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    7 Myths About Aging

    Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 9:30 PM [General]
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    Getting old is an inevitable part of getting older. And whilst there will be many changes, including physical changes to the body, the mind and changes in what you enjoy doing, there are also many myths about aging that just aren’t true. Below, we explore the most popular myths about aging and debunk them. Aging shouldn’t be a part of life that is feared, but instead, celebrated.


    Most Older People Want to Be Left in Peace and Quiet

    One of the biggest myths about aging and about older individuals is that they all want to be left in peace and quiet. In contrast, there are actually many older individuals who still love to be active and social. Many older individuals still love to be engaged, regularly participating in community events and even sports. If you have loved ones who are aging, consider spending more time with them, as they may appreciate it more than you think.


    All Older Individuals Deteriorate Mentally and Physically

    Another common myth is that all older individuals deteriorate mentally and physically. Whilst there is some truth to this, in the regard that everybody’s health won’t stay the same as when we were younger, this is not to say that everybody will deteriorate mentally and physically to extent that most people think. Much of the decline from old age results from factors such as exercise, diet and mental stimulation. Thus, for those who stay active, eat healthy and stimulate the mind on a regular basis, they are less likely to deteriorate mentally and physically.


    All Older People Have the Same Needs

    As with everything in life, one size does not fit all. Factors such as experiences in life, different opportunities, and different environment all contribute to different needs of individuals. Further, individuals have different needs based on gender, age, ethnicity and culture. It is important to recognise these differences to ensure that older individuals are getting the right care. Aged care Facilities such as Kew Gardens are positive in recognising that older individuals have different needs.


    Memory Loss and Senility is Inevitable

    There are many people who believe that once you begin to age and grow older, memory loss and dementia is almost certain to happen. However, this is not always the case. Though as we get older, it is inevitable that we will begin to forget things here and there, but not everybody will experience extreme memory loss and senility. Conditions such as dementia are not as common as many people believe. To combat and prevent memory loss, it is important to keep the mind active with stimulating activity.


    Older People Are Unable to Learn or Change

    The myth that older people are unable to learn, or change is completely untrue. Instead, it is the opposite. There are an increasing number of older individuals who are pursuing further studies. Further, with more times on their hands, older individuals are wanting to learn more about technology and modern tools, to not only be able to communicate with their family and friends, but also to keep up to date.


    All Older People Are Unwell

    This is especially not true as there are many older individuals who are heathy and active, participating in sports or community events. As technology becomes more advanced, industries such as the medical field and the aged care field have become more advanced and older people are able receive better treatment and are better looked after. Further, as a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, more and more older individuals are living a healthy life, meaning that they are living longer and healthier lives. 


    Older Individuals Should Not Exercise

    The fact is, older individuals should be implementing exercise in their daily routine. Living a healthy lifestyle is also about exercising and maintaining physical health. As people get older, it can get difficult to exercise and especially do the amount of exercising as one was doing in their youths. Instead, consider exercises such as walking, water aerobics, swimming, golf or even yoga. As one gets older, one should not stop exercising, but find the right kinds of exercises to suit their needs and lifestyle.


    There are many myths about aging, many concerning physical and mental health. Getting old is inevitable and it is likely that your health will deteriorate a little. But, with the right implementations of healthy eating, exercising, doing mind stimulation exercises, and seeing friends and family, life as an older individual can be even more fun. It is especially important not to believe everything you read about aging as everybody is different.

    7 Ways to Find the Right Lawyer for You

    Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 9:20 PM [General]
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    Legal issues can be complex and often require the knowledge and expertise of lawyers. Lawyers possess extensive legal knowledge and use this knowledge to provide advice and produce strategies for clients. Choosing a lawyer can be a difficult and long process but the consequences of choosing the wrong lawyer can be detrimental. With many factors to consider when choosing a lawyer, such as, cost and expertise, it can often seem impossible to find the right lawyer for you. However, as difficult as it may be, it is not impossible. Here, we explore 7 ways to choose the right lawyer for you.

    Determine What Kind of Lawyer You Need

    Like many people, having a lawyer friend or family member may be great but they may not be the right lawyer for you. Lawyers generally specialise in certain fields of law, whether it be criminal law, like those at Harper Finch Lawyers, family law, commercial law and so on. The first step to finding the right lawyer for you is to determine what area you need legal advice in and direct your search for lawyers in that field. By doing this, you ensure yourself to find a lawyer that has extensive knowledge on the field, and this will ensure you receive the best advice possible.

