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Mobile Phone Numbers Are as Sensitive as Your Social Security Number All of us have cell phones these days, and if you are like the vast majority of the population, you access everything from social media to banking information right from your mobile phone. However, if...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Apr 19, 2018
Stretch Marks? Don't let them mark your skin! Stretch Marks, we all hate them and at the same time most of us have stretch marks we wish we could get rid of.  While there might not be a magical solution for stretch marks there are options ...more
Created: Apr 18, 2018
Shohei Ohtani Fever hits Southern California I was able to secure #SapporoBeer as a sponsor for Los Angeles Angels,  my radio show starts just right before the Angel game on Saturday.  Tune into AM 830 KLAA, you can also reach me throu...more
Created By: Peter Dills
Created: Apr 17, 2018
Regulation A+ Continues To Grow The new Regulation A/A+, which went into effect on June 19, 2015, is now three years old and continues to develop and gain market acceptance. In addition to ongoing guidance from the SEC, the experien...more
Created: Apr 17, 2018
April 19th, National Garlic Day Who doesnt love Garlic !! I say the more the better, they say garlic is good for your heart and will keep away the vampires.  Celebrate with me on April 19th, go out and get some garlic and put i...more
Created By: Peter Dills
Created: Apr 16, 2018
Self-Defense Options You Might Not Know About If you are like most people, you probably haven’t done a lot of thinking about what you would do in a situation involving physical assault. Why would you? I mean, it’s unpleasant and scary...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Apr 10, 2018
The Division of Corporation Finance’s Disclosure Review And Comment Process Those that regularly read my blog know that I sometimes like to go back to basics. This blog will revisit and discuss the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance (“CorpFin”) comment an...more
Created: Apr 10, 2018
Aging skin? Don't let it take you by surprise! Many say that age is just a number and at the Miami Skin Institute we believe age is truly just a number.  Aging can bring a lot of changes to our skin, body, and social life that can be easily...more
Created: Apr 6, 2018
The Term "Identity Theft Protection" is Often a Lie If you are working for an IT security company, I have a message for you: the term “identity theft protection” is way overused and even abused as a marketing term. We know that this term is...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Apr 5, 2018
The SEC’s 2018 Flex Regulatory Agenda In December 2017, the SEC posted its latest version of its semiannual regulatory agenda and plans for rulemaking with the U.S. Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to issuing the agenda...more
Created: Apr 3, 2018
9 Cool Windows 10 Features You Probably Didn’t Know About How many people actually take the time to explore the new fun features on their computer? Here are 9 cool Windows 10 features you probably didn’t know about: Hey Cortana Feature – ...more
Created By: Scott Houtari
Created: Apr 1, 2018
7 Tips for Great Website Copywriting Website copywriting is much different than writing for print. When people read printed books or even brochures, they will read and absorb the message more completely. It is easier for the eye to ...more
Created By: Doug Williams
Created: Mar 30, 2018
Don't Overlook Basement Security If you are like most of us, you probably don’t think much about the security of your basement. However, you might want to start doing that. Why? Because burglars love to get into homes by crawli...more
Created By: Robert Siciliano
Created: Mar 29, 2018
The SEC Has Issued New Guidance On Cybersecurity Disclosures On February 20, 2018, the SEC issued new interpretative guidance on public company disclosures related to cybersecurity risks and incidents. In addition to addressing public company disclosu...more
Created: Mar 27, 2018
Have You Noticed Your Hair Thinning Or Nails Weakening? Check Out This Tip From Dr. Jegasothy! Getting older is great. You have more freedom, opportunities, and life experience. There are some downsides to it though; your hair could begin thinning and your nails could begin weakening, for exa...more
Created: Mar 23, 2018
How Media Training Has Evolved in Today's Frenetic News Cycle Media training has never been more important than it is now because we live in a 24/7 breaking news environment. Succinct sound bites and interview prep are critical for conducting a stellar medi...more
Created: Mar 22, 2018
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