO, Principal

CTC Productivity
I help individuals, teams and organizations maximize their resources: Time, Technology and Teams.

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