    Contact the Law Society

    Once it is determined what type of lawyer you need, a good step towards finding the right lawyer for you is to go onto the Law Society website in your state or territory to obtain a list of lawyers with their area of speciality. This is a great way to gain a set of legitimate contacts in which you can be assured that these lawyers are specialised in the area of law you may need. From here, it will be easier to narrow down the right lawyer for you.

    Speak to Friends and Family

    Another great way to find the right lawyer for you is to speak to friends and family. If you know anyone who has experienced a similar legal problem to you, they may be able to recommend a lawyer to you. This will provide you with second-hand knowledge and experience of what it would be like to work with that lawyer. If your friends and family know you well, they may be able to help you determine if a lawyer is the right fit for you.

    Consultation Appointments

    Another way to help determine what kind of lawyer is perfect for you is to set up consultation appointments with different firms. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about their experience, firm and work ethic. Further, it will allow you to compare different legal firms and help you decide what characteristics you want in a lawyer and which ones you don’t.

    Online Reviews

    Another great tactic to use when trying to find the right lawyer for you is to do online research of different firms and look at their online reviews. Whether it be Google reviews, their own website reviews or their Facebook page, analysing their reviews will give you a good indication of what it would be like to engage the services of those businesses.

    Evaluate Your Legal Issue

    Legal issues come in all different shapes and sizes and this can play a huge factor in determining what kind of lawyer will be right for you. With huge, complicated legal issues, it’s often thought that a bigger legal firm may be the right choice, however this isn’t always the case. Smaller firms can often offer greater assistance as at a more reasonable price point, as they have a smaller client base and more time to focus on specific cases. It’s important to consider your budget when trying to find the right lawyer for you as this can be a huge factor in choosing a lawyer.

    Get A Referral from A Lawyer

    If you have engaged the services of a lawyer before, and were happy with their services, it may be a good idea to gain a referral from them regarding lawyers of your needed legal field. Lawyers have an extensive circle, meaning that they will know the perfect lawyer for the specific legal issue you are experiencing.


    When experiencing a legal issue, a lawyer is often required for their expertise and knowledge on the law. However, finding the right lawyer can be a difficult and long process. There are many factors to consider, including, area of law, price, expertise, and size of firm. The implementation of the above tips will help ease the process of finding the perfect lawyer for your legal needs.

    Why Telephone Communication Is So Important in Business

    Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 8:42 PM [General]
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    In the age of social media and direct messaging, many businesses have pushed telephone communication to the back seat. Far too many companies feel as though they’d get more information across in an efficient way through iMessage, Messenger and SMS with their customers; however, this isn’t always the case. 

    Although telephone communication is no longer the backbone of business as it was throughout the past century, it remains quite integral to sales and customer relationship management. 

    Below we’ll take a look at how best to blend office telephones with the digital world through services such as Hosted and Virtual PBX. You’ll quickly notice that the blend of digital and traditional telephone communication could change your business forever. 

    Phone Calls Are Immediate and Personal 

    When compared to talking with a customer face-to-face, a phone call is the next best thing. A short chat with your customers over the phone gives them the chance to be personal, feel as though they’re genuinely being listened too. In doing this, you will get more information out of them than an automated Messenger Direct message. 

    To add to the personal touch, phone calls, whether VoIP or not, have the ability to leave quick, easy to digest voicemails. You’ll be able to relay important information for later, which is undoubtedly more actionable in most cases when compared to an SMS — as a phone call creates a sense of urgency. 

    Telephone Calls Are More Human

    Digging into the science now, studies have taught us that there is more to a conversation than just the words we’re saying. In fact, words account for only 7 per cent of communication, whereas the tone of voice accounts for 38 per cent. With this in mind, phone calls could significantly enhance customer experiences, loyalty, as well as increase sales. 

    Through phone calls, you’re able to utilise the second dimension of communication - tone of voice - something you’re unable to do via direct messages. As you may already know, emails are profoundly open to interpretation, as the receiver has no clue what tone the email was written in. 

    Telephone Communication Adds Extra Interaction

    To a more modern suite of telephony solutions now, through services such as MaxoTel, businesses can now integrate entire groups of callers into one chat with a customer or client, making it easier than ever to share information in an instant. 

