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A Search for a Quack: Why Aflac Got it Right "AFLAC!" "AFLAC!" "A FLACK!" We’ve all heard that quack from the TV ads that annoying comedian Gilbert Gottfried made famous. As a PR pro, I cringe whenever I hear it because it sounds like t...more
Created By: Joseph Vasquez
Created: Apr 28, 2011
Getting Started on Twitter: A Cheat sheet We’ve been busy this week conducting social media training sessions, which reminded me that Twitter is still an evolving channel. The first question we often hear is: How can I get followers? ...more
Created By: Beth Monaghan
Created: Apr 27, 2011
New Platform: Pinterest Oddly enough, only a few months ago I was lamenting the rapid influx of new social media platforms trying to supplant (or support, depending on how you looked at it) the holy trio that are Facebook,...more
Created By: Nathan Burgess
Created: Apr 27, 2011
#ConnectChat Recap: The SEO Landscape: What PR Pros and Marketers Need to Know The latest installment of our biweekly #ConnectChat series of Twitter-based chats featured Sarah Skerik, vice president of social media for PR Newswire. Sarah discussed what the changes to the SEO la...more
Created By: Maria Perez
Created: Apr 27, 2011
Using Video to Generate Online Visibility and Attract Audiences Video is one of the most popular and engaging content formats on the Web and in social networks today. In addition to offering a compelling experience to viewers, video offers communicators an impor...more
Created By: Sarah Skerik
Created: Apr 26, 2011
Improve Business Efficiency Effective labor management is the backbone of just about every business. Poor labor management can negatively impact productivity — and reduce your bottom line. For many companies, labor is one ...more
Created By: George Karonis
Created: Apr 26, 2011
How to tell if your mobile relationship management program is successful – a multipart series! By Alex Campbell One of the most frequent questions we get in just about every meeting we have with a client or potential client, is – How do I know if my program is successful?  Sometim...more
Created By: Alex Campbell
Created: Apr 25, 2011
American Red Cross Fire Awareness Campaign Hits Social Imagine watching your most precious photos burn before your eyes. For home fire victims – some 70,000 families annually – that is exactly the kind of heartbreak they experience. The Amer...more
Created By: Christine Cube
Created: Apr 25, 2011
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