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    SMM Trends

    Monday, April 17, 2017, 2:31 PM [General]
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    SMM Trends in 2017


    Live broadcasting and Stories

    Snapchat was the first social network that launched the Stories: short videos and photos which disappear in 24 hours. Instagram couldn’t stay away for a long time and also wanted to get people more involved and interacted with the service.


    In addition to the photos and videos, you can create Boomerang, a looped video, very similar to the GIF image that also disappears in 24 hours. Write a short note, paint something, tag people or even add the link to your story via a Facebook Ads account — all these options are available in Stories. The great thing about stories is that they are always on top of the page and seen to all your subscribers. So, it’s hard to miss them!


    Soon after the Stories Instagram launched live broadcasting and allowed saving your streams. Just like on the Facebook. So even if your subscribers miss a live broadcast, they’ll be able to watch it later.


    Stories and Live are also available on Facebook, too. Whatsapp added Stories as well, but they didn’t succeed as they have bounds with the messenger concept.


    Smart Feed

    Facebook has changed the algorithm of the viral configuration. Now it's not enough just to get more likes and shares to be on top of the feed.


    Facebook viral machine correlates interests of subscribers and relevance of posts. The more they match the more chances to be on top you have.


    It breaks a normal way of post planning. It’s no use to make three or five posts per day anymore. From now on quality and use are the most important criteria for a smart feed. The system picks out one or two the most interesting and the most relevant posts missing the other three. So, two good posts would work better than five common ones.


    Chat Bots

    Every process tends to be automated and work independently without people’s labor. Chat bots are dialogue agents which imitate an intelligent conversation without a real agent.


    The brightest example is Facebook chat bots — they take off really fast and offer another useful tool to marketers. They actually offer a flexibility provided by the automation of task performance and information processing. They have truly become an essential tool enhancing the user experience and improving the effectiveness of client service.



    Viber, Whatsapp, and Telegram are the top-3 in a messengers' world. The first two have countless amount of downloads, but the third one, Pavel Durov’s creature, increases its share at the market very rapidly. For example, in 2016 Telegram showed a six-time growth in comparison to 2015.


    Telegram guarantees anonymity, also supports chat bots, allows creating chats, channels. Two kill features Telegram gave to the world are secret chats and secret calls. The last one has become available since March 31. Both are protected with a peer-to-peer encryption which means your messages and your calls can’t be hacked or reached by anyone but your interlocutor.


    Personalization and customization

    Despite the business tends to automate every process, it doesn’t deny a personalization. Starting a chat with a bot or an online consultant the first question would be ‘What’s your name?’ When you open an email the first word you see on the top of the letter is your name. Personalization of the content you produce is a key tool in a modern strategy that advances the level of consumers’ loyalty to your brand.


    It seems to be unreasonable but people care how they are treated to by the others. Dale Carnegie once wrote splendid words ‘Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.’ Just adding a person’s name to the letter makes it more informal and friendlier. Unfortunately, the consultants often forget that the main mission of SMM is not to sell items but to increase people’s loyalty.


    Geo targeting and automation

    Facebook geo targeting changed a concept of advertising. Now when you launch your ads you can simply pick up a few dots on the map and promote your business. Two or three years ago it might have taken hours to set up an advertising campaign. Today it takes 10-15 minutes or even less if you promote an already published post.


    Social media marketing for business

    The tendency to represent your business on the social media is not new, but it’s transforming every year. This year we expect the business to become even more open and interactive than ever. The rivalry growth at the market makes its players get more creative and invent new ways of connection with their brand.

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