    It’s common for customers and business clients to want to dig as deep and ask as many questions as possible of a future partner, and with high-definition conferencing solutions, you’re able to have each department head on the phone in real-time. Pair these solutions with video presentations or webinars, and you have the ultimate information sharing, customer-retaining solution. 

    Security and Confidentiality

    To the other end of the spectrum now, phone calls also provide customers and clients with a sense of security and the freedom to discuss grievances. Sometimes, the most appropriate way for customers or businesses to speak with their customers is via the telephone. As expected, without having the tone of voice, an email about a sensitive topic may be taken the wrong way, causing a significant issue for businesses. 

    Another perk of phone call security comes in the form of these calls not being stored as legal records in a court of law — in most states. Both emails and text messages can be recalled as legal documents, whereas voicemails and phone calls cannot. 

    In Transit, Calls are Safer

    In addition to MaxoTel’s in-office telephony solutions, businesses can also make use of smartphone-connected solutions that mean a call via the office phone to customers is possible — keeping employees away from texting and walking or driving. 

    For the customer, out-of-office telephone solutions are also ideal as these show that their business is valued and kept at a priority. 

    Out-of-office notifications on phone systems may be okay for public holidays or outside of work hours, though missed calls during lunch breaks or unscheduled absences aren’t ideal. Keeping these telephone solutions connected in and out of the office creates a better customer experience overall. 

    Phone Calls Can Be Used to Improve Communication

    Lastly, phone calls are far easier to record and digest for employees. When it comes time to call a client, or when a client calls, these communications can be recorded and used for training or improving conversations. 

    A business can spot when particular language triggers a negative response or a positive one and utilise this insight to improve phone calls in the future — something almost impossible to gauge via email and text message. 

    4 Ways A Website Can Help Your Business

    Sunday, September 1, 2019, 8:54 PM [General]
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    These days, almost everyone is online, so if you want to move with the times and do the best that you can for your business you need to create a website. Having a website for your business can be a great thing in many different ways, by getting your brand recognised and boosting sales. And while these things are very important when it comes to taking your business to the next level, having a website can do many other great things for the ultimate success of your business.


    It boosts your credibility

    Having a website does a lot for your credibility as a business, because it shows anyone who is involved with the business, be it customers, clients or potential staff members that it is a reputable enterprise. Most big businesses have their own website, so it is only natural for medium and small businesses to follow their lead. A lot of people start to build their online presence by creating a social media page for their business, but most people will be more trusting of you as a business owner if you have a website for the business. This is because it shows people that you have taken the time and effort to establish yourself online, which can be a real selling point for people who are looking to buy from a legitimate business.


    It helps you get noticed

    If you want your business to get noticed by potential clients or customers, you need to figure out how you are going to reach them through marketing and advertising your business. Because creating a website for your business is one of the cheapest ways to get yourself out there and get noticed, a lot of people tend to start with this option when they want to expand their small business. Creating a website can be very easy for people that have a background in computing because there are a lot of websites out there that let you create your own website for free. However, if you are someone that is not great with computers, you may struggle to create a website for yourself. Hiring a team of web developers, like the professionals at Five2One is a great idea for people who need help getting their business’ website off the ground. They will be able to help you to make a website for your business that your customers will love. Once the site is ready to go, you will be able to direct your customers to it through some targeted advertising and marketing strategies so that more customers will notice you.


    It makes it easier for customer service

    When it comes to running a business, customer service is extremely important because you need to keep your customers happy if you want them to buy from you again and again. Having a website takes customer service to the next level by allowing your customers to have access to you and your business all day, every day, from any digital device. This is because your website can be run outside of business hours, meaning that your customers can contact you whenever they need or get answers to any questions that they may have via the information on your website. Another thing that a lot of businesses use their website for is to get feedback from their customers about the product or service that they are selling. Customers can leave short and honest reviews about what they think about your business, products and customer service skills on your website so that other people can figure out if your product is right for them. So good reviews will help you to bring in more customers and boost your sales.


    It helps you keep up with competitors

    In business, it is always important to keep on top of your competition wherever you can, and you should be doing this online with your website as well. If you don’t have a website for your business, then you are behind the times, because it is almost a guarantee that your competitors will have a website. So, you need to keep up with the trends and have a website for your business as well. If you don’t have a website for your business, your competitors will have access to a different part of the market that you do not and thus they will attract more customers. You should also be looking at your competitor’s websites when you design and create your own website so that they are not too similar. Your aim here should be to level the playing field by having access to your customers in the same ways that your competitors do, but you should also be trying to separate yourself from them so that your customers are interested in what you are doing differently. Doing your research before you create your website will help you achieve this.


