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My Expertise

    My Expertise

      Summary of expertise:
      Boston ¿ Ellen Parker, executive director of Project Bread ¿ The Walk for Hunger, is available for comment and media briefings on hunger relief and prevention, including: ¿ Hunger as a public health and education issue; ¿ The importance of quality school food as a systemic hunger prevention strategy; ¿ The strengths and weaknesses of hunger solutions from the perspective of the hungry person; ¿ The value of SNAP, WIC, and other programs providing food to low-income families; ¿ The role community food policy can have in supporting low-income families; ¿ The unique value and limitations of emergency food; ¿ Public policy issues for low-income children and families; ¿ The latest research into hunger in Massachusetts.
      Blog/Web site: www.projectbread.org
      White paper/research:
      School breakfast participation is directly correlated with higher MCAS scores. Assistance to hungry families at a community health center boosts enrollment in the Food Stamp Program.In 2006, Massachusetts will receive over $600 million through the federal nutrition programs, and even more federal dollars could flow to our low-income communities if these programs were fully utilized.In Massachusetts today, 637,000 people are living in poverty, including 197,000 children and 76,000 senior adults. According to the most recent USDA report, Massachusetts enrolled only half of those eligible for food stamp benefits in 2004 - the third lowest rate in the country.
      Books/articles published:
      Each year, under Ellen Parker¿s supervision, Project Bread publishes the only annual report card on hunger for the state, the ¿Status Report on Hunger in Massachusetts.¿
      In 2001, Ms. Parker was awarded the New England Women¿s Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership in Human Services and, in 2003, the Hubie Jones Award for Urban Service, issued by Boston University¿s School of Social Work. In 2004, Project Bread was recognized by the Washington, D.C.-based Congressional Hunger Center for its work in effectively fighting hunger in Massachusetts.
      Prior media experience:
      Ellen Parker is articulate, passionate, and vivid with a depth of knowledge on her subjects. Nationally, Parker has appeared on NBC¿s Today and Comedy Central¿s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She is a frequent guest on local television and radio. When seeking solid information about hunger at the state or local level, reporters now call Project Bread first.
      Educational background:
      Ellen Parker holds a Bachelor or Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts and two masters degrees from Boston University, one in social work and one in business administration and public management.

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