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Trends Forecaster
William Stickevers
San Francisco , CA
Forecasting geopolitical trends using traditional and modern astrology, I have a very high accuracy rate in correct predictions, most notably my article on the Cardinal Climax of 2010, posted on my website on August 15, 2010:...

Beauty Expert
Kerry Spindler
Winthrop , MA
Celebrity Beauty Expert, Skin Care, Esthetics, Dermatology, Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Melanoma Survivor. Ingredient Integrity, Delivery Systems, High Profile Celebrity, Med-Spa, Advanced Esthetics, spa, med-spa, cosmetic procedures, botox, liquid...

We help businesses get more customers by making their website show up at the Top of the Google search results.

Managing Director
Metanoia Ltd

I have been working in the social media field for four years and I adore what I do. I have become a successful blogger reaching the masses to ensure events and products are seen.
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