    There are several ways in which having a website can help your business. Whether you are looking to get noticed, boost your brands’ credibility or you want to keep up with your competitors, creating a website for your business is a no-brainer. At the end of the day, having a website will make things easier on yourself and your customers, because it will make it easier for you to manage any issues with the business, and it is a great way for you to showcase what your business has to offer. So if you run a small business and you don’t have a website, it is definitely worth investing some time and effort into creating one. 

    Dental Fads: What to Brush Off

    Sunday, September 1, 2019, 8:21 PM [General]
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    From Youtube advertisements to Instagram influencers, the public is exposed to some weird dental trends from time to time. Brushing your teeth with a black substance may seem really interesting, but what do these fads actually do to your teeth? Although you might be looking for a more natural alternative to your regular brushing routine or would like to whiten your teeth, you need to be careful about what you see online, despite the sparkling short term reviews. Therefore, here are our top dental fads you certainly need to brush off.


    Charcoal Toothpaste

    Firstly, the most popular of all at the moment is Charcoal toothpaste, with its black colour that really draws the viewer in. There is a current belief that charcoal is a natural whitener of teeth by removing toxins, however, research severely lacks in proving this theory. Yes, surface stains can be removed, but the deep stains that majorly affect the colour of your teeth are not affected. Charcoal is actually quite abrasive and therefore can wear away your teeth's protective outer layer called enamel with long term use. Once that enamel is gone, the effects are irreversible, and your teeth will no longer have the protection they require.


    Moreover, charcoal is also acidic, which only further deteriorates tooth enamel, leading to the exposure of the dentin. Finally, if you have any fillings in your teeth, the charcoal can get into them and stick, thus causing further wear-down over time. Therefore, we can all agree that Instagram makes it look cool, but it is definitely not good for your teeth overall.


    Lemon and Bicarb Soda

    There is an at-home remedy on the internet that involves mixing lemon and bicarb soda to make a brushing solution. The first problem with this is that lemon has very high acidity, and just like charcoal, the acid wears down the protective layer of your teeth. Baking soda similarly is too strong for your mouth and becomes abrasive to your teeth. Even simply drinking hot water and lemon is supposed to be good for you, but in the long-term, tooth sensitivity can be enhanced.


    Coconut Oil Pulling

    Coconut oil pulling, also undertaken with sunflower or sesame oil, is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition. The idea is to put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around on an empty stomach for up to twenty minutes, then spit it out. The process is supposed to draw toxins from your stomach, clean your teeth and get rid of bad breath. Through a lack of reliable studies, the benefits of oil pulling have been questioned deeply. Whilst gum inflammation may decrease, there is no evidence that it helps to whiten teeth.


    Since the technique is sensitive, it is no substitute for toothpaste and can lead to an upset stomach. According to Facebook hack videos, coconut oil is supposed to also be useful to remove mouth sores. In reality, it does nothing to remove them, and only coats it to avoid sensitivity for a limited time.


    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound often found in bleach and antiseptic products. You will usually see small dosages of it in teeth whitening products as well, as a way to lift the yellow stains. However, in high dosages, it can be detrimental for the teeth due to its harsh properties. Although the trend is to spot it on yellow teeth, not only can your enamel be harmed but also your gums can become quite irritated by the direct exposure to this compound. It is best to leave this to the dentist, with limitations on exposure and professional techniques.


    Whitening Trays & Strips

    Whitening products have surged in the market, in the form of gels, trays and strips. Trays and strips can be an issue when they do not fit your teeth properly, causing irritation to your gums. You should avoid strips with chlorine dioxide which is harsh on your teeth, thus destroying tooth enamel. If you want your teeth whitened, it is worth consulting a qualified dentist such a Putney Dental, who can help with a safe, more effective procedure. Professional whitening can change the colour of your teeth dramatically, but home-kits may only improve them by one shade.


    Tooth Grills

    Finally, problems stem from having teeth grills as bacteria grows underneath and food can get trapped inside, ultimately leading to tooth decay. The permanent discolouration is also a concern if they are left on too long. Before putting teeth grills on for aesthetics, consider the damage to your teeth that may be even more expensive to fix in the long run.


