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An Acne Treatment You May Have Never Heard Of! If you've suffered from acne breakouts, you know how miserable it can be to use a product and not have it work. Thankfully, a not-so-new product may be the best solution for you! In Allure's Octobe...more
Created: Nov 28, 2017
SEC Statements On Cybersecurity – Part 2 On September 20, 2017, SEC Chair Jay Clayton issued a statement on cybersecurity that included the astonishing revelation that the SEC Edgar system had been hacked in 2016. Since t...more
Created: Nov 28, 2017
Dr. Jegasothy is Once More Top Miami Dermatologist Dr. Jegasothy and her work has been recognized by Miami Happening and been included in the Top Doctor’s Guide for Miami 2017. Not only that, Dr. Jegasothy is the only cosmetic dermatologist ...more
Created: Nov 27, 2017
Do NY gun laws keep the public safe? After reading of Senator Felder’s call for armed security at public schools following the Halloween terror attack I have a question for the Senator: ...more
Created By: Jacob Rieper
Created: Nov 22, 2017
The irony of Sen. Squadron’s hate crimes bill I would like to comment on the April 18 article about Senator Squadron’s bill prohibiting gun ownership for those who commit so-called hate crimes. A...more
Created By: Jacob Rieper
Created: Nov 22, 2017
What to do Before and After Flying to Keep Skin Healthy We’ve told you before how flying can be damaging for your skin and how to combat the negative effects during flight. This time, Dr. Jegasothy has some tips on preemptive and post car...more
Created: Nov 21, 2017
SEC Statements On Cybersecurity; An EDGAR Hacking – Part 1 On September 20, 2017, SEC Chair Jay Clayton issued a statement on cybersecurity that included the astonishing revelation that the SEC Edgar system had been hacked in 2016. Since the origina...more
Created: Nov 21, 2017
Going Vegan May Be Good For Your Skin! Have you ever had acne and thought about going vegan? Maybe it’s time to finally give it a try, or at least cut down on your intake of meat and dairy. In Allure’s November issue, Dr. J...more
Created: Nov 20, 2017
Your Hands are Supposed to Tell Your Future-Not Your Age What are the parts of your body that get the most sun exposure? Hint: they are grabbing your steering wheel, bathing in the sun. As Dr. Jegasothy says, hands are the fastest agers. They have the l...more
Created: Nov 17, 2017
Attack Acne with More Than One Weapon There is not one cause for acne, so why fight the breakout war with one strategy? Acne is a widespread condition, as Leisa Goins from WebMD explains. There are many types of breakouts, such as b...more
Created: Nov 16, 2017
More Than a Dozen New Rules Seek to Modernize and Simplify SEC Disclosure Requirements More than a dozen new rules governing everything from how corporate properties are described in financial documents to the design and layout of a financial prospectus have been proposed as part of a...more
Created: Nov 15, 2017
Dirty Truth About Mud Masks Mud masks are all the rage, and have been for quite some time. Turns out, there's a reason for that! In this article by Erika Stalder for Refinery29, Dr. Jegasothy points out why mud masks are a ski...more
Created: Nov 14, 2017
Guidance On New Exhibit Rules In SEC Filings On March 1, 2017, the SEC passed a final rule requiring companies to include hyperlinks to exhibits in filings made with the SEC. The amendments require any company filing registration statements or r...more
Created: Nov 14, 2017
Expert Roundup: GOP Tax Plan Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss various aspects of the GOP tax plan. You can also submit a query to the hundreds of thousands of experts in our network – ...more
Created By: Maria Perez
Created: Nov 9, 2017
Get up to Speed on Melasma Erin Lukas from Instyle teams up with Dr. Jegasothy to shed light on a common skin condition in women: melasma. It is a condition that can be mistreated, so it is important to know what it is and ho...more
Created: Nov 8, 2017
Emerging Growth Companies Will Start To Grow Up The first of emerging growth companies (“EGC’s”) will begin losing EGC status as the five-year anniversary of the creation of an EGC has now passed. Those compani...more
Created: Nov 7, 2017
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