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Have You Noticed Your Hair Thinning Or Nails Weakening? Check Out This Tip From Dr. Jegasothy! Getting older is great. You have more freedom, opportunities, and life experience. There are some downsides to it though; your hair could begin thinning and your nails could begin weakening, for exa...more
Created: Mar 23, 2018
How Media Training Has Evolved in Today's Frenetic News Cycle Media training has never been more important than it is now because we live in a 24/7 breaking news environment. Succinct sound bites and interview prep are critical for conducting a stellar medi...more
Created: Mar 22, 2018
45 Home Security Tips That Help to Keep Burglars Away If you have a home, you should be worried about burglars. Here are 44 home security tips that you can use to keep the burglars away: Keep your doors locked all of the time. Use a deadbolt on eve...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Mar 20, 2018
OTC Markets Issues Comment Letters On FINRA Rules 6432 And 5250; The 15c2-11 Rules January 8, 2018, OTC Markets Group, Inc. (“OTC Markets”) submitted a comment letter to FINRA related to FINRA Rule 6432.  Rule 6432 requires that a market mak...more
Created: Mar 20, 2018
Use a Password Manager Or You WILL Get Hacked Do you ever use the same password over and over again for different accounts? If so, you are not alone. However, this is quite dangerous. It’s best to use a different, unique password for each a...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Mar 19, 2018
Top 5 Accounts Payable Security Exercises for Your Insurance Business Irrespective of whether it is online or perhaps in the current world, fraud prevention should be a top concern for all businesses across the globe, no matter what their size or specialization is. Even...more
Created By: Kellie Connor
Created: Mar 15, 2018
Is Your Bugout Bag Ready to Go? It seems like there have been a number of natural disasters hitting the US over the past couple of years…hurricanes, wild fires, floods…the list goes on. If you are caught in the face of...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Mar 14, 2018
The 2017 SEC Government-Business Forum On Small Business Capital Formation On November 30, 2017, the SEC held its annual Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation (the “Forum”). It will be several months until the final report with r...more
Created: Mar 13, 2018
Protecting Yourself from a Data Breach requires Two Step Authentication Have you ever thought about how a data breach could affect you personally? What about your business? Either way, it can be devastating. Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect your personal o...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Mar 8, 2018
Should You Fight or Take a Flight When Being Attacked? I am a big believer that people should run away from an attacker. If a bad guy gets into your home and he often wants to cause you pain, RUN as quickly as you can to the nearest door. If you are in a ...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Mar 6, 2018
The Senate Banking Committee’s Hearing On Cryptocurrencies On February 6, 2018, the United States Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs (“Banking Committee”) held a hearing on “Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U....more
Created: Mar 6, 2018
Should You Go To A Facialist? Sure! Just Make Sure To Read This Article First Dr. Jegasothy has over 20 years experience in Dermatology and has worked with many excellent aestheticians throughout her career, so you can trust her opinions about good skin care! In the February...more
Created: Mar 5, 2018
14 Social Media Disasters Ready to Strike There are many ways that you or a small business could get caught up in a social media disaster. Can you think of any off the top of your head? If you are like most of us, probably not. Here are 14 wa...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Mar 2, 2018
The Treasury Department Report To The President On Capital Markets In October 2017, the U.S. Department of the Treasury issued a report to President Trump entitled “A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities; Capital Markets” (the “Treas...more
Created: Feb 27, 2018
Understanding and Stopping Criminal Identity Theft The definition of criminal identity theft is a crime where the criminal impersonates the victim in order to protect their innocence. This can lead to victims getting fines or even getting arrested and...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Feb 23, 2018
The CFTC And Cryptocurrencies The SEC and U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have been actively policing the crypto or virtual currency space. Both regulators have filed multiple enforcement actions against...more
Created: Feb 20, 2018
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