    Ultimately, you need to remember that dental fads are only fads for a reason. Most fads do more harm than good, and you will probably be better off with some good old toothpaste, a brush and flossing. Consult your dentist before changing your teeth cleaning routine, and stay away from the quick fixes on Instagram!

    Amazing Bag Essentials for Every Occasion

    Tuesday, August 27, 2019, 1:59 AM [General]
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    It is all well and good to have the perfect outfit in place, hair complete, makeup on and to start feeling the excitement for an amazing night ahead. However, before you leave your house, there are definitely a few extra little things you can put in your bag just in case the event does not go exactly according to plan. These bag essentials will take the extra stress away, and leave more time for you to enjoy yourself. Look good, feel good and have some fun knowing you're ready for anything!


    Step 1: Find the Perfect Clutch

    You have bought a dress, or hired a beautiful high-end dress from The Volte at a fraction of the price, and it’s exactly what you have been looking for! Now you just need to find the perfect clutch to match. A good tip is to match the colour of your bag to your shoes, that way you will look put together top to toe, and it will seem like you applied more effort than you actually did. Perhaps take a step away from black; try an animal print (so IN!) or a block colour if your dress is plainer to tie the look together. Make sure it can fit a few more essentials other than just your phone and keys of course!


    Step 2: Forget the Powder, Put That Lipstick In!

    There’s nothing worse than having a few drinks, and suddenly realising your favourite lipstick has worn off. You’ll be left with a line around the edge of your lips which is just not the best look.  So, put that favourite lippy in your bag and you can touch up whenever you go to the bathroom. If it is a formal occasion and you are getting your makeup done professionally, chose a place that lets you keep or buy the lipstick colour, bring your own colour to use, or have something similar from your collection on hand. With this backup in your bag, you can guarantee your makeup stays looking flawless the whole night.


    Step 3: A Safety Pin

    Just trust me on this one, you never know when you or one of your friends is going to need a safety pin. Save yourself a frantic trip to Woolworths around the corner when your friend's strap has suddenly broken, or when that tack she put in her dress has accidentally come undone! It could be a disaster in the making, but not if your safety pin is there to save the day! And extra brownie points for being the super ‘mum’ friend.


    Step 4: Eyelash Glue

    Those fluttery eyelashes are such a dream; they take your look to the next level and are so satisfying to peel off at the end of the night. But too often than not, the edges of those false eyelashes start to lift off halfway through the event. Forget the photoshopping app to fix your eyes in photos before you upload to Instagram, a tiny tube of eyelash glue will rescue you from the start. Simply add a little extra glue, wait one minute for it to go tacky, then press the end back on your eye; no one will ever know.


    Step 5: Bobby Pins

    Even if you have half a bottle of hairspray in your hair, there seems to always be one stubborn strand that just can not be tamed for long. Have no more hassles with a bobby pin or two in your bag, which are very small and extremely convenient. A quick tip is to put bobby pins in with the bumpy side facing down; although against the popular practice, it creates a better grip and the straight edge is definitely a more sleek look. Perfection!


    Step 6: Foldable Ballet Flats (they exist!)

    By the end of the night, those heels ache with every step and every dance move. Don’t put up with the pain or walk around barefoot, you can buy foldable ballet flats that are made to fit in small clutches. No, they are not the most stylish shoes, but they can definitely make the trip to the car on the way out just a little easier. With longer dresses, they hide underneath anyways, so they will go unnoticed quite easily. Just a plain black pair can assist you in making it through any event, with a sense of relief that you will certainly be grateful for.


    These simple steps can ensure you and your companions have a great time at your next event, and keep you looking fabulous! Add these small items into your bag and never again be underprepared for whatever the night throws at you. And best of all, instantly have a stress-free time, every time!

    6 Ways to Diversify Your Income

    Sunday, July 28, 2019, 9:59 PM [General]
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    In today's harsh economic times, a single income can stretch your wallet beyond limits and leave you with nothing but just enough to cater for your bills. No wonder it is incredibly normal to feel that your income isn't enough irrespective of how much you are paid. If you are like the greater majority of Australians who rely on a single income source, you will forever earn what you are getting presently unless you start making notable financial changes. Luckily though, you can still earn more by diversifying your income, or by simply adding more sources of earnings to your current returns. Here are 6 amazing ways you can diversify your income.

