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NSS Activities & NEN’s E-Week 2011, by One of the Best Engineering Colleges Chennai Sports News & Achievements of KCG College of Technology in July & August 2010 Part II KCG College of Technology has been an enthusiastic organization when it came to Sports news and achievements. ...more
Created: Mar 25, 2011
The “Intentional Approach” to Technology Adoption – Pt. 2 In my last blog post, I suggested that by analyzing our past projects, we can improve adoption of our future information systems (IS) projects.  Three of my adoption observations are that: ...more
Created By: Trent Parkhill
Created: Mar 24, 2011
Facebook Changes: Progress Comes with Price It seems almost daily that Facebook changes something about Facebook.  In case you’re not among its more than 500 million active users, here’s a recap of some recent changes: New ...more
Created By: Christine Cube
Created: Mar 24, 2011
The Solar Story: How Industry Experts Can Help Journalists Get It Right The story of the solar industry can be complicated and in any rapidly growing and changing technical industry, it can be challenging to get the story right, especially when the story is often changing...more
Created By: Pamela Cargill
Created: Mar 24, 2011
In Light of the Rise of Gay Parenting , New York Author Offers Inspiration on Self- Acceptance   For Immediate Release   News contact: Jackie O'Neal   (609) 334-8621                   In L...more
Created By: Jackie O'Neal
Created: Mar 24, 2011
#ConnectChat: A Day in the Life of a Freelancer Have you ever wondered what a typical day is like for a freelance writer? Would you like to know how they get assignments, what their writing process is like, and what they like (and don’t like)...more
Created By: Maria Perez
Created: Mar 24, 2011
Buy an Existing Home or a New Construction Home? Good Morning !    We have just posted in our Blog with the topic, "Buy an Existing Home or a New Construction Home?", which looks at the advantages and disadvantages of buying an existing (...more
Created: Mar 24, 2011
Congratulations! You get to manage your friends. Wow, the old manager left, and they had to pick a new one. You had more experience than most of the people in the group. You also do great work, are often asked for help by less-skilled team members, ...more
Created By: Eric Bloom
Created: Mar 23, 2011
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