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Director, Online Community Relations
I'm happy to answer any questions about ProfNet, public relations, journalism or social media.

Public relations, corporation communication, messaging, thought leadership, storytelling, interviewing and editorial writing, CSR

Partner-in-Charge, Security & Compl...
Sikich LLP
D.J. leads the firm's security and compliance division. He was the principal founder of 403 Labs in 2005, a world renowned information security consultancy, which he merged with Sikich in 2014. D.J. has extensive experience in information...

Beaux Adventures
BEAUX ADVENTURES is USA based, premium adventure motorcycle touring & rental company.

Application Development in Malaysia
DataDot Labs
Datadot is a prominent global Information Technology Services and Recruitment (Consultancy) Company providing a full range of IT and Staffing services to small, medium businesses to large companies with customers ease and cost benefits. Datadot...

Thomas Tighe has served as President and CEO of Direct Relief, a nonprofit humanitarian medical organization, since October 2000.From 1995 to 2000, Tighe served as Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer of the Peace Corps, overseeing...

Help to build and maintain talent for an integrated communications firm across the globe. Provide the best service to grow our global network of integrated, strategic communication professionals.
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