    1. Get a Second Job

    A second job is absolutely among the simplest ways of diversifying your income. It will not just give you an additional income source; it ensures you will not be jobless unexpectedly in case things don't work out at your current place of employment. In most cases, people use the proceeds from their day jobs to put food on their table and pay their bills as well consequently, leaving them with no savings. But, with two jobs, you can use the salary from one job to cater to your bills, and then save a certain amount from the proceeds of your second job. Even if your job is the usual nine to five arrangement, you can still have an additional source of income by either working overtime or securing a post that allows you to work on a night-shift basis.


    2. Investing

    Investing is another great way of ensuring your income is evenly diversified. Unlike what many people think, investing isn't a preserve of those earning lots of money. No matter how small your paycheck is, you will always find a suitable investment option that suits your income. For instance, you can invest in stocks and earn dividends on a periodic basis. If you have a relatively big income, you can invest in assets such as vehicles and properties, or invest in real estate altogether. The key to investing wisely is ensuring there are high returns in whatever you invest in.


    3. Learn Forex Trading

    Forex trading can offer a lucrative source of income for anyone striving to get an additional source of income. With the requisite training and proper preparation, forex trading can amazingly become a decent source of additional income for almost anyone. There are several places online where you can learn to trade forex, as well as equip yourself with the best strategies for trading forex.


    4. Think of a Suitable Service that you can Offer

    Offering a service is still a nice way of diversifying your income. It is similar to getting a second job, although the service offered is largely based on one's skill set, passion, as well as free time. If you are a web designer, for instance, you can offer your services to prospective clients at a fee during your free time on platforms like Freelancer. Whatever service you opt to offer, ensure it involves something you are good at doing. Preferably, you should be an expert in something so as to provide a service in that field. One advantage, for instance, is that you are at liberty to choose your working hours and the pricing model to adopt. It isn't a get-rich-quick scheme since it takes time to build a profitable clientele base.


    5. Start selling online

    Nowadays, people are purchasing online more than ever thanks to sites like eBay. Therefore, selling online can be a nice way of making additional income. To do so, just think of any product that buyers are most likely to be interested in and focus on it. For instance, you can sell an app, an eBook or an online course that is likely to be purchased several times.


    6. Diversifying your investments

    When investing, you should diversify your investments as a way of multiplying your income and minimising risk. With a diversified investment portfolio, you can earn multiple incomes, unlike when you have only a single or couple of investments under your belt. Some great ways of diversifying your investments include investing in mutual funds or starting a brokerage account.

    Apart from these 6 ways of diversifying your income, there are countless ways through which you can diversify your income and earn more. The secret to diversifying your income effectively is to understand your income sources and the options you are presented with.

    6 Ways to Stay Active During Winter

    Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 9:26 PM [General]
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    We all know what happens when the weather gets colder; we rug up, stay home, move less and consume more. The motivation to exercise simply disappears due to comfort on the lounge next to the heater, and the fact that ‘it is too cold!’. Hearty, heavier comfort foods are consumed in winter, and in addition to less physical activity, we increase our body fat. We also cannot forget the ‘flu season undoubtedly slowing us down and decreasing our energy. However, it is pivotal to find ways to exercise during the winter season to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are our top ways to stay active despite the temptation to stay sedentary at home during the colder times.



    Zumba is one of the most exciting ways to get moving during winter. It is usually indoors, which is perfect when you are trying to avoid the colder temperatures, and it is fun! It is a dance-style workout that combines aerobics and muscle toning. Zumba has great benefits as the fast Latin music boosts your heart rate and endurance, which trains your glutes, core and legs in particular. The amusing atmosphere will provide motivation to keep going, and since it is a group exercise, you are likely to meet new people along the way and have a good time together.



    A boxing cardio session will have you warmed up in no time and can definitely be more fun than simply walking on a treadmill. Boxing allows you to bring a partner, so get your significant other or best friend involved to stay active together.  You will not have to face the harsh cold winds whilst inside, and boxing burns even more calories than regular cardio, therefore it can remove that winter weight gain quickly. The more time spent boxing, the slower your muscles will take to fatigue. Your coordination is also likely to improve, and it is a basic stress reliever from your daily life.



