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State Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Regulations In a time of rapidly changing regulations and policies on all securities industry and corporate finance topics, and the development of distributed ledger technology (DLT or blockchain) and associated ...more
Created: Jan 2, 2018
Newly Established SEC Office and Advisory Committee Will Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation A two-year federal effort to modernize regulations and policies governing small and emerging growth companies (EGCs) will result in new a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Office of Advocate fo...more
Created: Dec 28, 2017
The Investment Adviser Advertising Rule On September 14, 2017, the SEC Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (“OCIE”) issued a risk alert identifying the most frequent compliance violations to the inve...more
Created: Dec 27, 2017
Hefty SEC Report on Impact of Regulatory Reform Finds Increased Private Offerings and Small Company IPOs Amid Mixed Results A sizable U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report on the impact of regulatory reforms enacted after the 2008 financial crisis finds gains for some sectors of the investment mark...more
Created: Dec 21, 2017
Do You Really Need Identity Theft Protection or is it a Waste of Money? I see a ton of articles that say identity theft protection is not something you really need. These articles have titles like “ID Theft Protection Does Not Work,” or “The Poor Man&rsq...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Dec 20, 2017
SEC Advisory Committee On Small And Emerging Companies Holds Final Meeting On September 13, 2017, the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (the “Advisory Committee”) held its final meeting and issued its final report. The Committee was...more
Created: Dec 19, 2017
Stretch Marks: To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo? Stretch marks show no mercy. They are highly common and do not discriminate. Some may be proud and call them their tiger stripes, while others want to hide them away. This skin issue is notoriously...more
Created: Dec 13, 2017
SEC Publishes Report on Access to Capital and Market Liquidity On August 8, 2017 the SEC Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA) published a 315-page report describing trends in primary securities issuance and secondary market liquidity and assess...more
Created: Dec 12, 2017
Facing the Facts on Face Oils Slathering oil onto your already oily skin may sound like the complete wrong thing to do, but it actually can help! In this Women's Health Magazine article by Grace Gold, Dr. Jegasothy gave all the ...more
Created: Dec 8, 2017
Media mention at Times Union Got a media mention at the Times Union:
Created By: Jacob Rieper
Created: Dec 8, 2017
Stricter Promotion Policies and Best Practice Guidelines Fuel OTC Markets Group’s Embrace of More Disclosure and Greater Investo The New York-based financial market that specializes in more than 10,000 over-the-counter securities is cracking down on fraudulent or improper stock campaigns with a two-pronged initiativ...more
Created: Dec 8, 2017
Revelation of a May 2016 Hack of the SEC EDGAR Filing System Brings Request for $100 Million to Increase Cybersecurity The biggest news from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 20, 2017 was less about the $100 million requested by Chair Jay Clayton to boost cybersecurity at the f...more
Created: Dec 8, 2017
In Wake of 2016 EDGAR Hacking, SEC Launches Two Cybersecurity Initiatives to Protect Investors and Pursue Misconduct Just five days after announcing a 2016 hack of its EDGAR filing system, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has outlined a two-pronged cybersecurity plan intended to protect inves...more
Created: Dec 8, 2017
How A Billion Dollars Is Being Wasted In The War On Sugar This article is by Hank Cardello, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of Stuffed: An Insider’s Look at Who’s (Really) Making America Fat. Originally published by F...more
Created By: Hank Cardello
Created: Dec 6, 2017
OTC Markets Group Establishes A Stock Promotion Policy As OTC Markets Group continues to position itself as a respected venture trading platform, it has adopted a new stock promotion policy and best practices guidelines to improve investor trans...more
Created: Dec 5, 2017
SEC Rule Modernizes the Technology of Corporate Reporting by Requiring Hyperlinks and HTML Formats in Filed Documents Companies that file registration statements or reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must now use HTML formatting and hyperlinks in exhibits so that investors and ot...more
Created: Dec 4, 2017
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