    In contrast to your cooling summertime dip, the two most important words you look for in winter when it comes to swimming are Heated Pools. When the water is warm, it is more welcoming for those who claim it is too cold to go swimming. You definitely should rug up on the way there and when you get out of the water, however, you can enjoy nice warm temperatures for your laps in the pool. Not only does swimming tone your muscles, but it also builds strength and cardiovascular fitness. The resistance from the water heightens fat burning and muscle use, which is perfect for avoiding the winter weight gain. Swimming allows you to also create your own pace, so it is optimal for all ages due to the ability to raise or decrease the intensity.



    A great way to get back into exercise during winter is Pilates, which can be undertaken at centres such as Bend + Mend. Pilates is beneficial as it tones your abdominal and buttock muscles as well as improves your posture. Pilates can be undertaken in two ways: through equipment or on the floor. A few popular equipment pieces you may come across is the Reformer which is great for resistance exercises, as well as the Barrel which mobilises your spine. Moreover, Floor Pilates often focus on holding your torso in one position whilst trying to move your other limbs, which strengthens your hips and abdominal muscles. Pilates is most commonly an inside exercise, and it focuses on control and precision. Metabolic heat is created through the increase of blood and circulation, which means you will not be feeling cold for long.


    Home Workout

    Sometimes you just cannot get yourself to leave the house, but this is no excuse. Home workouts are more readily available than ever with Youtube and free workout applications. Stand in front of your television or mobile phone, blast some music, and do not let the cold weather stop you from staying active.



    Winter can also be a time to embrace the cold and take on ice sports, like ice skating and hockey. Joining a beginners hockey team will allow you to meet new people, improve your skating skills and encourage yourself to keep turning up so to not let your teammates down. Use the cold as motivation to try new winter-inspired activities, and you can simultaneously improve your cardiovascular health.


    Overall, a range of exercises suited to the winter weather can assist you in remaining active and healthy during the winter months. Avoid the temptation to stay still, and instead, find a fun new way to work out from this list.

    What to Consider When Buying a Business

    Friday, June 28, 2019, 12:01 AM [General]
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    When buying a pre-existing business, there are certain considerations, both personal and legal, that must be looked upon before signing the bottom line. When caught up in this situation, many terms, stakeholders and laws can be overlooked in the moment, and therefore this article aims to pinpoint key areas for thought.

    Considerations When Buying A Pre-existing Business


    1. Reputation

    First and foremost, what do people think of the business you are buying? Whilst a good reputation can give your investment a headstart, a poor reputation can set you far back. Not only will you have to work on changing the reputation by stressing new ownership, you will also need to pinpoint and rectify the areas in which caused the poor reputation to begin with. For example, slow order delivery? You will need to change suppliers or freight. Unhelpful staff? Customer service training, job training or restaffing may apply. Areas to seek out before purchase include chatting with suppliers, existing customers, and reading online reviews.


    2. Assets and Taxation

    What property does the business currently own? Some assets such as current inventory may be advantageous for starting to run the business as soon as possible. However, if the inventory is outdated, extra cash flow may be needed to build up new inventory and dispose of the outdated items. It is also important to consider what new inventory must be ordered to undertake business operations, and whether the current inventory availability will adjust the business price. Confirming the taxations requirements that exist and those taxes that will be added on are also necessary to understand, such as GST on the business sale. This confirmation will need to be taken up with the Australian Tax Office prior to buying agreements.


    3. Intellectual Property and Business Name

    A list of intellectual property should be created prior to buying the pre-existing business. It is important you know the rights surrounding what property belongs to the business and what is available to use in new operations, such as logos and trademark products. It is also important to check if the seller has full rights to the IP and trade name, and thus whether they have full rights to transfer these over. This may include Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and even the overall business idea, all of which should be checked. A restraint of trade clause should also be considered in the business sale so that the existing owner cannot start up a similar business, in a similar location in the close future, thus protecting the business from being copied. It is highly recommended to hire a commercial lawyer, such as those from LegalVision, to protect your business. These well-established business lawyers can conduct drafting and reviews on business contracts, as well as assist with business disputes that may arise.




    4. Employees

    Firstly, are the existing employees staying with the business? Are you going to hire your own employees as well? It is essential to consider what new training will have to be conducted when inevitable changes will be made with a new owner. The additional time and cost of this training will need to be a part of the new business plan and budgets.


    Advantages and Disadvantages of buying a business


    • Established Clients or Customers: Acquiring new customers can be difficult, but with a pre-existing business, some of the work is done for you. There will be orders and requests awaiting with the buy, thus ongoing cash flow.
    • Supplier Relationships Formed: similar to customers, having the suppliers readily available with prenegotiated contracts makes the start of new ownership run well. Problems can arise, however, if the contract needs to be re-negotiated or you as the new owner believe a better deal would be available with a different supplier. Thus there will be new time and budget considerations.
    • Reputation Secured: the business goodwill should be transferred over with the purchase of the business.



    • Pre-existing Problems: Pre-existing issues may be the reason the business needed to be sold in the first place. The time and costs to rectify these issues should be factored into a potential business strategy, and may well outweigh the value in buying the business.
    • Poor Reputation: The business reputation preceding the new owner may be quite difficult to adjust.
    • Loyalty to the Last Owner: The previous owner may have existing relationships with their customers and therefore take these customers with them when they leave. Clients may be hesitant to return the business when you own it, as there is a degree of risk.
    • Hostile Staff: Changes at work can make complacent employees hostile, and not agile to new working procedures. It may also take longer to change the ways of current employees than to start from scratch.


    Overall, there are many aspects revolving around costs, time and legalities that must be considered when purchasing a pre-existing business. Making well-informed choices with your investments is made possible through hiring a lawyer, knowing buying advantages and disadvantages, and understanding key aspects of the buying process.

    What to Do if You Think Your Employees Are Stealing from You

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    Falling under the Crimes Act 1900, theft is categorised as larceny and an employee stealing from an employer is a crime under the NSW law. The prospects of your employees committing larceny is not something business owners want to experience. However, unfortunately larceny occurs more than you think.

    Larceny can take many forms, from skimming from the till, trading business information, stealing from colleagues, giving discounts without authorisation and many more. When an employee steals from an employer, it can have a devastating impact on a business. often leading to significant economic loss, distrust in employees, and even worse, bankruptcy. If you believe that your employees are stealing from you, it is important to take necessary steps to ensure that the correct action is taken and that your business doesn’t suffer.

    Evaluate the Situation

    Before making any accusations, it is best to launch an investigation and evaluate the situation of the alleged theft before taking any action. Larceny is a serious offence and it is important to evaluate the situation thoroughly to understand options of action. The investigation process involves gathering evidence and information about the theft and the accused. The more information you gather, the stronger your case will be. During this process, it is often best to not let your employees know as this may cause unsettling feelings and rumours within the workspace. This could derail your investigation and the information you gathered may not be as accurate.

    Implement Changes

    If there is a belief that your employees are committing fraud against your business, the first thing you should do is to implement changes in the workspace. Doing this will not only stop the accused from further thieving from your business but will also prevent any future thieves from stealing anything. Possible changes that could be implemented include:

    • Removing staff access from sensitive business areas
    • Increasing checks on stocks and equipment
    • Installing security camera
    • Implementing administrator passwords on accessible documents

    An extensive approach towards greater safety will always benefit your business. But it is important to ensure that your process is fair, and your employees feel comfortable with the new security implementations.

    Legal Services

    Engaging legal services can be incredibly helpful if you have an honest belief that your employees are stealing from you. As experts in larceny crimes, criminal lawyers can advise you on the appropriate actions to take against the accused. Often, there is more than one appropriate action you can take. If you are unsure on how you would like to proceed, engaging the services of a criminal lawyer may enable you to find a solution.

    Prepare an Interview

    Often, confronting the thief during moments of heated feelings does not go well. It could lead to a heated argument or even physical assaults. Thus, if you are thinking of confronting the accused, make sure you are calm and have a list of the things you want to say. This process can be difficult as the accused may deny they have committed larceny. In this case, the evidence and information you have collected during the investigation process will come in handy. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing this interview alone, engage in a lawyer or an interrogation specialist to assist you.

    Have A Chat with Your Employees

    With personnel changes and increased security implementation in the workspace, there may be confusion among your employees. Whilst you do not have to inform them of the situation, it is a good idea to inform them about the new security implementations and new rules. Doing this will ensure an understanding of the new rules. Further, this allows them to ask any questions and to solve any miscommunications that have occurred. Having uniformity in the workplace is important in ensuring your employees are happy and no future larceny issues arise.

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